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  1. w4tchmaker

    Is edge light bleed fixable, even by a pro? (Samsung KS9000)

    I've got a 65" Samsung KS9000 that was purchased new in 2017, so it's been in use for 5 years. Old, but not that old. Over the last year, some small points of light bleed on the bottom edge have begun to spread. I'm also noticing uneven light all around the bottom, especially in dark movie...
  2. godforsaken29

    Samsung Q70T Light Bleed is normal?

    Folks, I bought a Samsung Q70T. In clear images, perfect! However, when the image is very dark, I notice these horrible spots on the screen. Is this normal?
  3. D

    Philips 65pus8505

    Hi.. After troubleshooting with my 65pus7304 I have received 65pus8505.. NEVER again Philips.. With one word-this its THE ONE-garbage.. I can't not explain how disappointed I am... Movies in dark scenes look like first LCD TV on market.. Light bleeding over entire screen.. Recently have watch It...
  4. LarryDv

    Question How bad is this light bleed? (JS9000)

    Hi, my TV is 4 years old now, lately I noticed "lighter edges" than the rest of picture specially in football games, or like the plain grey background of youtube app etc. also in some scenes edges seem having bluish tint and in others not so much, and it has perfect black though! (In...
  5. A

    KS7000 - is this light bleed? (pic inside)

    My screen seems to have developed this (that horizontal light band across the middle of the screen) a few months ago and I'm finding it very distracting, especially when playing dark games like Last of Us or when watching films with dark low light scenes. I have checked and it is visible across...
  6. S

    Question Is this a common Philips issue? (frame/backlight issues PUS8204)

    Hey. I recently bought a 65" PUS8204. Wife wants the amblight, and I actually really liked it too after seeing it. However we've had issues with the frame of the TV being loose on one side, and too hard on the other side. This causes extremely bad backlight bleed. Including pictures. I've...
  7. H

    Question Samsung Q70R backlight glow - bad panel or normal FALD?

    Hello! Trying out the Samsung Q70R as an upgrade from my 2018 TCL R617 and have been generally very happy with motion-handling and color, though I think prefer the TCL's better local dimming and deeper blacks. The bigger problem though is this subtle but obnoxious glow I'm seeing along the...
  8. DevMan

    Samsung NU7400 Reviews?

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew about any reviews for the Samsung NU7400? I saw a post on here a while ago of someone asking the same question. I just want to know if it is better than the MU6400. Is it worth the extra price or does it have the same picture quality? Also another big...
  9. P

    Question Samsung UE49MU6400 Panel issues!

    Go easy on me as not made too many posts yet. I appreciate all you brilliantly smart people on this forum. Read all the things about light bleed and clouding etc - it did appear that this TV panel suffers with. But I took the plunge via JL and it arrived Weds. My 1st venture into world of smart...
  10. bodders

    LG 55UH850v light bleed?

    Hi everyone, I have the 55UH850V and was wondering if perhaps I have a dodgy panel or need to adjust some settings. Basically, when ever the screen is black, but there's something white being displayed, I can see a column of a less dark below and above the white item. For instance, if I have...
  11. ptho

    Samsung KS with light bleed

    I've been offered a KS9000 for £600 but it's got a small light bleed in one corner. I've not seen it properly but supposedly it's visible on dark/night screen when there is a plain black colour and it's barely visible in movie screen. I was wondering whether the backlight settings can be tweaked...
  12. Imelling

    Question LG 70UH700 lightbleed?

    Have anyone else been having issues with light bleeds like this on LG LED TV's? They happened over night, and seem to be "mirrored" on both sides of the bottom of the screen Any input would be appreciated, im currently waiting for LG to reply to me about warranty and whatnot
  13. K

    Samsung 49mu6400 light bleed

    I just bought a new samsung 49 inch 4k tv. Is this amount of light bleed normal or should i take it back ? First image is from actual viewing place, second is from standing very close to the tv
  14. TommyUnderwear

    Light bleed on UE49KS9000

    Hi, Just recently purchased this at the weekend and the screen is driving me demented with light bleed coming from the bottom right of the screen - it happens on any content, not just HDR . My partner is telling me she doesn't even notice it and it's just me over reacting. Attached are a few...
  15. J

    Question Brand New Samsung UE55KS9000 - Disappointing Light Bleed?

    Just got a new UEKS9000 - and I'm really disappointed in that for the dark scenes or movies with black bars, there is a small circular patch of light bleed on the bottom left and right corners as well as the top right and middle, I didn't expect this from a high end TV! It actually had more...
  16. J

    Question UE55JS9000 White light bleed

    Hi Guys, My first post hopefully i am in the right place. I am looking for some advice, I have had the JS9000 a little over a year now and have been happy with it but i Have started to notice white light bleeding down both side edges of the picture. It is just outside of the warranty with...
  17. C

    Is this acceptable light bleed/flashlighting

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a SAMSUNG - UE55KU6470 and I've noticed quite a bit of light bleed at the bottom. I've been generally pleased with the picture quality but the bleeding across the bottom of my screen, particularly on the bottom left, is always noticeable in darker scenes or when...
  18. T

    Question Panasonic dx750 -lighter blob seen left centre when screen black no input

    Hi I just took delivery of a dx750 50 inch today Set it up - great TV I notice it is edge lit and as a result I can see its effect when I turn the a connected device off so it just shows a black screen on the input. Some areas of screen mainly around the edge lighter than others but also...
  19. wingman0401

    Question Sony KD55XD8599BU - Light bleed and 8bit or 10bit?

    Hi all, Bought a new TV the weekend from Currys (UK), model number KD55XD8599BU. I was assured by the salesman that it is a 10bit unit but I've yet to have that confirmed really. If anyone can say for sure or put my mind at ease, I'd appreciate it! But to the main crux, is the light bleed...
  20. simsini

    Question When does excessive light bleed become unacceptable?

    I know this question gets asked a lot, but I'm amazed I'm having trouble with Sony regarding this. See the images attached, especially the Comedy Central one.
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