1. woppy101

    For Sale 4 Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB 120mm with Lighting Node CORE

    I have managed get 2 sets of lian li UNI SL120 fans, so am selling my 4 Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB 120mm Fans with Lighting Node CORE, this is a triple pack and an extra that I bough singly, these are excellent fans, nice and quiet and look great both front and back...
  2. goatlips

    Tv ambient lighting

    I like the flashing ambient lighting that mirrors the tv display.... What do I need to buy and where to buy it from? Many thanks.
  3. LovingLife69

    Home Cinema lighting

    Hi all, I Wondered if someone could give me a steer... I want to make my home cinema lighting integrate with my Plex system. For example when the movie starts the lights go off etc. Etc Has anyone done this ?? What smart light system is most compatible ?? I'm guessing there's some code I need...
  4. C

    Smart Lighting

    What are the go-to smart lighting systems for a DIY install. This isn't a retrofit, but I want to avoid having to get anyone in to do it. I was reading up on Control4 and it seems that you can't really do much without being a dealer. The key feature I'm looking for is being able to control with...
  5. P

    Question Android camera pictures too dark despite good lighting?

    I've got a good quality light box with fully adjustable led lighting and a quality diffuser with a good subject matter ... And a terrible camera (the default android camera app on a Motorola G7 phone). I know that I should be using a better camera, but I don't have access to one right now. My...
  6. Inked

    Question Under counter lighting - adding HomeKit controllability. What do I need?

    Currently have three under counter kitchen lights (small halogen, can't remember exactly which bulbs, but will update once I've checked) and would like to add the ability to control them via HomeKit but unsure of what I'd need. They are wired in with one of these transformers to each fitting...
  7. WeegyAVLover

    Smart hallway lighting advice

    Hi Al, Trying to figure out how best to setup smart lighting in my hallway as it is not the most straight-forward. I have a few 2 way light switches and I know this is going to sound totally neurotic but I have found I hate the fact that with normal light switches that you cannot have them all...
  8. T

    Question Bias Lighting

    Has anyone used bias lighting on the LgGx
  9. Harkon321

    Two circuits of outside lighting, both on 2 way switches - Plus Smart control? Options?

    Extension is being built and next week in First Fix of electrics. I want two circuits of lights on the outside of the house: Back of the house - Updown lighters and maybe some Soffit lights. Side of house - Couple of bulkhead lights and downlighters lighting access. I plan to ask the...
  10. mjrbk1

    Question Hue Light Strip v4 accessories?

    Hello, I was about to purchase the hue light strip v4 for above and below lighting in new kitchen, but can only find third party extension cables, adapters and splitters for light strip v3 (litcessory). Has anyone been able to find alternatives for the 6-micro pin plugs used on v4 light strip...
  11. Steve Withers

    MediaLight Mk2 Flex TV Bias Lighting Review & Comments

    MediaLight brings its professional products to the UK, with the Mk2 Flex offering a quick and easy way of adding TV bias lighting that hits the industry standard of D65. Read the review. Write your own review for MediaLight Mk2 Flex
  12. =adrian=

    Shows us your indoor house lighting

    As I am researching lights for our house, it would be good to see what do you have, or what you want to have. I need a new main living room light, a bedroom light, and a couple of hall lights and a free standing light for near sofa (not a priority that one). We are looking for something modern...
  13. P

    Active ambient lighting strips with flush wall mounted tv

    I am considering the benefits of adding some ambient lighting to my tv. I have a Philips Bridge so their new gradient strip attracted my attention, albeit it seems very expensive so maybe another active system is more cost effective. My main concern however is that I have a Samsung qled tv that...
  14. jamski07

    Question Bias lighting, how do I know what 6500k looks like?!

    Hope this is in the right place? I'm by no means building a cinema, but I have some bias lighting, which looks and works brilliantly, but I can get white anywhere from orange to blue in the while spectrum. I was told the lights go from 3000k to 6500k, so thought I'd just whack them all the way...
  15. mushii

    ZWave vs Wifi for Smart Lighting

    There is currently a lot of discussion around smart lighting modules, particularly Shelly Wifi Modules vs Fibaro (or Aeotec) ZWave modules. Both types of device offer very similar functionality - they allow normal lights, using normal light switches to be either manually controlled or to have...
  16. gingerninja72

    Bias lighting with curtains behind?

    Hi folks, don't know why I didn't think of this before for my Sony XG9005 but am considering some USB powered bias lighting (the popular Luminoodle on amazon). My question is around effectiveness. My TV is about 3 feet back from a bay window with curtains behind (see pics, taken in the morning)...
  17. Whitling2k

    Tips for Bias lighting for corner mounted TV

    Title says it all really - I have my new 65" Q80 mounted in the corner of my room and I am really struggling with bias lighting. We have very low ceilings, so the TV is close to the ceiling, and because it's in a corner, there isn't much room either side of the TV. I just end up with sharp...
  18. mystery123sk

    Nice game lighting setup

    I just finished my gaming light setup using reactive LEDs 🙃:
  19. antighsiothail

    Low level lighting for step

    We will soon be moving house, the house we are going to has a change of level, from the bedroom to the hallway. The bathroom is off the hallway, so in the night there is the risk of tripping on this step. It's about an inch and a half high, I would like to be able to put some kind of lighting to...
  20. N

    Question Help Integrating Existing LEDs and New Smart Lighting

    I currently have 2 banks of Ansell dimmable LED lights in my through-lounge. They are operated with a Varilight 2 gang dimmer switch. I'm also having a single-storey extension built that comprises of a family area and kitchen. The kitchen has a kitchen island and the thinking is to put an LED...
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