1. Sandman

    Govee LED strip lights

    My daughter has asked for LED strip lights in her bedroom for her birthday in a couple of weeks. We want to put up 3 separate lengths of the lights - on on her shelf, one her drawers and one behind the TV. Having done some research I have found Govee do them that can be controlled via her echo...
  2. WeegyAVLover

    Sparky Help - convert battery lights to mains power?

    Hi all, My wife wants to buy new Christmas lights for our hallway and sadly they only come in battery operated form. I prefer all my Christmas lights to be mains powered so I can control with smart plugs via Alexa. Is it possible to convert the battery lights to mains power. I am happy to try...
  3. M

    Random on/off lights time setting in Apple Home App - is it possible?

    Just starting out with this App having bought a Homepod mini and smart light, Want to try to automate the light to switch on/off at random times to give appearance of someone at home - is this possible in the App?
  4. J

    Linking various PIRs and lights

    We have about 8 outside floodlights and the same number of PIRs but in various combinations not just 1:1... 3 lights along the house controlled by 2 PIRs, that sort of thing. In a perfect world having some of my runs of lights overlap would be great but this gets pretty messy in terms of wiring...
  5. R

    LED TV strip lights random on and off with Sony Bravia TV

    Hi, I bought some LED TV strip lights yesterday and installed them today: Whilst they look amazing, I am having issues with the lights randomly turning on and off. From testing the seemingly random on and offs I have currently come up with the following: 1) When my phone is on, the lights...
  6. Pompex

    Broken lights?

    Hi I´m about to replace my "old" tv (Samsung 7005 model) during Black Friday but still a bit curious about what is causing the issues. I´ve attached a pic showing how it looks like. To me it looks like its 4-5 vertical, dark areas shooting up from the lower end of the TV. Like some lamps died...
  7. Sign of the times

    Recommendations for led strip lights please

    Morning all As above please , I'm going to need around 12 meters hard wired to the mains , only need white , similar to these in the pic Cheers
  8. deans6571

    RGBW LED Lights Recommendations

    Hi All! My son's, non branded, LED wall lights recently failed (bought last Xmas) and now looking to get some replacements. Had a look on Amazon but it really is a minefield of similar products which all seem to have VERY mixed reviews. I've narrowed it down to one of these 3 items ...
  9. Alps

    Ford Galaxy lights issues and questions

    Guys, I've just noticed that my front side lights on my 2010 Galaxy aren't working when I turn the dial once from the off position. The rears though are fine. The main lights (when I turn the dial twice from the off position) are also fine. Also, the white led lights at the bottom of the bumper...
  10. GalacticaActual

    Zaffira B brake lights staying on

    HI all Just had the car MOT'd passed all OK, parked up and saw that the break lights are now staying on, even with the ignition off. If i press the break pedal i can sort of get them on and off like there is a short of some kind, but then they just come back on again. Garage thinks its probably...
  11. Steve N

    The lights won't go out.

    The latest sound bite from Boris and Kwarteng in reaction to the Gas crisis. "The lights won't go out" We're lucky enough to have the new fangled electric lights in our house. Still, if the worst comes to the worst, Boris has the answer . . . He'll have a COBRA meeting That always solves the...
  12. W

    Philips Hue Lily outdoor lights issue

    I've recently had my garden landscaped, and as part of the project I wanted to incorporate some subtle lighting to help extend the occasional nice day of weather the British summer brings us. I've never had much luck with solar lights, so I decided to go with Philips Hue as we'd used them...
  13. Baldfox

    Any streamers here? I've managed to automate a stream light.

    I made a stream light out of a cheap video light I bought on aliexpress, but control it with my elgato streamdeck. Saved me a few pounds versus the elgato variant. Also i clubbed together some routines so I am able to control the whole thing from voice if anyone's interested to learn more...
  14. 1971camaroguy

    How many sconce lights on side wall?

    Hey everyone, Doing the lighting in my 11' wide x 17' deep room and stumped on how many sconce ligts I need for the sides? The longest wall are the sides and those are 17' long....I was thinking two sconces on each side, but would three be too many? I didn’t know if there was a rule of thumb...
  15. tmcdiscord

    Panasonic M7 VHS all lights turn red and eject button won't work

    When I connect the M7 camera to the power supply, all the lights turn red, as in below picture : Also the eject button doesn't work and the video tape compartment isn't opening. The wire of the power supply have a green liquid through it and in the pins : Any idea on what could be...
  16. Squirty

    LED Wall Tile Lights.

    Hi All, I'm currently turning a spare bedroom into a man cave/office. I've been looking at some lighting for the walls such as the Nanoleaf tiles... But blooming eck, they're a bit pricey for what they are! The thing is, all the reasonable alternatives are either cheap looking, too small or are...
  17. T

    new extension - Alexa, Spot lights, music sync etc. - advice, recommendation

    Hi all i am in the process of having a new extension done, a kitchen and diner area i like the look of the philips hue lights and would consider having something that would set the mood/tone in the room and possibly with music just for fun. we already have Alexa, but can you recommend anything...
  18. Boostrail

    Solar lights.

    We have a 400 solar powered light set in the tree that overhangs part of our patio where our al fresco dining set is located This is about 3 years old and last year we noticed that the lights did not last as long so replaced batteries that were in fact some 40% higher capacity than originals...
  19. G

    Lights are on, but nobody's home?

    Hi folks, I'm hoping yous can help me out here. Specs: ASUS X470 prime pro motherboard Ryzen 7 2700x max cpu. EVGA 850 GQ, 80+ GOLD 850W, Semi Modular, EVGA ECO Mode, Power Supply 210-GQ-0850-V3 G.Skill 16GTZRX TridentZ RGB DDR4 16 GB PC 3,600 CL18 x2 Samsung 1TB 860 evo ssd x2 Hauppage wintv...
  20. U

    End of halogen lamps UK and sealed down lights

    I know the end of halogen and fluorescent was coming, but it also seems the end of sealed can down lights as well. There’s been some questions on threads on here recently. Here‘s the gov’s statement on the subject; End of halogen light bulbs spells brighter and cleaner future
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