1. N

    LG tv lineup picture 2020

    Hi. I saw a picture posted by Dodgexander about lg tv lineup ( for 2019. Is there a similar chart for 2020? Thx.
  2. Z

    Samsung Qled model lineup

    What is the model lineup for the Samsung Qled tvs?
  3. Z

    Sony model line-up is a real mixup

    Trying to sort Sony's model list in order to understand the whole model line up, wats the latest, what before the latest etc. But the line up is so confusing for me. Is there some model list with specs so i can understand the line up and its specs for comparison?
  4. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Samsung 2020 TV app lineup upgraded

    Samsung’s 2020 UK TV lineup now features an upgraded range of app offerings to cover all the live, catch up and streaming TV you might ever want to watch. Read the news.
  5. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Audio Analogue adds AAdac to PureAA lineup

    Audio Analogue’s PureAA lineup of devices adds a new product in the form of the AAdac. Read the news.
  6. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sky announces original content lineup for 2020

    Sky has revealed its largest ever commitment to new content and commissions, bolstered by even greater investment in its production facilities. Read the news.
  7. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: Samsung 2020 8K QLED lineup adds NextGen TV

    Samsung has announced that its 2020 QLED 8K TVs will support the new NextGenTV broadcast standard which aims to deliver an enhanced over-the-air UltraHD viewing experience. Read the news.
  8. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: LG announces 'Real' 8K TV lineup

    LG’s ‘Real’ 8K TV lineup for 2020 includes more screen sizes and the latest Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI Processor. Read the news.
  9. Phil Hinton

    NEWS: ARCAM expands HDA AV lineup with receivers, power amps and processor

    ARCAM expands its HDA lineup with the AVR10, AVR20 and AVR30 receivers, the PA240, PA410 and PA720 power amps and new AV40 processor. Read the news. Write your own review for Arcam AVR30
  10. Steve Withers

    CES 2019 News: Hisense expands US lineup with new 4K Roku TVs

    Hisense announces an expanded range of 4K Roku TVs at CES 2019, launches two new Laser TVs, and showcases the One. Read the news.
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