1. Music Video

    Question Cannot edit Sony XH81 Freeview channel list

    Could anyone tell me how to edit the freeview channel list on a Sony XH81 TV? The option is greyed out on my TV.
  2. voxish

    Question Love it or List it - Meridian 500 series

    OK hive mind, I've had my Meridian 551 and 555 (bi-amping) with 506.24 CD player bought new 20+ years ago. I have a Pro-Ject 2Xperience acryl with 2M bronze cartridge for my vinyl. I have a large record collection ranging from joni mitchell, caravan, pink floyd, grateful dead etc to hawkwind...
  3. A

    Question How can I clear NU8070 Smart Hub recommended video list for YouTube app.

    I'm trying to find a way of clearing the recommended videos that are displayed in the Smart Hub when you "hover" over the YouTube app before actually selecting it. I've had the same list of videos shown there ever since I bought the TV about two years ago and what really annoys me is that they...
  4. 1992

    List of minimal amp brands

    Hi everyone, I’m on the search for a very basic (no digital electronics please), very high quality amp that will last decades (I don’t tend to upgrade/change often). Please can you let me know of any brands worth checking out that I’m missing: Naim, Rega, Exposure, Croft, Sugden. I...
  5. S

    Help me with a 65" TV short list

    Hi, like many I have fallen into a downward spiral of choosing a TV only to later discounting it before deciding all TV are rubbish... I really DO need to upgrade the main TV in house and I will plan to keep this for 10+ yrs I would quite like native Freesat TV is viewed from about 3m from a...
  6. M

    Please list any qualified sources which prove Mobile Phones are totally safe.

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding sources which prove mobile phones are completely safe. Basically my nephew asked me to help him with an assignment where they have to choose a popular fake news topic and then use actual qualified research to debunk it. Problem is all the qualified research...
  7. wiz

    Anyone else been furloughed? What ya doing on the wife's list?

    Taken me two days to rub down a bit of skirting board, no rush :D :D
  8. T

    Question Channel list initial order.

    Hello. Does anyone know why our tvs are initially populated with a channel list beginning with No.1___BBC1 etc.?., leading to hours of fun going 'round the houses' re ordering the list logically , i.e., to No.1___BBC1 HD etc. Or is it just me?.
  9. TheTenth

    superhero movies list by studio

    I saw somewhere a list of released and future superhero movies by studio. Each studio had a black square with pictures of some of the movies, then each "saga" and list fo films (like Spider man 1, 2, 3 Amazing Spider man 1, 2 for Sony). There was Warner, Sony, MCU, Fox ... I looked on...
  10. shodan

    List of current top selling TV's

    Hey guys, this time of year I always get friends and family along me what is the best TV for a crimbo gift, or amp, or speakers etc. So I've made a list of the current top selling TV's on Amazon. Check it out if you are thinking about getting a new TV. If this...
  11. captainarchive

    Your Halloween reading list

    As well as having a BD watch list for Halloween I also line up a reading list. Anyone else?
  12. gizmo995

    Answered GZ950 - can't find guide for satellite signal (freesat?)

    Hi, On my satellite feed, I only receive a channel list (Basically just names of the channels), which makes it impossible to see what is on the tv without channel flicking. Pressing the INFO button on the remote brings up all the channel info so I'm unsure why I have no EPG. Freeview works...
  13. slicker55

    YouTube - Subscription List Not Showing (Resolved)

    Apologies if this is not the best place to post this message - mods help if necessary In this post I am referring to the YouTube Apps on my AppleTV and Samsung Smart TV Those familiar with Youtube will know there is an icon on the left-hand side which when pressed shows a list of all the...
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