1. T

    Harmony Elite + Bose Lifestyle V25 volume won't adjust

    Hello everyone, first time poster! I am really hoping you all can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I just purchased a Logitech Harmony Elite for my wife's birthday. I have 3 activities all set up, but the two that use the Bose Lifestyle V25 for volume are having issues. The only...
  2. k pad

    Why do speaker companies not pay attention to more lifestyle speakers that perform/measure well?

    Hi all, Been a lurker here, and people out here have really helped me in my journey setting up. When I started my search for a system with good attributes, I naturally started with floorstanders of impeccable capabilities. As I slowly understood my room, I scaled down to BS, and as I understood...
  3. T

    Any Bose Lifestyle experts out there?

    Hi all, I recently inherited a Bose Lifestyle 38 setup. Speakers are all installed for 5.1 surround sound (not by me), all cables and wires hooked up. The media player works and runs DVDs fine but I don't get any audio at all coming from the acoustimass PS38 subwoofer or any of the 5 speakers...
  4. L

    Upgrade help - Old Bose Lifestyle 25

    Hi everyone. It's a gazillion years since I posted on here. I have had a Bose Lifestyle 25 for even longer than that and it's time to replace it. I've been waiting because we'd planned to move house and was going to do it then, but decided to stay now so its time to deal with it. All the speaker...
  5. Jonappleton28

    Help Amazon 4K no sound through Bose lifestyle projector set up

    Hello all, I’m having some issues I have had Virgin Media and sky sports running through a Bose Lifestyle AV520 set up and have had no issues. I have recently purchased an Amazon Firestick 4K and I am getting a picture but no audio. The Bose is running through an Epsom projector not a standard...
  6. B

    Bose Lifestyle 135 Question

    I have a 13-year-old Bose Lifestyle set up at home (currently away from the house so can't give exact details) and was wondering if I need the Control Console to run the Soundbar & Wireless Bass. It is an old system and does not support 4k and now I have moved to a 4k TV running the visuals via...
  7. JonathanM89

    Bose Lifestyle V35 - no Bose remote control

    Hello, I have just bought Bose Lifestyle V35. Good condition but there is no Bose remote control so I could not complete the installation! I live in Cayman Islands so a Bose remote would need to be ordered online and wait for delivery...probably 2-4 weeks!!!! Any other solution? Would...
  8. T

    Ps5 connection problems with bose lifestyle 650

    Hello, i bought a ps5 today. i connected it with my lifestyle 650 which is also connected with an epson eh-tw9400w- lpe beamer. when i turn the ps5 on i hear a brief sound but then the sound cuts. but then the beamer show‘s me that there‘s no signal. so i never see something. but i don‘t know...
  9. Eleonto

    Pool-Party Lifestyle Essentials 20% off + Marshall Giveaway

    Eleonto is a hub for all things audio and lifestyle, offering free shipping and free returns on all orders. Take 20% off pool party essentials as part of our PimpYourPoolParty campaign. You can find luggage, carbonators, speakers, appliances and everything else you need to make your pool party a...
  10. fastrobbie

    Bose Lifestyle V35

    Hi all, just after a bit of advice. I've been given a Bose Lifestyle V35 system and just wanted to know if its any good. My present system is a Denon 1910 , Canton small front and rear with a Canton sub. I'm happy with the sound at the moment but before i go and take it out and install the Bose...
  11. PsbakerEight2

    Modernising a Bose Lifestyle 18 system

    Hiya, I have a Bose Lifestyle 18 series II with a Bose PS18 II powered speaker system. It is about 16 years old but is still going really strong and does not need to be replaced. But I am looking to bring this setup as close modern day tech as possible. In particular I am keen to learn if I can...
  12. N

    Help required with Bose Lifestyle AV35 in Faringdon, Oxforshire.

    Hi, I've just moved house, and there is an existing wall-mounted TV, with HDMI in the wall through to a small room adjoining. In there, there is a Bose Lifestyle AV35 (also left by the previous owners), into which they had plugged their Sky HD, Apple TV and Playstation etc. There are also 5x...
  13. J

    Does a decent 'lifestyle' AV speaker package exist?

    While renovating our lounge, i'm taking the opportunity to add 5.1 wiring & buying a full setup. I nearly bought a Monitor Audio Bronze 50 AV package but the rear speakers are a bit of a marmite look IMO... Radiator placement might put a stop on them too. I've been trying to find something...
  14. R

    Retrofit Bose Lifestyle 48 Series

    My house came with an old Bose Lifestyle 48 series surround system, complete with 5 speakers, a massive tower, and a media center. This tech was all pre-bluetooth, so it only plays CD's and DVD's. Not useful for me. The speakers are all still installed, with a 10 pin wall jack for input. I have...
  15. R

    Bose Lifestyle 50 connect to Digital TV

    Hi I currently have my Samsung TV connected to the AUX input on my Bose lifestyle 50 via the headphone output on the TV. I think this gives me stereo sound only. There are no audio out RCA jacks on the TV. If connect a Digital optical audio lead from my TV to the 'Digital Audio source...
  16. P

    5.1 Test - Rear speakers not working Bose lifestyle 600

    Hi community, I just set up a Lifestyle 600 with wireless surround speakers. I went to YouTube to see a 5.1 test videos it goes through each speaker one by one. But when the test shows playing sound from left or right surround, the system doesn't play anything from surround speakers but instead...
  17. Rachel71

    Research about Eating Behaviours

    Hi all, I’m currently working on my PhD, looking at eating behaviour, aspirations and identity. If anyone is interested in taking part, it’s a two part survey, here’s the link: You have to be over 18 to fill these surveys out and you will be entered into a...
  18. Q80

    Atmos with bose lifestyle V35 or Lifestyle 600

    Hello everyone, this is my first post hoping I get some help from experts. I want to change my home theatre setting by adding a new receiver and 2 Dolby atoms speaker, I have the Bose V35 & 600 and I wonder if I can change the bose receiver and add the 2 speakers with one subwoofer and I...
  19. Knight Rider 1963

    Lifestyle choices taking over hobbies

    Does anyone think that lifestyle choices have taken over hobbies? Like, for example: Gaming. Movies. TV. The World Wide Web.
  20. Steve Withers

    CES 2020 News: Samsung launches lifestyle TVs and soundbars

    Samsung used its unveiling event at CES to roll out its Frame, Serif and Sero ranges of lifestyle TVs, along with the HW-Q800T and HW-S600T soundbars. Read the review.
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