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  1. Just Pushing Play

    Small living room, first time HT 5.1 setup

    Hi, long time lurker, but first-time poster :) My room is pretty snug, measuring around 3.9m x 3.6m, but I've tried to create something of a living room, cinema room and man cave all in one without being too overpowering. It's definitely been a trial and error in evolution over the last 3 years...
  2. RobTi

    anyone got a dark ceiling in their main living room for projector use

    Hi just wondering about the above and any photos of it in daylight, as its time for a makeover in my living room ? Thanks
  3. Pulsar

    Advice and Options for Hiding Speakers in Living Room

    Hi all, I am in the process of planning a living room install and here are some of the key elements of what I'd like to achieve: I want the front wall of the system to present an extremely clean view with the front 4 or 5 speakers (left/right, fronts and heights - centre channel tbc) hidden...
  4. Solidmedia

    New Living Room AV Cabinet

    I've started building my new living room AV cabinet but need to think about cable management and access grommets. Anyone recommend a good company to use rather than Amazon
  5. R

    New LCR speakers for apartment living room (2700 cu ft)

    Hi All, So I recently got into a new apartment and have been upgrading my AV gear. Started with a 65" TV added 2x10" monoprice monolith 10" THX subwoofers. The last remaining bit is the speakers. I have an old Polk monitor 30s (with CS2 centers) which are clearly no match for the subwoofers and...
  6. T

    7.1 Issue. Limited space behind

    I have recently decorated my living and thought it would be a good idea to add some surround+rear speakers to attempt a 7.1 without any research. Only problem is there is limited space behind the sofa so I thought it would be Ok to offset all the surround speakers slightly forward. For 7.1...
  7. MaheshB

    Double height living room - where to place Atmos speakers?

    I have a living room which is 23 feet in height. I am planning on installing Atmos speakers, but installing on the ceiling is ruled out. One option is to project a rod or a rafter from the wall behind my sofa, one on right and one on left side and install the inwall speakers in this rafter or...
  8. PCambo

    Living Room what to Upgrade next?

    Recently upgraded my front 3 and sub. Went from min 22’s and x201 to Dali oberon on wall, vokal and Svs sb1000. My next question is what to do next. I’m using another 2 min 22 for surrounds and run a pioneer vsx1131. Do I upgrade receiver or upgrade surrounds. Also surrounds oberon 1 or oberon...
  9. J

    New House, New Living Room, New Setup....

    Place holder...Spent the last few years sorting out our new house, which has now included a 5.0 setup which I've always wanted. I'll be updating this thread in the next few weeks as I sort through photos etc. It'll be about the DIY of the room, as well as the AV equipment element.... Cheers...
  10. D

    Living Room 85" Wall Mount Set up - Help Me Improve Please Need Ideas

    I don't like the big white wall behind the TV. It is a much bigger space than it looks in the picture and when I'm watching dark scenes the white sorta distracts me and pulls me out the experience. What's the best way to "soften" the experience? Was thinking maybe paint the wall brown? Or...
  11. beecee

    Living room upgrade, 4k projector and a discreet 5.2.4

    Just added a 4k projector and 2 extra Atmos speakers to the mix. Displays I have LG 65B6V 4K OLED, LG 4K Cinebeam BenQ W1700(not back up) the other half does not want two projectors up, so will just bring it out when we want to watch 3d, the mountings are still there so a 2min job to install...
  12. DaveWW00

    Living Room Upgrade

    I am thinking about upgrading our setup in our living room. Currently have TV over mantle with soundbar and sub is on floor near there. Cable box, dvd player is in cabinet next to this. So many options out there im not sure where to start, so hoping you guys can point me in right direction...
  13. Bells

    65” TV Advice - Living Room

    I’m looking for some advice please as I’ve seen loads of reviews online and don’t seem to be getting anywhere! I’m moving out in the next few months and instead of using my existing bedroom TV in the living room I’ve decided I’d like to upgrade. Can’t really fault my existing TV, it’s the...
  14. S

    65" - 77" TV for living room

    Looking to upgrade my living room TV to a 65" - 77" model. Appreciate any help choosing the replacement. TIA What's your budget and size requirements? 65” to 77” AUD 3000 – AUD 6000 (£1600 - £3200) Which external devices do you plan to connect to the TV? Games console o Nintendo Switch...
  15. D

    Big AVR or separates for large living room 5.2

    Hello, I’m putting together a system for my main living space. It will need to control two outside speakers as a second zone. The TV area will have 2x B&W 603s2 towers as front L/R B&W HTM72 center channel. If I can convince my wife it’ll be an HTM71 2x B&W CCM683 rear surrounds in-ceiling 2x...
  16. D

    B&W 603s2 or 705s2

    Hello, trying to decide on front speakers for a 5.1 with possibly adding another sub later if needed. The room is fairly large with 12’ ceilings. This setup would be for 70/30 movie to music. I’m looking at the B&W 706s2 or the B&W 603 S2 anniversary edition. I have listened to both in a...
  17. Spurs4ever

    Streaming PC Games To Living Room TV

    As I have a 3060ti, is the NVidia Shield the best way to stream games to another TV in another room, or is there a better way? Also, any real world advice, or experiences (regarding setup, lag etc?)
  18. D

    Is it weird to buy two TVs for the living room?

    Assuming you have somewhere to store the other tv not in use. And are ok with the cost. Buy some accidental damage cover just to be safe, going to need that burn in cover regardless. Probably only take a few minutes to swap them around once you've done it a few times. Use the OLED for movies...
  19. adkozak

    Living room pair of speakers - turntable, Netflix, Spotify

    Hi, I have what appears to be a quite unusual living room audio setup requirements. What I am trying to find: a pair of speakers for stereo sound the two speakers are connected wirelessly (don't want a cable across the whole room), one of them has access to ethernet socket I want to be able...
  20. K

    Living Room Setup 5.1.2

    I don't have room for a dedicated cinema room so wanted to do something with the living room that wasn't too much but gave me something more than just a TV and soundbar. I don't like things under the TV so wanted wall mounting speakers. Went with the Focal Sib Evo Atmos package but will be...
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