1. bravogolf

    Any suggestions on a sofa/couch that can squeeze through loft

    I'm redoing our loft cinema room and have been ages looking for a sofa/couch. No particular budget, would love proper cinema room seating but my limitation is it has to go up a tight spiral staircase or through a hatch into the room. Anyone know of a supplier who can ship in parts of sufficient...
  2. L

    Urgent advice needed re loft extension

    Hi all this is my first post on this area but I've been active in the classifieds for years. We've gone ahead with a loft extension and were told we'd have a tin hat but the sub contractor told us they get in the way and he can work faster without, and that he would ensure it remained...
  3. T

    Loft aerial quadruplex connection confusion

    Newbie question, trying to understand TV reception more and my new build’s cable set-up. I have coax cables run into the loft. The main living room TV connection is a quadruplex faceplate which takes two coax satellite inputs and gives four outputs: two satellite outputs, one ‘TV’ output and...
  4. GeorgeL78

    New TV for loft conversion

    Hi all, we are in the final stages of our loft conversion which is a large bedroom space. At the garden end of the room we have a large space we will be using as a lounge area. The plan is to mount a TV to one wall and have a sofa near to the opposite wall. I have already wired speaker cables...
  5. G

    Need to organise a loft aerial, not sure what is needed at my location.

    I'm in a new house, with a TV aerial cabled through from the loft to the lounge. The run is probably 20m. I want to fit a loft aerial but have no idea how to figure out what I need given the location and house setup. Is it possible to work out, or should I just "try" something ?
  6. O

    Loft aerial help / boosters etc

    Trying to help a relative with their loft aerial and booster setup to solve a TV signal issue. All had been fine with their setup until earlier this year then they could only receive scrambled Freeview channels. Their setup was like this Loft Aerial > loft Booster Distributer with mains plug...
  7. V

    Best tv for a loft bedroom

    Hi we are about to move into our new loft bedroom and there is 4 windows so quite a lot of light. Ideally need a tv 49/ 50 / 55 inch tv which will be wall mounted. we will mainly be watching sky Q and Netflix. i do like the Sony tv 49 or 55xh9505 but this is what I have read about them but I...
  8. bravogolf

    Loft cinema room - seating recommendations (<= €2k)

    I've been updating a cinema room in the loft and need a decent sofa. Ideally something like the Savoy Cinema Style couch but needs to be modular enough that I can up a spiral staircase or via a hatch into the room. I really like the Azure & Valencia but they're too expensive given my budget of...
  9. grnnvrzz

    TV aerial in loft

    Hi there, I have an aerial in my loft in the UK, I purchased it over 10 years ago. Its connected to a HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO with the storage for recordings on my Synology NAS. I then watch TV via plex across my ethernet network. Anyway, the picture is pretty good, but it breaks up or pauses...
  10. L

    Loft Aerial Help!

    Can somebody help please! Does anybody know what aerial this is? I am getting a rubbish signal and have no idea how to fix it! TIA
  11. B

    New House, 2 tv recommendations needed: Living room (mid tier/value ($1000USD) and loft tv (higher end $2000USD )

    I’ve lurked on the forums for awhile and we’re building a house in need of 2 tv’s. first and most important is the Loft TV, it will be on during the day and night as my office is nearby so I’m thinking LCD but am open to OLED. I’ve probably read too much already on TV’s and sort of narrowed it...
  12. W

    Equipment cooling into loft space

    Hoping someone can offer some advice on this. So I've got all my av kit installed in our 3x3ft landing cupboard (used to be airing cupboard) - Receiver, sat box, harmony hub, cctv DVR, firestick. As you can imagine it can get quite warm in there with the door closed. I was hoping to install an...
  13. S

    Custom install/blackout/decorating help wanted for a 3x4m loft room in South Essex

    I have a small (3x4m) loft room currently setup with a 7.1 surround system and 50" TV. It's painted white all round and it's time I changed the decor, blacked it out and sound proofed it as much as possible. The problem is I don't know where to start in converting it and don't trust my DIY or...
  14. P

    Paul's loft Cinema

    Hello, thanks for looking. I need some help from the wonderful people on this forum.. Having just bought a new house there is a loft that has already been converted. I have painted the walls green but need some advice. Do I paint the ceiling the same colour or leave it white? I am not...
  15. Z

    Move Virgin Router to Loft

    I'm thinking of moving my VM router to the loft along with things like the Hue hub, smart things hub etc. My plan is to move the router up there and buy a decent switch then run what I need cat6 wise back down to where I need a hard connection. I have the Orbi mesh so coverage isn't an issue...
  16. S

    XSX / PS5 / Loft room Set Up - what would you do?

    I have a loft room that I'd like to turn into a cinema/gaming room. It doesn't have to be a proper full cinema set up and honestly I don't have the budget to do it properly! But I'm battling with a few things when considering what to do. The room has awkward access with a steep staircase and the...
  17. eowens90

    How many people have a loft?

    I'm curious to know about other people's loft space and how mine compares? Do you have a loft? What do you use it for? Is it easily accessible?
  18. eob

    Loft space - Smoke or Heat alarm

    Hi, I've just moved into a new house and one of the projects I've just ticked off my list is to move all the IT equipment into the attic to join the 8 port PoE switch which was already there for the Unifi system that I've inherited. The house also has PV panels so there is an inverter up there...
  19. B

    Can my loft be made into a room with windows?

    I have a loft used for storage at present, in an old converted barn. Access is via a small hole in my home office roof. We always wondered if it was worth converting but still not sure. Its full of wood beams so surely we can only have the space between it and non window skylights? Pic attached...
  20. AudioJosh

    Found some vintage Hi-Fi gear in the loft. Any advice?

    Hello. As someone relatively new to Hi-Fi I don't know much about vintage gear. Recently my partner and I found some old Hi-Fi bits clearing out her loft which is potentially very useful as I'm about to gift her some Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers. What we found include a 1977 Kenwood/Trio...
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