1. S

    Wanted Linn Aktiv Tunebox

    I am looking for a Linn Tunebox. I already have the mono cards for my Espeks so I just require the box to fit them in. Has anybody got one gathering dust that they would like to sell?
  2. B

    Linn Lp12 distorting and 45 setup

    Hi, I have a 1979 Linn Lp12 , k9 cartridge not sure which stylus i have, Valhalla psu and linn basik plus tonearm and a Rega Fono mm phono stage. When listening to music that had high rage of dynamics I get distortion during loud parts. I don’t know why or what I should do about it. Does anyone...
  3. P

    Linn Nexus speakers purchased off ebay Help please

    Hi everyone, I love my Linn Kolektor, Linn Lk85, Monitor Audio Silvers set up, anyway reading everywhere how Linn sound best with Linn speakers i purchased a pair of Linn Nexus speakers on Ebay. I wired them up with Linn k20 speaker cable powered up and all I could hear was very low tinny...
  4. jim586music

    Atmos instal. Linn AV 5110 speakers?

    Hello people. I’m in the process of fitting out an av room. It’s a dedicated basement room approximately 3.9 x 4.2 x 2.20. It opens out into another 3.5 x 3.5 room. I will fit a thick curtain between the rooms. I have many questions but the one I’d like to ask here is. I currently have an...
  5. Wulbert

    Linn Axis TT power supply needs service. Any recommendations where?

    I'm looking for a reliable, competent and honest place to have the power supply bits of my Linn Axis TT serviced. Any recommendations? It would need to be a fairly quick turn around, two weeks say. The turntable is working perfectly but I want to give it as a gift and make sure it continues...
  6. PolarPacific

    Newbie question - ProJect Classic EVO vs Thorens TD145 vs LINN Axis

    Hi all, I've recently auditioned couple of speakers at the dealer's and had a chance to try out vinyl. Still can't forget that wow-effect: a wide, airy and rich soundstage (much superior to all other sources we've tried during that audition). So, I'm thinking about either a) buying the new...
  7. andybebbs

    linn lp12 sondek transcipt

    hi i am thinking of buying a Linn LP12 sondek transcipt with mose power supply and ittok lv ii tone arm and was wondering if there is anything i should be looking out for before i go listen and check it out. Thanks Andy
  8. S

    Linn Nexus fronts, repair or replace?

    One of the tweeters in my Nexus front speakers has died and a replacement pair is £300. The speakers were bought new in 1991 so they don't owe me anything but I've always liked the sound they make. They are now mostly used for movie watching partnered with a set of Linn Komponent surrounds so...
  9. Peter Lanky

    Upgrade from Linn Klimax Renew DSM/E?

    At this moment I use a single source in the Linn Klimax Renew DSM/E, which I play through a pair of Lejonklou Tundra mono power amps and Graham LS5/9f speakers. I am considering the possibilities of a source upgrade. I don't use streaming services other than the odd free trial, and have no...
  10. museumsteve

    Marantz 7015 and active fronts - volume control

    I'm hoping for some guidance as I try to recalibrate my room after making some changes recently. I have a Marantz SR7015, nice and capable in my movie room, but got the chance to pick up a Linn active front end for a great price so jumped at the chance. I removed my Q Acoustic fronts and...
  11. T

    Linn Jazz internet Radio DTS Play Fi

    I am relatively new to streaming. I have the Audiolab6000N and have found the Linn Jazz Internet radio station which is or was fantastic. I set it to a pre set on the Audiolab and have enjoyed it. However I came to listen to it last night, and now DTS Play Fi is now saying file format is not...
  12. cmdk

    Amplifier pairing for Linn axis and Castle Knight 5

    Currently I own a system comprising a Linn Axis, Castle Knight 5 and Musical fidelity A100X. I have been experiencing problem with the phono stage of the A100X and am considering replacing it with either Audiolab 6000A or Marantz PM6007. Which integrated amplifier would you recommend as a...
  13. Mileshenderson

    Linn System

    I've an old Linn system (1998) but the LK140 has unfortunately died a death and doesn't seem to be easy to repair. Is there anything anyone would recommend as a replacement that isn't going to break the bank?
  14. P

    Which preamp for TD 126 mkIII / Linn K9 on Marantz SR5500 Receiver?

    Hello all, I have an old Thorens TD 126 mkIII / Linn K9 combo that I want to play on an inexusably low tier Marantz SR 5500 receiver. I explained how this came about to happen in this topic. I still have my audiophile speakers Triangle Meridien. They play well on the Marantz, but obviously...
  15. P

    Thorens 126-III/Linn K9 - 15 years not used. Does it age?

    Hello all, Around 30 years ago, I bought my first record player: a Thorens TD 126 mkIII for about 250 Euros. I switched the cartridge to a Linn K9. I played records only occasionally, so the service hours were low, probably below 100 hours total. Then 15 years ago I got Tinnitus ear issues and I...
  16. D

    Linn Kan buzz

    I've a pair of Linn Kans (020183/4, Mk 1s I think) which I bought new in the 80s. I gave up using them because I could hear a buzz when playing bass notes on one of the pair. The cases were already tatty having been moved too many times and I assumed a repair would be extortionate. I got them...
  17. PatternChaser

    Will my Linn Majik 1 drive 'difficult' speakers?

    Specifically, will my Linn Majik 1 (100 wpc) drive the new KEF LS50 Metas, which are apparently quite a difficult load? Surely on this forum, there's someone who knows a lot more than I do?
  18. A

    Linn and Qobuz connection?

    Hi all, im need to both Linn and Qobuz. The Linn I’ve bought is an Akurate DS and I’ve got the Qobuz app on my phone. when choosing music I can send it to play through the Linn but it cuts out now and again and appears to effectively be just air playing? Is there a way to connect the Linn to...
  19. Aardvarks

    Another Stereo in to 5.1 question with linn kit

    Hello, my wife is coming around to thinking that I can take out the fireplace and have a massive wall mounted TV. The situation, I have my old Linn set up in stereo fitted perfectly on the long wall with Mimic/Kairn/LK85/Keilidh. Diagonally across the room I have a 50 inch corner TV with Denon...
  20. Mankymole

    Linn Unidisk SC

    Hi Everybody, my name is Will and I need some help and guidance. Four years after downsizing I have finally got around to setting up my active linn system (unidisk sc, keilidhs and 5125). Sadly my unidisk is no longer responding to the remote. The Linn helpline informs me that some resistors and...
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