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  1. N

    Logitech Harmony Remote and Hub.

    Hope someone can help, I can't for the life of me find where the input settings for the Harmony Elite Remote is, it is missing on the phone app and the PC app also. I have got all the other options apaprt from Input Settings. I have bought a Ppanasonic TX-65JZ1500B oled tv and when setting the...
  2. 3dbinCanada

    Logitech Harmony Remotes

    I was really curious to try a Harmony 890 remote as the look appealed to me so I purchased one off of EBay for a good price. I thought I had made a purchase mistake because it didn't come with the USB cord which is different than those used by the 650 and 665 remotes. I luckily found one...
  3. sebna

    Do you have or plan to have spare Logitech Harmony remote for the time yours fails? (Poll)

    Do any of, I am sure, many Logitech Harmony users got a spare one for the time when the main one will eventually fail and the the time when those are no longer available in the shops? I am asking as I am considering getting spare one while they are still available here and there. I am not...
  4. S

    Harmony Elite problems

    Hi Everyone, I have a Harmony remote and while I love it when it works I am having one major issue. Here is my full complete set up of devices that I am using with the remote: LG CX LG S9NYG Soundbar using ARC DIRECTV DVR HR54-700 Knivo 501bn HDMI switch Xbox series X Apple TV 4 non 4K The...
  5. C

    Logitech Harmony 650 and Apple 4k TV Issues

    I've recently bought an Apple TV 4k box, I also have a Panasonic TV and Panasonic Home Cinema/Blu Ray player. I control all 3 devices with a Logitech 650 Universal Remote. I have an activity that I've set up called Headphones, where I just have the Apple TV and Panasonic TV switching on, and...
  6. Cyrusgsxr

    Denon avr behaviour 6300h is driving me crazy please help

    Hey good peeps , here is my issue with the Denon avr 6300h , It randomly switches its input to ONLINE MUSIC and also randomly switches its main zone off leaving either zone 2 or 3 active which i do not use or need ever ? It also refuses to up date via ethernet and will only accept updates over...
  7. Portal2VR

    Harmony 300 / 350 / 600 / 650 / 665 Learning Function Repeats & Delays

    I own a logitech harmony 300 universal remote but i can no longer successfully teach it commands from other remotes that i own using the learning feature. :( When i press a button that has not been taught a command from another remote it's fine and works as it should but when i press a button...
  8. CatManDo

    Question Logitech Harmony One with Apple TV 4K

    Hi all, Just got a new Apple TV, have added as a home cinema PC. All appears to be working however, when switching the activity off, the Apple TV appears to switch off but then comes back on a few seconds later. Also when starting the activity, the Apple TV starts with music playing, this is...
  9. RayP

    Question Is there any Logitech Harmony that can do this?

    I still have a fully-working Phillips Pronto RU990 and as owners of that remote will know it is extremely powerful in what it can do. I have Sky Q and subscribe to the UHD service. When watching Full HD broadcasts I prefer to have Sky in 1080p mode and only switch to 3840 10-bit when watching a...
  10. B

    Logitech Harmony - Sky Q, switches on and off again

    Hey guys Bit of a Harmony Noob, but asked this on the Logitech forum and couldn't get any assistance. Basically, when I choose 'Watch TV' activity on my Harmony ultimate remote, 9 times out of 10 the TV switches on, then the Sky Q box switches on and then straight back off again. It may be the...
  11. J

    Logitech harmony activities

    I’ve got an activity set up for the tv however recently realised that harmony can control my dyson fan, therefore set up another activity solely for the fan. When I have the tv activity on and then turn the fan on it switches the tv off. Any suggestions?
  12. The Dreamer

    Bargain Expired Logitech Harmony Elite - £149 Amazon DotD

    Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App, works with Alexa I guess £149 is the new £139?:rolleyes:
  13. lmccauley

    Question How do I set the Input on my LG OLED65B7 to Live TV in a Logitech Harmony Elite activity?

    How do I set the Input on my LG OLED65B7 to Live TV in a Logitech Harmony Elite activity? I have the following activity set up: LG TV Power On LG TV Input: TV Arcam Amp Power On Arcam Amp Input: AV However, what I am finding is that the LG TV is setting the input to the first...
  14. A

    UK switch to work with Logitech Harmony

    Are there any UK smart light switches that are compatible with the Logitech Harmony remote? All the ones advertised are for US. Thanks
  15. Sloppy Bob

    Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote and Hub £99 @ Amazon

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Harmony-Ultimate-software-required-Black/dp/B00C80JFSS/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1513163116&sr=1-1&keywords=logitech+harmony+remote This has been replaced with the Harmony Elite but still a good buy at this price.
  16. T

    Question Logitech Harmony One Replacement ideas plz?

    Hi, I am looking to replace my Logitech Harmony One remote due to wear and tear as it is over 5 years old. However, i am not sure what the latest models are. The harmony ultimate or elite seem to be the nearest replacement options but neither look like they have a number keypad. I have the...
  17. Keiron

    Question Logitech Harmony sending repeat commands

    I like to think I'm something of an experienced Harmony user, but I have a problem that is driving me nuts! I am setting up a new remote (600) and have copied the settings over from another configuration using My Harmony. However, some of the buttons are sending repeat commands. The thing is...
  18. Racquel Darrian

    Logitech Harmony remote and Home Easy lights

    Can anyone help? I've got Home Easy remote dimmer light switches. Would any of the touch screen Logitech Harmony remotes operate them? TIA
  19. K

    Question Smart TVs with Logitech Harmony/SmartThings/SmartView

    I have an old Samsung 'dumb' 32" LCD TV and I seem to spend more time staring at the huge amount of space around it on the wall behind it than at the little TV :) So, Im looking at 65" TVs and in isolation, I quite like Samsung TVs for their picture. However it seems that the internet is...
  20. Idle Bull

    Question Logitech Harmony Ultimate - anyone got light control working on Pause/Play buttons?

    Hi, I've just upgraded my old Harmony one to a Harmony Ultimate and have decided to invest in some LIFX lighting to set the mood in the cinema room. Ideally I want to turn out the lights when "play" is pressed, raise them to maybe 50% when movie is paused and then fully on when "Stop" is...
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