1. genk

    For Sale USB-C to Lightning Cable new

    Brand new replaced by apple store £20 @ apple Wanting £15 delivered
  2. Swaggga

    For Sale Official Apple USB C to Lightning Cable 1m

    as per title sisters new phone just arrived, cable not needed. brand new unused.
  3. pborojon

    For Sale Apple Lightning to 3.5mm cable for Airpods Max and Beats Solo Pro

    Selling the above cable in black. It’s a couple of weeks old but has no box hence why I’m not returning it to Apple. £30 delivered
  4. spikeyjac

    For Sale Apple iPhone Accessories/Chargers & Apple iPad Magic Keyboard

    Hi all, Above are all for sale :) Apple USB C 2M - Brand new - £18.00 Apple USB C to Lightning 1M - Brand new - £13 Apple USB C to Lightning 2M - Brand new - £20 Apple USB C Earphones - Hardly used - £12 Apple Lightning to 3.5MM Adaptor - Hardly used - £12 Apple Magsafe Wireless Charger -...
  5. Autopilot

    iPhone X needs new battery and lightning port - best way to get this done?

    Hi. I have my iPhone X to my son, but the battery runs out very quickly and the lightning port connection is poor (tried cleaning but no joy). What the best way to to this serviced and a bee battery? Via Apple, or any recommended agent? Anyone done this, and how much did it cost? Thanks.
  6. Saldawop

    Long lightning cable

    I need a long lightning cable. Probably 3m. Does anybody use one that they could recommend. Looking on Amazon , reviews are mixed. Would also consider wireless charger if it uses usb-c as I have plenty of those. Not worried about speed as it’s for charging at night. Thanks
  7. G

    Hisense tc2100sa was killed by lightning.

    I am repairing a Hisense tc2100sa was killed by lightning. I checked and changed all the bad components in the primary smps and the voltages are, collector leg 312vdc and base leg -1,4. All voltages were too high in the secondary smps and I checked and changed all the bad components in the...
  8. shanecb

    Question Staged smart lightning

    Hi all, I have a Google Home set up with various bits (Nest heating, all lighting on smartlife switches, garage door opener etc). I am wiring up a new loft conversion, part of which is a walk in wardrobe. What I'd like to achieve is upon turning on the smart switch (by voice or pressing a...
  9. J

    Question Trying to understand my Panamax Surge/Power Conditioner

    I’ve finally started upgrading to some big boy toys, so naturally I fell down the surge protection/power conditioning rabbit hole. I ended up purchasing a Panamax M5400-PM. I’m on day three, and perhaps I’m confused about the true intent of the voltage regulation properties on this device. This...
  10. Randy Watson

    Lightning or DAC cable for Oppo headphones

    Will I get better sound quality with a lightning cable from the iPad Pro to the USB port in the front of the Oppo HA1 amplifier using the Oppo Pm1s headphones or using the a USB to DAC cable from the USB port in the back of the IMAC to the back of Oppo amp?
  11. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Black Friday Lightning Deals: Amazon - Full HD Projectors

    Amazon Lightning Deals: Full HD Projectors 1/ VANKYO Performance V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector: - Save £55.50 (28%) was £200 now £144.50 2/ WiMiUS K3 7200 Lumen Projector - Save £44 (20%) Was £220 now £176
  12. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Black Friday Amazon Lightning Deals - Portable Mini Projectors

    Amazon Lightning Deals: Portable Mini Projectors 1/ TOPTRO Mini Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector - Save £35 (35%) Was £100 now £65.01 2/ PTVDISPLAY Wi-fi Mini Projector - Save £48 (24%) Was £201 now £152.7
  13. M


    Last week when we had those storms there was a flash of lightning followed almost immediately, by a clap of thunder. The initial flash was accompanied with a click as my tv screen went blank. I was watching sky via my Denon x2300, but there was no loss of sound. During next hour, I unplugged...
  14. G

    Oled TV hit by lightning strike is now working but...

    The LG Oled TV was blown by a lightning strike which entered via the ethernet port. I replaced the mainboard and the TV has now come back to life, I am able to tune in to all the Freeview channels. But... ... Remote Control is not working. The batteries are fine, the little red light within...
  15. D

    Question iPad Pro 1st gen-Apple Lightning USB 3 adapter-issue.

    Hi, I recently bought the Apple lightning to usb 3 adapter, the one with the lightning power port; to use with my 1st gen iPad Pro, and my iPhone 7 plus. When I first used it, with lightning power connected to the adapter, I could connect up my 64gb usb 3.0 flash drive, it showed in ‘files’ and...
  16. doobit

    Question Advice on what TV to get after a lightning strike!

    lightning strike just fried my beloved Pioneer plasma. I need a new TV I’m sitting about 10feet away from it. Picture quality is paramount. It was a named item on my house insurance since 2008 so insurance will pay out around £2.5k, I have some questions. I’ll be using sky hd and maybe Netflix...
  17. andypet

    Question Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor

    This might seem like a stupid question but will the subject adaptor connect any USB device to an iPad/iPhone via the lightning port or does the folder structure one the connected device, camera/HDD/etc need to represent that of a formatted camera flash drive? As you can tell tech isn't my...
  18. F

    Question No Video out after Lightning Power Surge

    Hi folks, During a storm earlier this week, a lightning strike caused a power surge. There was a white flash and bang behind my receiver/TV box etc, (not sure exactly where), before blowing the trip. When I turned it on again surround sound worked fine but no Video was output to TV. Found...
  19. Showoff

    Lighting Advice

    There doesn't seem to be a lightning section anymore and I need some help quite quick as I'm ordering something next week, so enlisting the help of the mighty GC. I'm converting a portion of my garage into a home gym and want to replace the fluorescent light strip with an LED panel. The...
  20. M

    Question Apple USB-C Lightning Charging Help + Dell XPS

    I have invested in a new MacBook Pro TB and now need to make the switch to USB-C but I am unsure what cables are safe and what chargers are suitable. I originally had a 12" MacBook so purchased an Anker 60W USB-C charger which I was hoping to have on my desk and charge all my devices with 1...
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