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  1. E

    Question Advice on what tv to get for a multi funtion kitchen living room

    Hello people, i hope you can help me. I am looking to get a new tv for my multi purpose kitchen/diner/living room and need some advice. The room where i want to put my tv is a fairly large room (approx 20ft long), whereby at one end of the room we have the kitchen with island seating and at...
  2. danmc_82

    danmc_82 Living Room 5.0.4

    Alway stuck to 5.1 due to the layout of the room. Added 4 ceiling speakers recently for Atmos... Kit List... Yamaha RXA 2050 Monitor Audio GS20 Monitor Audio GSLCR Monitor Audio GSFX 4 x Magnat IC62 Ceiling Speakers (Atmos) Samsung PS60E550 Plasma panasonic BDT310 Blu Ray Player Raspberry pi3
  3. KelvinS1965

    When Worlds collide: The dedicated living room cinema (Updated May 2020)

    Updated Dec 2018: Jump to page 20 onwards for completion pictures. Updated May 2020: Jump to page 26. With apologies to George Pal for the title, this is my second attempt at a home cinema hopefully taking some things into account I've learnt over the last 9 years since I built this one...
  4. K

    My Living Room Setup

    Hi all, Thought I would share my new Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 living room setup. Just had a refurb and took the chance to run all the cables through the walls and ceilings. All comments are welcome. The equipment: - Sony KD75XD9405 Pioneer SC-LX59 Monitor Audio Silver 10s Monitor Audio Silver...
  5. M

    Question Curtains or blinds for living room projector

    Are some dark blinds good enough to block daylight for a projector in a living room, or would curtains be better. Or both? What do you guys have and how does it do?
  6. anibap

    Need help - Set up access to external HDDs between two laptops (one in living room and in study)

    Guys, Moving house soon and I need some help in setting up a simple way to access media files (mkv and images) for movie viewing and editing from two different laptops in two different rooms. Here's what it will be like and bit of a background on what I have Ground Floor - Living room Main...
  7. danmc_82

    Bass Traps in a Living Room

    I really need bass traps but my av system is in the Living room. I dont mind the look of bass traps, just the colours. I think any colour would stand out in my room. Does anyone else use their living space for home cinema and use acoustic panels/Bass traps?
  8. bazzarooney1

    New living room /cinema room

    Hi all I've got the funds to build me own room , now I got the design in my head to build it all my self which I'm good at . I need some advice to what projector to get my pj wall will be 3.5 meters away (£700 budget ) I already got a surround system . Also what cables would be required ...
  9. M

    New house, living room setup

    Finally managed to purchase a first house!!! 3 bed semi, bought from an old woman so it's a little dated! But a solid week of redecorating upstairs, that has now been complete, I can now move to the downstairs. I started with chasing walls for electrics and more importantly the speaker wires...

    Living Room Setup - Panasonic 58DX902 Wall Mount

    First let me say this is not my ideal system Life is full of compromise and SWMBO is a good negotiator I was told I could have the new Panasonic 58DX902 but ONLY if the living room was redecorated and the real kicker (That the 5.1 Onkyo and Full size speaker system had to go). It was agreed...
  11. H

    Question Speakers in Apartment Living Room

    I want to set up a home cinema in my apartment living room and could use some help. In the past I've used Logitech Z-5500 for my 5.1 sound and an 80" home-made projector screen and now I want to take my first step into a more "serious" setup. I have a living room that is roughly 12.5x18.2 ft...
  12. C

    Replace bedroom TV

    I am looking to buy a Sony 55w807 refurb £449 and just wondered should I upgrade my living room Tv (Sony 55w905) and move that to the bedroom. I just watch netflix and amazon prime, i dont bother with 3D. any advice appreciated Mike
  13. Z

    Question Speaker Choice and Placement

    Hi All, Have been reading through the forums for some time now and have a few questions to ask if I may. I am planning on purchasing the following but would like some advice on speaker placement and type: - Monitor Audio Silver 1 (fronts) - Monitor Audio Silver Centre - Monitor Audio Silver...
  14. H

    Side speakers in "difficult" living room

    I'm planning for a 5.1-system currently but could use your help. Here are some photos of my living room: My living room What's the best placement of side speakers in my case, and which type of speakers should it be? (my local Dynaudio-speaker recommends bipole/tripole speakers when sitting...
  15. Xionn

    Question Bronze FX surround speakers placement okay?

    Hey all, So for a new house, we have bought the Monitor Audio Bronze B5 AV which consists of the following: Bronze 5 floorstanding speakers Bronze Centre Bronze FX surround speakers Bronze W10 subwoofer I had a question about the Bronze FX surround sound speakers (which have a di-pole...
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