1. K

    Lightwave 1 x dimmer on/off

    Our whole house has smart series dimmers, I have a spare single dimmer that I want to use to turn all other dimmers on & off. I can’t find which automation to use for it, grouping just turns ALL dimmers into doing the same ie every single dimmer turns on / off all other dimmers. Anyone know...
  2. J

    Replacing Lightwave Connect series 2-gang with with Lightwave Smart series 2-gang switch (part 2)

    I'm continuing to replace my Lightwave connect series switches with the Lightwave smart series switches, to get greater LED compatibility and native homekit support. I have an issue replacing a 2-gang switch in the Hall that controls both the Hall light and the outside Porch Light. The diagram...
  3. M

    Inherited Lightwave RF kit... help getting set up / things to know...

    Hi, We just bought a house and moved in, and inherited a bunch of Lightwave RF kit, and i'm just looking for some tips / good-to-know things as I get set up. We're an Apple / iOS household, and i'm encouraged by mention of HomeKit compatibility. The previous owner left what he referred to as...
  4. J

    Replacing Lightwave Connect series 2-gang with with Lightwave Smart series 2-gang switch

    Decided to replace my Lightwave connect series switches with the Lightwave smart series switches, to get greater LED compatibility and native homekit support. I thought the new Lightwave switches would have the same connections as the old switches, alas they do not. The 2-gang connect switches...
  5. Autopilot

    Anyone good with Lightwave automations?

    I would like to set up a lightwave automation, so that when the light is off and the power off button is pressed, rather than do nothing I would like the light to come on at 10% brightness. Is this possible? I cant seem to figure it out. Thanks.
  6. P

    Lightwave Alternative

    Hi - I currently have a couple of large living areas installed using LighrtwaveRF. We've had the lightwave for around 7 years now and we've always just accepted the niggles, e.g. the lights don't switch off the first time you press the button, but try again and they do.. We have the first...
  7. L

    LightwaveRF wireless switches

    Hi Is it possible to connect the wireless switches and mood switches to the smart series devices?
  8. R

    Question LightWave RF Dimmer switching itself off

    Hi there, I have a LightWave RF system throughout the house from when we moved here. It's worked fine for 5 years but just recently the kitchen light switches itself off the moment you switch it on. Not useful with dark evenings now! So flicking either of the two dimmer switches on all...
  9. Y

    LightwaveRF TRVs turning themselves on

    I recently installed four LightwaveRF TRVs (model LW922). I'm controlling them via a Link Plus model L2 smart series hub and the Lightwave android app on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. When I first set everything up, the TRVs appeared to work as expected. They responded to manual control from...
  10. H

    Lutron vs lightwave vs control4

    Hi all I was hoping someone could explain in layman terms what are the key differences between these systems. I’m new to home automation and have been researching into all of these so far I’ve gathered: -control4 offers ability to interface multiple devices and inputs and act as a sort of...
  11. D

    Switch to Control Google home Scenes/Routine

    I have installed Lightwaverf switches throughout the house. The plan is to link these Lightwave switches and socket together with other Google Nest home automation devices (thermostat, door bell, outdoor camera, and smoke alarm). I have also cabled the house for a centralised sound system with...
  12. P

    Lightwave rf compatible spacers ?

    Purchased some connect series parts but my backbox it to short. Tried to purchase the LW827 single gang spacer but continually out of stock. Anyone know of a source or a third party alternative ? I've tried a few but they don't fit. Thx
  13. M

    Lightwave automation tricks

    So I noticed that the if/then automation only lets you select each property once. So for example you can test if brightness is equal, great or less than something, but you can’t select brightness again as a second if condition. That means you can’t do if brightness is between x and y. I was...
  14. M

    Lightwave smart slow

    Hi all, When I hold down the up or done there’s a long delay before the dimmer starts to adjust. Am I being think and there’s another way to use the physical switch? Or is it just the way these work? I have to wait about 3-4 seconds before it starts to change. I have set the min/max and...
  15. M

    Anyone got Lightwave smart series? Please test this...

    Hi all, Can anyone with a lightwave smart series (the gen 2 dimmers) multi gang dimmer please run a test for me? First some background. Lightwave dimmers work without a neutral wire and leave the circuit dimmed at _almost_ 0 when off and use the tiny current running through the circuit to...
  16. M

    Lightwave gen 2 switching

    Hi all, I have several points in my house where there’s 2 gangs and one controls the ceiling LED spot lights and the other controls LED strip lighting. WIth the GeN 1 switches I would put a relay on the LED strip lights and have to use two separate switches - a dimmer and a remote switch...
  17. S

    Use of Lightwave mini relay L82

    I am new to this forum, wondered if anyone interested in the following:- Since Lightwave got rid of 1st gen. relays have bought some of these to replace them. The range is fantastic, reaching the bottom of my garden (about 80 yds) I do not like to rely on apps for operation, prefer keypads or...
  18. mstar

    Lightwave RF link hub W500 with google home

    Hello I cannot find anywhere a compatible list that the JSLW500WH link hub, will work with my new Google home mini? I know they have a new link hub W930 (which I don't want to buy) all my devices are the JSJSL model range. Anyone have a idea?
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