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    lg tv advice

    hi,i`m considering buying a lg oled55c14lb for £899 from richers sounds,i can only fit a 55inch tv in the space,i going from a plasma tv and sales people say don`t go for a led?,the tv will be used for watching tv,films and sports mainly no gaming,would the lg be a good buy ,thanks
  2. N

    Image settings for dummies – LG TV

    Hi all! I already have a thread on audio settings for my soundbar (via the TV). This thread is on display/image settings only. First of all, I’m a total newbie, so bear with me 😊 …and bear with my less-than-optimal English. So, the questions are about image/display settings on my new LG TV. I...
  3. N

    Audio settings questions – LG TV and LG soundbar

    Hi all! First of all, I’m a total newbie, so bear with me 😊 …and bear with my less-than-optimal English. I’ve done quite a bit of searching, but haven’t found the solution for my exact question. So, the question is about settings on my new LG TV and LG soundbar. SETUP: · LG 4K 75” NanoCell...
  4. C

    New LG TV, HDR ruins everything

    Hi, I'm no AVS purist nor am I looking to get the best of the best in terms of picture quality but I do want some basic stuff to be normal or decent. I recently bought a new LG TV (LG 43NANO786QA) with HDR10 support and it performs so bad on content with HDR that I regret buying it. It's not...
  5. H

    22TN410V lg TV Model

    Hello Everyone. I need to get access to the hidden engineers menu to access the Hotel Mode option for the above TV. Does anyone know how to bring up the menu?
  6. Manor49

    Scart DVD player to LG tv HDMI

    Could someone suggest the best way to play a DVD using a SCART player to an LG smart tv HDMI input? Is there a recommended adaptor? Thanks.
  7. P

    Can’t access recent/background running apps on 2022 LG TV

    Can’t access recent/background running apps on 2022 LG TV Hi everyone, hope someone on here can help me out. I have a new 2022 model LG 55NANO75TPA that’s been updated to the latest version of WebOS. For the life of me I still can’t figure out how to view the apps that are open and still...
  8. A

    Block ads on LG TV by changing DNS

    Hi guys, non-techie old guy seeking advice please. I've just bought an LG smart TV. I like it and would love to block annoying adverts if possible. I assumed it wasn't something that could be done but I've come across a youtube video entitled "How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2...
  9. Tigro

    Orange tint on the whole screen when rotating camera in game on an LG TV

    Anybody knows why any HDR mode setting on a TV other than Game Mode results in weird artifacts when rotating camera in game? I just got Horizon Forbidden West and hated how the game looked in Game Mode because of all the colors being washed out and pale so I tried chaning to Vivid Mode in HDR...
  10. BillyBumbler

    Is there any benefit at all using an LG TV with a LG Soundbar?

    Hi all. I'm looking at getting a soundbar for my C1 and was wondering if there is any benefit using a same brand soundbar? Thank you.
  11. B

    help with tuning an LG TV please.

    I have an LG 26LX2R TV that I am checking for a local charity. I have tried auto tuning and it goes through the process but all that I end up with is a box that shows C69. Whilst it is scanning it seems as though it has picked up some channels (the screen seems to go momentarily dark) but in...
  12. M

    No Sound via Arcam AVR10 and LG TV

    Needing some help here, friends. Have a 2021 LG tv that I'm trying to hook up to my new Arcam AVR10 receiver, but no sound? I have an older Denon receiver and used the same cable, so I know the tv optical out and the cable are both good. But I get zip sound when I plug it directly into...
  13. teacherclown

    LG Soundbar no longer turning on with LG TV via fiber optic

    I have an LG Soundbar model SK1 connected to an LG TV model 60UH6035-UC via fiber optic cable. When I first connected them, the sound bar would turn on and off with the TV. Then after moving the equipment and hooking it back up, the soundbar will turn off about 5 minutes after the TV and only...
  14. P

    No satellite signal from LG tv..

    No Satellite signal from my LG tv. My LG tv LH530V has worked fine with free to air satellite channels. Sometimes i had to adjust the dish. But the last time i did not got any signal response from tv adjusting the dish. So I bought a satellite finder. Got a good signal from the satellite i was...
  15. C

    LG soundbar / LG tv issue. Any help appreciated thanks

    Hi. I have a 55UP75006LF tv and a NB3630A soundbar. Both are LG. I can't seem to get the tv to link to the soundbar despite my best efforts. I wonder whether anyone might be able to help please? much appreciated.
  16. F

    LG TV - HD works, standard channels pixelated.

    I've tried Google but to no avail. Our LG TV is about 9 months old. The HD channels all work fine...but the standard channels are ALL pixelated and breaking up. Signal test shows everything above 49dB and HD streaming services work perfectly over a 5G WiFi connection. All I've seen on Google...
  17. G

    default channel when LG TV turned on?

    Hello I have failed to understand how to control what is seen/heard when I turn my 43UP81006LR on. At the moment I get a radio station! No idea how that happened! Is it possible to turn the TV on and go to the Home page? Cheers Geoff
  18. cdoublejj

    anyone else use LG TV feature for extra IP channels?

    anyone else use LG TV feature for extra IP channels?
  19. C

    Denon AVR S950H Troubleshooting help

    Hello. Denon AVR S950H with LG OLED TV. Sound plays through speakers while watching cable tv. Sound plays through speakers while watching 4k blu ray player. There’s no sound while using the streaming apps on the TV. For example, no sound while watching Netflix or Disney Plus. I’m using the ARC...
  20. D

    LG TV freeview

    Hi, I have an LG 55nano916na and I’m having a problem with the freeview. When I scan channels it doesn’t find anything. I’ve read online that I might need to change from freesat to Freeview and scan again but I can’t work out how to do it. Does anybody have any suggestions please? Thanks...
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