1. P

    Using a wideband LNB with a Freesat box

    Hi All I have just bought a new Freesat box and it clearly indicates the advantages of a wideband LNB. I have the box going with the current quad LNB but its damaged (the horn cover is rotting due to UV). I decided to change the LNB to a wideband one (SKY EL023) however it produced no pics...
  2. kalli

    some freetv through Sky Dish and LNB

    Hey, if I disconnect my Sky Q box (2 sat cables, all working, subscribed) and connect either of them to a hauppauge DVB-S2 and scan for channels, should I get to see any channels (dont care if free/encrypted). its just for a test. background: my father uses linux only, but has to use windows...
  3. I

    LNB to fit old (Mk3?) Sky dish

    I need a new LNB for my Humax foxsat HDR. I have an old sky dish, where the arm is a square tube, and the LNB holder pushes into it. I think this is MK3. My existing LNB holder has a 38mm collar, holding a (not working very well) 38mm LNB. Before I got up on the roof to measure, I bought an...
  4. wildebed

    SkyQ lnb and tv freesat tuner

    Will newer internal freesat tuners in LG TVs work with a SkyQ LNB?. The old Manhattan freesat box certainly doesn't.
  5. Bengaul

    Question Sky-Q LNB and Samsung Q95T one connect box

    Hi, Newb to this. I've moved to a new house that has a Sky-q lnb attached to the top of the house. I don't know how old it is or what version it is. I wanted to get Freesat on my Q95T. Should the one connect box be able to use the Sky-Q lnb or will I have to buy one of these new Freesat boxes?
  6. R

    LNB swap?

    Want to use Sky dish at house I just moved into for freesat, but it was the SkyQ type. CanI change Otto the Sky+ type? TIA
  7. N

    Satellite cabling, LNB and multiswitch help please.

    A few years ago when we had some work done on the house i ran some Triax tx100 cable to where the main tv is, the 3 bedrooms and the kids room before the walls were plastered. the 100 mtr drum covered all 5 runs so i doubt any runs were over 25mtrs. currently the coax is coiled up in the loft on...
  8. M

    Question Sky Q LNB

    Hi All, I'm thinking of upgrading to Sky Q. I currently have SkyHD with an octo LNB. Will the new Sky Q LNB still support that? I'll be going for a main box and one mini. I understand that only the main box connects to the dish and the mini is wifi. I'd like the dish to connect to both...
  9. M

    Question Wide band LNB for Freesat

    I have got an LG C9 65 inch TV and mostly use the internal Freesat tuner (rotten terrestrial signal here). I have just bought new Arris Freesat 4K recorder which I see will record up to 4 channels simultaneously if I have a wide band LNB. My question is, if I fit a wide band LNB to my satellite...
  10. C

    Replacing a LNB on a sky dish

    We have a Sky dish about 11-12 years old and I need to replace the LNB. The existing LNB mechanically plugs into the end of the square/rectangular mounting arm where as the new one I have is designed to clip over it. Problem is if I use the same mounting hole for the new one it looks like the...
  11. paulyoung666

    Sky dish with Hybrid LNB to feed Samsung Q7FAM ?

    There are 2 inputs on the connect box so I can use the soon to be redundant sky feed to connect to the tv , but what about the LNB end , do I leave as is , or do I need to swap the cables to the non sky q connections ? Also , with the dish pointing where it is ( I hope I don't nudge it if I...
  12. F

    Hotbird LNB Skew Zone 1 East Anglia

    I have two zone 1 minidishes connected using 2 2x1 Diseqc switches into a twin tuner receiver so that each tuner can receive either Hotbird or Astra 28.2. My wife watches Polish TV through a Cyfra+ subscription. All the channels we watch are received very well on both satellites with little or...
  13. J

    Question Sky q and freesat dscr

    I have Sky Q with wideband 6 output LNB, have 3 cables to LNB and cannot fit a 4th. As well as main Sky Q box I have Humax 1000s box, this using 3rd cable. I would like to have full range of 2 channels on Humax. Question - does the Sky LNB support dSCR? I could then run Humax in SCR mode...
  14. Clem Fandango

    LNB change price?

    I'm probably gonna bin Sky Q off at the end of the contract (few months time). The dish has the usual wideband LNB, I have a TV that has integrated Freesat but I know this won't work without a LNB change. Gonna get quotes soon to swap it over but any ideas of what kinda price to expect please...
  15. spacebiscuit

    LNB Question

    Are there any visible signs that an LNB needs replacing? I am trying to setup a motorised receiver with USALS that I have purchased and I can't get a signal. If I check the lnb the flay side that faces the dish is bulging a little - I'm not sure if this suggests replacement is needed? I had...
  16. A

    samsung KS9000 internal sat tunner not working on fixed dish single lnb

    Hello, Iam havng probkems getting my in built sat tuner to on my KS9000, it used t work before when used but not anynore as I was using a sperate dedocated sat tuner before. I have a single dish and LNB set at 28.2 e The dish works with seperate sat box but not with my TV. I connected a single...
  17. P

    Cyfra+ Satellite Dish - positioning LNB

    I have a Cyfra+ branded dish which is missing its LNB - so I need to buy a new 37mm one. However my question concerns how I get the best position for the new LNB moving it backwards and forwards in the collar (I'm not talking about Skewing the LNB here, but moving it nearer and further from...
  18. P

    Old Sky Dish with Grundig LNB - any known problems with using it?

    Hello All, I've scavenged an old (Sky?) dish with a Grundig brand LNB - the type that sits within a plastic housing and the LNB skews within the housing, the F-Connector sticking out through a slot at the botttom numbered 1 to 5 for the skew. 1) What would I set the skew to in the SE of...
  19. B

    Question Need help "creating" an RF output from Tivusat box (pictures)

    Hi, we recently had to replace our old hotbird with one of the newer Tivusat boxes. We have a splitter in the loft and coax going into most rooms which can play whatever is on the loop. The issue is where the hotbird box had 1 LNB in, 1 RF out. This new Tivusat has only LNB in, no RF...
  20. J

    Sky Q with no LNB?

    Hi there, Excuse my lack of knowledge, but do you still need to install a new LNB in order to get Sky Q? I saw somewhere that you can fit an adapter to the back to the aerial instead. I live in a block of flats and the building manager has been ignoring my emails since January about when...
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