lip sync

Lip sync, lip-sync, lip-synch (short for lip synchronization) is a technical term for matching lip movements with prerecorded sung or spoken vocals that the listeners hear, either through the sound reinforcement system in a live performance or television or cinema speakers in other cases. The term can refer to any of a number of different techniques and processes, in the context of live performances and recordings.
In film production, lip-synching is often part of the postproduction phase. Dubbing foreign-language films and making animated characters appear to speak both require elaborate lip-synching. Many video games make extensive use of lip-synced sound files to create an immersive environment. In the music industry, lip-synching can be controversial to fans attending concert performances who expect to view a live performance.

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  1. Cocksure

    Auto lip sync feature, a must or not?

    Hi, I currently have a marantz av8802a (that is failing). When I used the feature with a Sony zd9, the lip sync was near enough perfect every time, now that I have changed the tv to an lg g2, the auto lip sync feature is worthless and I have had to set things manually. As the marantz is...
  2. Clem_Dye

    LG TVs and Youtube lip sync

    Having been an AVForums member for quite a while now, I can recall plenty of messages about the rubbish lip sync when watching Youtube on LG TVs, a situation I find frustrating. My LG TV from 2019 shows just this issue (along with lip sync issues from other sources). I’ve used two different...
  3. RayP

    Question Apple box - severe lip sync on film but not on Apps or TV.

    I setup my Apple box yesterday. Kit in signature. I haven’t subscribed to TV services, just purchased films and a couple of apps - iPlayer and YT. There are no lip sync issues on the Apple TV intro or the apps. But my first purchased film - Thirteen Days in HD - had severe problems. Using the...
  4. B

    Lip sync issues

    Hi, I’ve just purchased Samsung Q990C Soundbar and connected it to my Samsung 65” smart TV, it’s connected to Tv eArc with HDMI cable it sounds amazing but have slight lip sync issue which I can’t get rid of, there is no minus setting in the Soundbar audio delay just plus settings, sky box is...
  5. J

    Small Soundbar with HDMI Passthrough?

    Hi there I’m in need of a recommendation. A week or teo go I bought a Sonia Beam Gen 2 but had to return it. Though it sounded great I couldn’t resolve Lip Sync issues (I did try the HD Fury Arcana widget but that only added more gremlins). My TV has Arc, but not eArc and seems to me the...
  6. Just Pushing Play

    Lip sync issue with Denon 3700 and new LG C2!

    Having a bit of a minor nightmare which I'm hoping can be solved! I've just received an LG C2 77" in the past week or so, but I'm having a pain getting my existing Denon 3700 AVR to lip-sync with it correctly with the devices connected to that. No problems with eARC when it comes to broadcast...
  7. Milarepa

    Sky Q lip sync

    New LG OLED. Installer had to extend the HDMI leads so he used a female to female block and a further lead. Now have slight lip sync issues which didn’t exist before. (Settings in sky box make it worse) My question is… it likely to be the fact the lead was extended? Would replacing it with...
  8. O

    Varying audio delay

    Hi I am having a strange issue with audio delay changing significantly depending on the source material. My setup is: SHIELD TV Pro --> Denon AVR-X2300W --> LG OLED65E6V I am using various streaming services and PLEX (Blu-ray and DVD ripped to local server) as a source on the SHIELD. I also...
  9. H

    lip sync issues

    hey all I have just had to buy a new tv as my old one went bust on me, I've gone for a hisense 65e7hqtuk so far everything looks good, BUT, i have run into one annoying problem,dvd wise the sound is fine both through the tv speakers or the soundbar,but I've found if I play a blu ray I have lip...
  10. peco74

    Sonos Beam Sky Q lip sync issue plus low sound Netflix

    Not posted on here for many years so bare with. Set up - Sonos beam gen 2 , Sky Q and Sony KDL50W829B My onkyo receiver finally gave up so thought I’d go soundbar route, purchased Sony soundbar but was awful so took it back and went for Sonos. Sound is much better but I’m having few issues...
  11. H

    Apple TV 4k (2021) lip sync issues with LG C2

    Is anyone else have lip sync issues when Apple TV 4k (2021) is attached directly to LG C2 and played via eARC through a receiver (Sony TR DN-1080). When the APV is connected through the receiver and to the LG C2 via eARC there are no issues. I have an Amazon Firestick currently attached to the...
  12. wozwebs

    Sony A80J lip sync issue with new Apple TV 4K

    I’ve just picked up the new Apple TV 4K (3rd Gen) and I’m having lip sync issues with my Sony 77” A80J that is connected via a Denon AVR-X2300W Receiver. Playback on the internal apps is fine (connected via Optical) and with Sky Q plugged directly into the TV it’s literally the Apple TV 4K which...
  13. I

    4K Blu Ray and lip sync

    Hello, Recently I purchased Star Trek 2 The Wraith of Khan on 4K Every so often, the film suffers with lip sync issues . I did read somewhere,after purchasing,others have experienced said issue. As anyone else experienced issues with this film. Also,The Lost Boys and The Thing 4K are on my to...
  14. F

    Lip sync problem

    Please help me fix lip sync issues Hi everyone. I have SKY Q, a brand new Q700b soundbar, and a brand new s95b 65” OLED. If I connect the sky box via hdmi, and then hdmi to the soundbar (e-arc), the lip sync is terrible and nothing I try fixes it. If I connect the sky box to the hdmi in on...
  15. S

    Lip Sync Issues - LG C1 and Yamaha RX-V6A

    Good morning, I have set up a new home entertainment system and the audio and video is not syncing well. It’s not egregious but I can definitely tell that the video/sound is a few milliseconds off. I changed the Lipsync setting on the Yamaha to 1ms which helps a little, but doesn’t fully solve...
  16. M

    Lip Sync LG C! and Marantz 8802A

    I have a new LG OLD C1 and can not get the lip sync to be correct. Any setting suggestions for the 8802A running ARC from the LG
  17. M

    Sky q lip sync

    I appreciate this will have been asked a thousand times, but is there a definitive reason as to why the video is faster than the audio (so, adding an audio delay just worsens things?) My sky q box is hdmi into TV, then hdmi from TV (arc) into soundbar My soundbars an old one, so can't pass video...
  18. D

    Sonos Lip Sync Issues

    My current set up is the Xiaomi UST 4K Projector (Chineese Version) along with Apple tv 4K (not the very latest one but previous one) and for sound I use the Sonos Playbase and 2 Play 1's. For watching i use the apple tv to stream everything from Netflix and also use the Plex app. I seem to...
  19. R

    Needed -Atmos Soundbar buying advice to avoid lip sync issues.

    I currently have an 8 year old 5.1.2 system with Yamaha receiver and Q acoustics 7000i speakers but am looking to replace this with a soundbar+rears+sub. I have a Sky Q box and watch the main channels in HD/UHD ,Netflix and Amazon. (Mainly drama,films,sport) My TV is a 2020 Samsung...
  20. Edgie70

    43PUS8536 lip sync

    Hi all, I got a new 43PUS8536 yesterday , connected it all up to sky+ hd and my soundbar and the lip sync is terrible , not just through the Sonos beam but also through the TV speakers ! So much that I can't use the lip sync correction in Sonos / TV or sky box settings to correct , it's about 2...
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