1. Riddick1977

    For Sale Microsoft lifecam studio 1080p webcam

    Hi Just upgrade my web cam to a 4K model and now selling this Microsoft lifecam which I don’t really need. the item is in good condition with a few scratches on the out body, but work fine when using webcam. This is 1080 HD webcam Ridd
  2. J

    Life after OLED, suggestions?

    Hi Everyone, Would love some advice on what TV to buy after my LG 55OLEDB7 that I bought just over 2 years ago started overheating and formed a green blotch in the centre of the panel. I was always very careful to never leave static images on in to avoid burn-in, so I’m pretty upset that this...
  3. SyStemDeMoN

    Is there life on Maaaaar.... er Venus ?

    Reports coming in of the detection of Phosphine gas in the atmosphere.
  4. C

    Question Is this the end of the Panel Life?

    We were given this Samsung TV 2-3 years ago. Worked well, but there were pale mauve and blue patches on the screen which weren't noticeable in normal viewing, more obvious on B/W programmes. Now today it's started showing a circular white patch on the screen. When the screen darkens, the patch...
  5. mushii

    Smart Home Life-Hacks

    I thought I would start a thread on some simple Smart Home Life-hacks. Please feel free to contribute your own. Garage Emergency Lighting In the majority of new or new-build houses the Consumer Unit or Fuse Board is in the garage. The first thing that most people do, in the event of a power...
  6. R

    HDR content starts dark, then flickers into life

    Wasn't sure whether to post this as I haven't yet narrowed down the issue to being caused by Plex, the TV, the AV Receiver or the Shield. Setup TV: Hisense H65M7000 (4k HDR10) AV Receiver: Pioneer VSX-932 (4k HDR10) Content player: Nvidia Shield (2017 edition), connected via Gigabit ethernet...
  7. U

    Wanted Bad Boys 1, 2, for Life

    Hi all, Looking for Bad Boys 1, Bad Boys 2, Bad Boys for Life. 1 and 2 currently discounted on Zoom so looking to pay no more than £8 each for those. Anyone have all 3 for a quick deal?
  8. steve morris

    For Sale Sideshow Collectibles Patient Zero Life Size Bust

    Sideshow Collectibles Patient Zero Life Size Bust Howdy folks With a heavy heart I have to finally sell my final, and favourite Sideshow piece :( It's this beauty: Patient Zero Life-Size Bust Photos here: Sideshow Collectibles Patient Zero Life Size Bust It's in excellent condition...
  9. germandowski92

    Can you give me an advice? Which phone has better battery life and camera than s10 lite?

    was determined to buy the s10 lite but I saw some comparison videos on the camera and now I'm changing my mind. The photos look "washed out" compared to other phones in the same price range. I thought about: xiaomi mi 10 lite, one plus nord, honor 20 pro, huawei p30. Do you recommend me...
  10. MrFraggle

    Birds and other wildlife.

    Not the best picture as it is through a window and rushed but what type of bird is having a go at the home made bird cake, it has a yellow beak.
  11. J

    All of older sony, samsung, roku, players ,any life for the 1`s that can`t stream netflix any more

    an upgrade for their OS`s ?????? particularly the Sony SMP N-100 and is there anybody that has the hardware to view the operating system on the {Sony smp n-100} that`s not cost prohibitive
  12. Casimir Harlow

    Bad Boys For Life 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

    Somehow spanning a quarter-century, the Bad Boys franchise survives the loss of Michael Bay, and impossibly endures the protracted delays since the last chapter, with the boys making a welcome return, and the actioner impressive in 4K. Read the review. Write your own review for Bad Boys For...
  13. A

    Looking for a compact 2019/2020 Android smartphone with long battery life

    I read through similar threads, and most recommendations seem to be a bit outdated, so I thought I'd ask again. I am looking for a compact smartphone (5.5" or less) with a long battery life. Year 2019 or 2020. It can be thick to accommodate larger battery. But it can have a smaller battery as...
  14. B

    half life 1 in vr....get it here yes its a beta and theres a few bugs, read what the guide says to install making sure you do use the correct bindings in the steam setup page, in the vr launcher tick the hd textures and models boxes....the train...
  15. Casimir Harlow

    Netflix's After Life Season 2 TV Show Review & Comments

    The best show Ricky Gervais has done in years - if ever - returns for a second season of mourning and venting, struggling to capture the same spark but still boasting a career-high performance from Gervais. Read the review. Write your own review for After Life Season 2
  16. pughypro

    Question Over ears, £50 to £100 max, Sennheiser, Sony or roll the Chinese roulette?

    I’m looking to pick up a relatively cheap set of wireless headphones, over ear preferred, for video and conference calls (working from home) as well as light music listening and movies. I’m no audiophile as you can tell from the names in the title, which I’ve read reviews in, but for a noob it’s...
  17. D

    In the spirit of breathing more life into the plasma sub I'm going to make another post that you're not going to like ; )

    First I'll start by reminding you that the Pioneer Elite Kuro 101fd is the best Kuro model ever made 🤣🤣😂😂 it just so happens that I own one with only 2400 original hours on it 😎 Of course my monitor has been professionally calibrated and looks fantastic, however, after playing around with the...
  18. B

    Life work balance, are you going to change?

    From ongoing discussions with many different people, who work across the UK in mostly sales type roles, that they're changing the life work balance, for the good. The chase of the big money, the materialistic things have become not as important as they once were. Working for a business that...
  19. Sparky1970

    Epson XP-610 ink pad service life

    Hi, our printer has completely stopped working as the ink pad has come to the end of its service life, is it worth stripping it down and cleaning the pads then reset the counter or a waste of time and best to get another printer ? If its the latter can anyone recommend a similar printer please ?
  20. WeegyAVLover

    DIY - Life Hacks

    Right don’t know if I am stupid, doing something stupid or if this can even be considered a hack but it worked for me. I was decorating at the weekend & I use 12” rollers that are held by arms at each side, withone side has a screw to allow the roller to get on/off. many I find that the...
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