1. S

    Question How to record programmes in UHD programmes on SkyQ

    There is no UHD section on the planner. The only way it seems to get UHD content is to download it. I’ve set the option to always get UHD when it is available. The programmes that are available in UHD in Box Sets only appear in HD on the planner. Am I Missing something? I see in the Cinema...
  2. G

    Question Loading Mass Effect Saved file on Game Pass - Help!

    Hi I have an infuriating problem. I'm playing Mass Effect via Game Pass (I have the original disc, but as I signed for a Pass trial it defaulted to that) and it download an expansion pack called X57. Now, when I try to load a save game I get an error message telling me a key element of the...
  3. quillouga


    My PS4 SLIM it's stuck on black screen after the PS logo, but is not turning off by itself (stays on blue light) . The PS4 goes into safe mode, but the reset/update/anything do not do anything. As soon as you do it, it comes again into black screen with blue light after the PS LOGO. but still...
  4. andrewilley

    Question Sony Smart TVs - Freeview Guide loading speed?

    Thinking of replacing our LG bedroom Smart TV as the Freeview Programme Guide load speed is appalling (20 seconds first time, as it uses an app). There are some good prices on the Sony KDL32WE613BU today (£199) so was thinking of getting one even though it's only 720p. Could someone confirm...
  5. W

    Youtube (loading )

    Please help am setting up samsung ue48ju6400 in daughters bedroom and youtube starts but when you choose a video goesto a screen just says loading ... main reason got tv was for youtube ?? Every other app works perfect .. thanks
  6. RiseAbove

    Question Call of Duty: BlackOps 4 - Blackout - slow loading textures

    hi guys, I have a ps4 pro, plenty of space on my hdd (just under half to be exact) but have noticed textures are slow to load. This occurs on blackout, online multiplayer mainly, what is the reason for this? My internet speed is fine, like 60mpbs and upload at around 19mpbs, my ping is...
  7. K

    UE40MU6400 iPlayer Not Loading

    Hi, As the title suggests, out of nowhere my Smart TV won't play iPlayer. Worked fine for 6 months then one day just constantly says it's loading. I've reset the Smart Hub, got the latest TV updates, turned off an unplugged TV for a while and restarted router. I have another Samsung Smart TV...
  8. G

    Answered YouTube not loading?

    I have the Hisense H49N5500 and noticed today, YouTube is loading. Does anyone else have this issue?
  9. P

    Viewster app not loading - is it just me?

    I've not been able to load the Viewster LG app all day. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but I still have the same problem. It briefly flashes up a grey screen with grey shapes around the edge and then goes to a black screen with spinning orange dots, then it just stays like that.
  10. Just call me Al

    Music programme goes black after loading.

    I have a 5 year old Asus i7 laptop. Everthing is fine apart from one programme. All other programmes work fine, & other people who have loaded this programme don't have the problem. It is a music programme & it loads fine but when I add the music (any kind) the screen on the programme goes...
  11. C

    Question 60PM680T 'Smart' Apps stopped loading (netflix most importantly)

    Hi all I've had this telly for 5 years now and have been generally very pleased with it. Until yesterday. The family use the Netflix app a lot on this telly, and yesterday it began not loading. I have gone through a hundred and one youtube videos and online articles/tutorials to try and...
  12. cjx

    Question New Dell laptop not loading certain websites

    Took delivery of a new inspiron this week and for some reason I've noticed it wont load a couple of webpages. One being Steam , it is really slow on the home page and eventually loads up, when I click to download steam client it times out every time. The rest all seem to load OK. I have...
  13. shoestring25

    websites constantly loading and moving up and down including avforums

    im getting more and more frustrated by websites constantly loading and moving up and down. example click on a link and the website appears, now a banner appears pushing where you were going to click down. you try to scroll down but it wont let you as its still still loading then another banner...
  14. jvgama

    Question Stuck on loading screen after factory reset

    Hey everyone, I think my TV is screwed up :( After having some issues with the YouTube app on my LG 49UF6800, I read on LG’s support page that doing a factory reset should solve the problem. So I did that, the TV quickly rebooted and started showing a grey screen with three colored dots going...
  15. S


    Trying to play a stream on samsung smart tv through web browser from www.bettingshop.tv/nologin/ it connects to site but wont play stream "error loading player:no playable sources found" does any body know how to resolve this please
  16. S


    Trying to play a stream on samsung smart tv through web browser from www.bettingshop.tv/nologin/ it connects to site but wont play stream "error loading player:no playable sources found" does any body know how to resolve this please
  17. A

    Question Loading problem ?

    Hi. I recently bought new LG TV. The exact model is 43UJ6517 UHD 4K LED TV LG. It was working fine until i got this screen: it's been like this for the past 3 hours. Anybody had this problem ?
  18. G

    BBC iPlayer Not Loading Error 02001

    Hi. For 2+ months now I've been unable to load programmes in BBC iPlayer app on my new Samsung UE49MU7070 TV, 2017 model. All menus load fine but every programme I choose has continous spinning circle and after 30 seconds always ends with cannot load error message 02001. I have tried every...
  19. woppy101

    Loading amazon and Netflix on 2017 models

    is anyone having any problems on the 2017 models loading amazon and Netflix on mine amazon gets stuck all the time and I have to delete the app to get it working, anyone got any work arounds?
  20. S

    BBC iPlayer not loading on Panasonic TV

    Hi, Please can I ask if anyone else is experiencing this issue? We have a Panasonic TX-55CX802B. Its about 18 months old. Approximately every week I have to complete a factory reset in order to get BBC iPlayer to load. All other apps and services (Freeview, Netflix etc) work as intended...
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