1. spannersatcx

    lift sir

    So managed to get a late break in Tenerife, across the road from our hotel was another with external lifts. So duly got camera and tried to get 1 going up 1 down and 1 stationary, after what seemed like an eternity, and a lot of strange looks, managed to get it. EOS R6 and 24-105 0.5 seconds...
  2. Zappa2Vai

    Projector lift any recommendations?

    In ceiling projector lift for a heavy JVC N5 20 KG projector - any recommendations?
  3. J

    Arcam avr550 centre lift?

    Hi all When watching a film sometimes the voice, centre is a bit low, can you increase its level from the remote whilst still watching the film? Thanks
  4. P

    Netflix is starting to lift bandwidth restrictions in UK

    So it seems Netflix today started lifting the 7.62Mbps limit on 4K HDR streams, so it is back up to 15.25Mbps. But so far it is only for certain titles - I can confirm the film Extraction and the Altered Carbon series are back to full. Haven't seen any official announcement though or indication...
  5. D

    Time to lift the lockdown?

    I think it should be lifted but London should be extended a little longer. I have to go to work as my retail shop is still open and people have to observe social distance. I think for this reason other stores and restaurants should open with social distancing. Doesn’t matter when they lift it a...
  6. Andy Bassett

    Question What's your favourite elevator/lift movie or scene?

    Confined space - check. Suspicious strangers - check. Imminent wind breakage - check. A lift ('elevator' for our US cousins) is the last place any of us want to be right now with social distancing in place. However, movies get plenty of mileage out of the space restrictions, windowless...
  7. AVtest

    TV lift 1000mm any ideas where cheaply?

    Hi guys, I am after 1000mm stroke tv lift (universal) like on the link below with rf remote etc. Motorized TV Lift Bracket Wall Mounted 500/700/800/1000mm Stroke Ebay looks like out of stock, anyone knows where can get one EU to avoid taxes. Trusted seller a must and not overpriced. Thanks
  8. D

    Question TV Bracket To Lift Out And Up

    I am trying to find a TV bracket that’ll allow me to fit my 37Inch TV in a loft. It’ll need to attach to a side wall which rises to about 3ft and then rises at an angle. The bracket will need to move out and up, so that the TV can be viewed at about 5ft high, if that makes sense. Anyone a)...
  9. nugget2014

    Question Something to lift centre speaker upward so fires more towards ear level?

    My centre speaker is quite far down. On my tv unit shelf. And supposedly having it fire towards your ear is what you should be doing. So is there any kind of object of I can put under the speaker to angle it upwards a bit ?
  10. A

    Sonoff Control Motor/TV lift

    Hi all, I am trying to use a Sonoff device to control my TV lift which moves up and down using an RF remote. I am trying to find a way to use Sonoff to control the "up" button and the "down" button by saying this to Alexa. Sonoff can apparently control Alexa and google and I have done this with...
  11. J

    Drone powerful enough to lift XMas lights up a tree.

    Problem - tall Christmas tree. Need something to lift strings of lights and loop them over the top of the tree. Too high for a ladder. Any advice, other than a trained monkey ! ? Many thanks.
  12. JonnyTester

    Ground Lift boxes - are they worth it?

    I've been getting a rumble from my sub and now that I've noticed it, its driving me mad. It only appears when my HTPC is on (I've already posted about it) and nothing I've tried gets rid of it. Then, to make matters worse, I moved my turntable to the other side of the room and I'm getting a...
  13. Jcollins

    Question Tv lift recommendations

    I'm after a tv lift for my 50in tv, looking at the tvl-9 from avinstalls or the tvl-8 from tvlifts. They look the same to me but was wondering if anyone has either of these lifts, or can recommend something similar. I'm after something that is quiet in operation
  14. F

    electric/manual floor lift

    Does such things exist for a epson projector i want to put it behind my couch thank you
  15. R

    Question Advice on installing projector lift into suspended ceiling

    Hi all, looking for some advice on installing a projector lift (Pure Theatre CR50) in a false/suspended ceiling for an Epson 7300. Combined weight is 30kg for lift and projector. The ceiling is concrete slab (ducon) and then there is a suspended ceiling consisting of a gyproc metal frame...
  16. U

    TV Lift Installer in Sutton?

    I have purchased a Picture Art TV lift as part of an ongoing project. I am looking for someone who can hopefully assist as follows: 1. Provide detailed plans for my builders to create the housing. The room is currently being built so it is a good time for them to incorporate the requirements...
  17. NicolasB

    What can I use to lift a TV from floor height to coffee-table height?

    I wonder if anyone might have a creative idea for this.... I have a dodgy back :( meaning I'm not supposed to bend or to lift anything heavy; and on top of that, lifting a TV onto a table is a two-person job, and sometimes there's only one person available. :) So I'm wondering if there's some...
  18. Ross Marlow

    Projector Lift And Hidden Screen

    Hello guys, First of all I would just like to say: I'm only 15 but I am quite advanced in my knowledge of programming and wiring for my age. I appreciate any responses and help people will give me. So... I have decided to make a projector lift which comes out of the ceiling using a linear...
  19. Moviebuff

    My self installed Projector Lift installation. (Video)

    Thought I'd post a video of the installation of my Future Automation PD 2.5 projector lift, that I have just completed. I searched for relevant videos before going down this route, and have added this one to the few that are out there. We live in a small detached fairly new build two bedroom...
  20. raptor

    The big lift

    The day had come to now fit the body of the cobra !
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