1. M

    Struggling with MusicCast not seeing Plex or music library

    I have had this MusicCast on my phone for some time. In the past, using Windows10, I have managed to use it to stream music to my Yamaha MusicCast-enabled receiver. I'm posing these questions after having spent the whole day trying to solve this. I have tried multiple permutations...
  2. JimJoiner

    Backup of my Dolby Vision/ Atmos UHD Blu Ray Library - MKV file playback via USB connected to JZ2000 USB port?

    Dear all, I spent a lot of time over the most recent lockdown backing up my collection of UHD Blu Ray Dolby Vision Atmos discs to file. I am almost complete and the ones I have done are now on an 8TB external usb 3.0 hard drive in .mkv format. I have been waiting for delivery of a Panasonic...
  3. A

    Family library payment restrictions

    I set up family library on Google but cannot set the payment restrictions to all paid content for the added acounts. It will only let me select restriction for in app purchases. Does anyone know about this and why it won't let me fo this? It won't even let me remove my card without adding another.
  4. Sandman

    Prime Video showing UK library when in USA.

    Bit of a strange one. I am currently in the US and would like to watch some tv using Amazon Prime. I have an iPad and an Xbox with me with the prime apps on them but when I open the apps I am presented with the UK library of shows and when I click to watch them the majority of them are not...
  5. stuart07970

    Mac Based Media Library - 10 year reboot!

    I really need your help My media library needs modernising and I need your suggestion, My old system comprises of the following; 2008 Drobo v2 4-bay DAS (4x1TB WD Black) connected by FireWire 800 to a 2010 iMac. This serves two 4th gen Apple TV’s that feed into Yamaha AV receivers, he Apple...
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