1. P

    LightwaveRF 200 series triple gang dimmer.

    Hi all, I have a Lightwaverf 200 series triple gang dimmer that has stopped working. I was wondering if anyone has one for sale please. as long as the background is grey, I don’t mind what colour as I can change the paw itch covers over. thanks in advance. Phil
  2. J

    Lightwaverf Smart Dimmer issue with switched live staying live

    Hi - I have a number of lightwaverf sockets and dimmers installed successfully in the house and connected to the hub and app. I installed a 4 gang smart dimmer in November last year and it has worked perfectly since. 2 nights ago, the lights linked to one of the gangs came on by themselves in...
  3. Sparky32

    LightwaveRF and Alex

    Anyone using Lightwave dimmers etc, with Alexa? It just stopped working and unable to get it to work again, disabled skill and reenabled and same thing, all devices still visible in Alexa but not working. Wondering if its just something with me or something has changed with Alexa, still all...
  4. L

    LightwaveRF wireless switches

    Hi Is it possible to connect the wireless switches and mood switches to the smart series devices?
  5. Y

    LightwaveRF TRVs turning themselves on

    I recently installed four LightwaveRF TRVs (model LW922). I'm controlling them via a Link Plus model L2 smart series hub and the Lightwave android app on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. When I first set everything up, the TRVs appeared to work as expected. They responded to manual control from...
  6. D

    Switch to Control Google home Scenes/Routine

    I have installed Lightwaverf switches throughout the house. The plan is to link these Lightwave switches and socket together with other Google Nest home automation devices (thermostat, door bell, outdoor camera, and smoke alarm). I have also cabled the house for a centralised sound system with...
  7. Autopilot

    Smart relays (for extractor fans) - LightwaveRF, something else...?

    Can I have your thoughts please on smart relays. Our two main bathrooms obviously have extractor fans. They are really annoying at night when people use the loo, due to the hum. We do turn them off at the isolation switches, but we sometimes forget and it’s a PITA. Not to mention the problems...
  8. A

    Lightwaverf compatibility with siemens

    Can anyone tell me is a Siemens smart light mood switch is compatible with lightwaverf dimmers?
  9. Autopilot

    LightwaveRF dimmer help

    Hi, my electrician (who installed the lightwave system) made a change to my system today, and I am having problems now. In the kitchen is a 2 gang smart series dimmer. It was working fine, but the order of the kitchen lights did not make sense, so I got him to swap them over to the right buttons...
  10. WeegyAVLover

    mihome energenie VS lightwaverf - Which is best

    Hey All, I currently have the Mihome Energenie system - gateway, 1 light switch and about 5 or 6 double sockets. I have had this for about 18 months to nearly 2 years and if I am honest it has never worked properly since the start. I live in an old victorian house so I have solid walls and...
  11. dave77

    Lightwaverf delay in switching on

    Just fitted a new lightwaverf smart series dimmer. When clicking on it takes a second or 2 before there's any light then it winds itself up to full brightness. Is this delay normal?
  12. P

    LightwaveRF Scene Selector keypads?

    Has LightwaveRF stopped making Scene Selectors: They show as "sold out" and they are not listed in their product list. If they aren't making them anymore, what are the alternatives? Thanks!
  13. dave77

    LightwaveRF light switches with bathroom fans

    Has anyone any experience with using LightwaveRF light switches with bathroom fans. My bathroom light and fan is on the same circuit, would I need to seperate them if I wanted to fit a LightwaveRF light switch?
  14. A

    LightwaveRF Gen2 - LED's

    Is it possible to extinguish the LED indicators on the light switches, dimmers, etc.?
  15. M

    LightwaveRF help - Two houses, one mobile app

    Hi have Linkplus account set up in one house, and all is well But I have another house, that i wish to control with a new set up, but on the app, there is no way of changing accounts, how would do this and is it easy, or get a new iPad for the new house...? Not luck with lightwave support as...
  16. D

    LightwaveRF Dimmers

    Hi I’m replacing 2 switches which switch 2 ceiling lights in our lounge (as though they were a single light). One switch is a simple rocker switch while the other is a rotary dimmer. They both operate the lights and are situated at opposite ends of the room. I’m confused as to the correct wiring...
  17. S

    Lightwave Plug Alternative

    Hi, Currently using Domoticz/RFX COM with Lightwave RF dimmable plugs but unfortunately since one of the plugs has stopped working I've been looking for alternative that still allows dimming on the RF 433mhz protocol. What are people using that's not Lightwave RF branded as branded seem to...
  18. M

    Question Lightwaverf plug sockets

    Does anyone know which non lightwave plug socket will allow go best with the stainless steel lightwave light switches? Not keen on the smart plug sockets and they are quite expensive. But I’m worried the switches and sockets won’t match up...
  19. GreggusMaximus

    Bell lamp with lightwave dimmer

    So Installed a lightwave LW400WH dimmer switch for my old man and it worked perfectly but my next suggestion too him has cause us an issue as I suggested he fir LED lamps in , so due to size and fitment I was forced to get him some dimmable Bell pro led but they barely dim ,they buzz ,when there...
  20. G

    Harmony Elite and LightwaveRF?

    Another long shot but is Harmony Elite capable of controlling LightwaveRF lights, switches, relays etc? At the moment I control the LWRF gear either via the app on my iPhone or via Alexa when she feels like it! :) I know it can control Philips Hue but that is a much more popular system I would...
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