1. Johnmcl7

    Do Sky still require phone lines connected to Sky boxes for multiroom?

    I've been having a dig through the forum but I've not found any recent topics on this which is not surprising given the age of the boxes. I have a Sky HD 1TB box and a really old basic Sky box in another room which are both connected to phone lines and I remember a long time ago getting nasty...
  2. C

    Samsung TV Horizontal Lines

    I am trying to fix this TV with Horizontal lines. I am trying to figure out if it is a problem with the display or the TCON board. Please also see attached photos. Here is a youtube video showing the problem. The model # is UN60H6203AFXZA Version # HH01
  3. M

    LCD vertical pink lines

    i have a strange problem with my UA49KS8500 samsung TV it's 4 years old when i leave the TV not working for 2 or 3 days when i open it's full of vertical pink lines, till like 30 mins to 1 hour and then everything become ok and those lines disappear and then completely disappear if i'm opening...
  4. aawest1015

    InFocus projector displays scrambled lines after working fine for a few minutes

    Hi everyone. My InFocus projector, which I have connected to my PC via HDMI, will work fine for 5-10 minutes. Then it will begin to project scrambled lines that won't go away unless I turn the projector off and on again. (Before and after photos attached). Any idea what might be causing this or...
  5. Maidlife

    LG CX thin horizonal lines at the bottom of the screen (TV off)

    I bought the TV a few months ago and now I noticed some perfect lines with dots between each of them at the bottom of the screen, like something behind the panel, you need to have a light in front of the TV to see them...are they normal? my friend has a BX and he told me that he doesn't have...
  6. cheekie

    melted lines on projector lcd screen

    Any ideas how this happened?? Noticed lines while watching a movie, so took projector apart to find this!
  7. M

    Help! LG 65" OLED C8 Flashes lines, emits loud squealing sound then shuts off repeatedly

    Hi all! This TV was purchased new in December 2018 and this issue started sporadically a few weeks ago. It has been getting worse and is just about at the point where the TV is unusable. The squealing varies in volume and sometimes it is loud enough to cause a heart attack. I have tried...
  8. bm7412

    Horizontal Lines Fault on Samsung LE40A559P4F LCD TV - Fixed by tapping!?

    Hi there. I have an old Samsung LCD TV (LE40A559P4F) that has an issue with it. A block of flickering horizontal lines appear on the right hand side of the screen. This often appears shortly after switching it on first time of the day and is currently temporarily fixed by tapping on the bezel. I...
  9. A

    LG 55LV5500 Odd Vertical Lines (picture for clairity)

    This one is baffling us, even how to describe it so I'll let the pictures do the talking: (Viewing the picture above is clearer in full screen) We thought this was a bad T-Con but no. Cleaned, re-sat the ribbon cables from Main Board to T-Con with no joy. Any ideas???
  10. G

    Horizonal lines fill screen of my panasonic HC-VXF 1 camcorder..

    Hi All, Sick and tired of this camcorder, purchased a year back. Always went for Panasonic camcorders even back in the 80's - always fell between a rock and a hard place in terms of reviews but preferred to Sony etc Now, i purchased this piece of...4k rubbish..costing around £500 via Amazon...
  11. V

    Samsung Frame 2020 55" - Lines at the border

    I noticed these pixelated lines at the border of my Samsung Frame 2020 55 inch TV. This issue is gone after I restarted the TV but it worries me if it has long term problems. Video -
  12. L

    Vertical Lines on Sony

    I recently noticed a vertical line that faintly shows when watching my TV. It is always there. It's really faint when looking at a picture, so I put it on a different HDMI screen so you can see it better. I've noticed there's other lines as well that are not noticeable when watching TV. Any idea...
  13. chrasb

    Flickering Vertical Lines (game mode) question on Samsung MU8000

    So I've seen lots of threads on this issue for years, but I've never seen any actual fixes, or people saying they got their problem resolved.... which sucks. I get the red flickering lines only in game mode on my TV occasionally. some games it never happens really, some it happens pretty...
  14. B

    Philips OLED 935/12 65' horizontal lines

    Hi! A week ago a bought this tv - after two days I noticed horizontal lines all over the screen (from the top to the botton). Before the picture was perfect. Lines were more visible in grey / blue colors. At first lines were expanding (you can see that in the attachment). At the top lines were...
  15. D

    Replace all boards and still red lines

    Hello, Please look at the pic...I've replaced the power board, T-con board (3 times) and the video board. All still resulting in the exact image (red lines in same place) in the pic. When I power up, it looks fine, but after 2-3 minutes the red lines gradually start appearing. Starting to...
  16. WTFoX74

    LG OLED 48 inch strange lines black area bottom screen

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and do have a question: I recently bought a LG OLED48C16LA (2021). Good screen but already had some issues. The first one, had a very loose case on the back, so it was ticking all the time. Replaced it with a second one, but that one had light pink areas where it...
  17. G

    Horizontal lines on tv

    (my 1st post) :) Facing some issues on my Xiaomi MiTv4 75” (2018). Couple of horizontal lines and intermittent flickering. I kinda did some checks on my own. Reference to my own tests … (see below). I kinda assume that bottom right board (highlighted) is the one causing the problem. Not sure...
  18. D

    Horizontal lines on 50" TV

    I have a two-year old Samsung UE50RU7400 It's started to intermittently flicker with horizontal lines on broadcast TV and on the smart apps. Is there anything obvious I should be trying to fix it?
  19. Fitodde

    Solution to vertical lines in Xiaomi UST 4k projectors

    Have anyone encounter problems like this on Xiaomi UST laser projector ?
  20. K

    Sony X90J Screen Issue - Horizontal Lines From Boxes

    Hey, so was wondering if anyone has any idea on this weird issue that has cropped up on my new Sony XR-55X90J. Essentially, if there is a lighter line, or box, on top of a darker colour I have this lighter horizontal line that crosses the entire screen. I've attached a picture of the PS5...
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