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  1. B

    LG TV: request Airplay for 2017 models

    Hi, this information is for anyone who has an LG TV which currently lacks the Airplay 2 app for screen mirroring a display from a Mac or iPhone to an LG TV set. Many like to use it for streaming videos but it's also very useful for reading the books in your Apple library. You may have seen that...
  2. eriks117

    LG TV LG 55SM8050PLC black crushed

    Hello guys, I have a problem with blacks being crushed on my TV LG 55SM8050PLC. For example, very noticeable it is in John Wick movie (watched from Netflix) where for example in the darker room there is no detail on his black suit. The fabric looks like it has black so deep as a wormhole...
  3. T

    Why can't I see CC on LG TV in streamed movies or DVD that I know have CC

    I've got a general question about how closed captioning is included and transmitted and displayed on a TV. I have an LG TV model 42LD520 TV. Vintage 2015, non-smart TV. I use that 99% of the time. I also have a small Insignia TV, even less sophisticated, which I keep in the bonus room and...
  4. W

    Question Issue with LG TV and Juddering 30 FPS PS4 game

    Could someone please watch the video I have attached to this thread to try and find out why the picture does this on my LG TV. I have no idea what it could be. The refresh rate for the TV I am playing on his 60hz and the game is running at 30FPS I believe. I am not sure if the FPS of the game...
  5. S

    LG TV blocking IR remote

    I have a 50" LG, it is a few years old now but it is now coupled to a JVC sound bar. The problem is that when the TV is turned on the IR remote on the sound bar is really weak, When the TV is off the soundbar remote works fine but weakens as soon as the tv is turned on. Also the remote on the tv...
  6. L

    Add non-Freesat channel(s) on LG TV?

    I read online that some Freesat equipment lets you add non-Freesat channels manually, with one popular channel being Channel 4 HD. Is it possible to do this on a modern LG TV that has a Freesat tuner built-in? If so how? Ideally without losing the Freesat channels in the process. Thank you.
  7. J

    LG TV /Sky Dish

    Hi all, looking for the help to see if it is possible to use an existing Sky dish as an aerial for the built-in Freeview in my LG43UN74006LB. The dish worked with a sky box a couple of years ago, but we no longer have this box or subscription. Different places online say this is an isn't...
  8. W

    Onkyo TX-NR609 not receiving ARC sound from new LG TV

    I set up my new LG OLED48CXPUB TV last night. Pretty gorgeous picture. Today tried using the HDMi ARC feature to the Onkyo TX-NR609 to which it is attached, but alas no sound. Did the Hardware setup as the manual called for... pretty straight forward, even trying to repeat the setup to be sure...
  9. S

    Question Lg tv recording function

    Hi there hopefully someone will help me so brought a new lg 50un80006lc few weeks ago from curry’s and I know it supports live tv recording I click to record and it says connect a usb storage device so I brought a Sandisk Cruzer 128gb I have even formatted it to FAT32 and used NTFS but when I...
  10. snadge

    making portable drive visible to PC from LG TV

    Hi I wish to be able to see my portable drive connected to my LG B8 USB port on my Windows 10 PC (all LAN'd in)...is this possible through folder shares or network sharing?? if so can anyone tell me how to do it? I want to be able to move files across too the drive over the network without...
  11. S

    Upgrade LG tv or Playstation console ?

    Hi . Apologies , I am not hugely tech savvy and I hopefully can obtain some great advice from some of the Forum experts. I enjoy gaming and I currently own a LG 55 inch C7 Oled tv and I have a Playstation 4 Pro hooked up. Naturally with this decent tv ( approx 3 years old now ) and the enhanced...
  12. S

    LG TV won't play movies from Synology NAS

    I've just got an LG TV (OLED 48" CX) and Synology NAS (220+). They are both connected to the router via ethernet. I've dumped a lot of movies onto the Synology in various formats - .avi, .mp4, .mkv, etc. I'm not using Plex or any other video streaming apps on the NAS. The films play all fine...
  13. A

    Panasonic DMR-EX89EB connected to LG tv 43UN73006LC

    Sorry posted this in LG TV forum by mistake. M-in-law was recently gifted a new LG TV. I connected her old Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EX 89EB to it. There seemed to be only one way to connect it. Seemed to be working OK. Checked it recorded from TV. Couldn't get her Magic remote to control it...
  14. bitemarx

    LG TV working on its own

    My LG TV seems to be popping up the INPUT menu and other menus on its own even when the remote is not touched. I have a video of this happening and will try to attach it. Link to video: It's really annoying while watching for this to happen and I have to keep hitting the RETURN" button on...
  15. Haydonio1

    LG TV won’t turn on

    Hi, My LG tv won’t come out of standby mode.. when I press the power button it flashes red twice then flashes white once and reverts back to standby.. you can hear a click in the back of tv when it goes from white to red standby... any ideas guys? I have removed all connection, disconnected...
  16. V

    LG tv no picture with virgin box advice

    I recently got a LG sound bar to go with my LG tv i have had no problem with the set up until today, when i have the virgin box switched on i have audio but no picture however when in the LG tv's home dashboard i have audio and picture when i switch to full screen the tv screen goes blank help.
  17. Venomx999

    60Hz Input on LG TV ?

    using my TV as a monitor for my PC. PQ is incredible however the mouse is a bit laggy. I heard that on some TVs they have a 30hz input and a 60hz. Are LGs all 60Hz ? Turning off enhancements and increasing the mouse DPI it feels a bit better Turned " Game Mode " on and now it's perfect :D
  18. Venomx999

    60Hz Input on LG TV ?

    double post, sorry.
  19. eltel70

    LG tv and Sonos sounbar

    My LG tv is connected to my Sonos sound bar. It works for a few hours. Then the TV disables the sound. When I go into the menu it shows the sound as disabled and it wont let me change it. I check the sound menu and everthing seems ok the ARC is connected and the simplink is on. When I go back...
  20. B

    Question LG TV flickering to gray

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've noticed that our LG TV sometimes flickers to grey really quickly. It's extremely annoying, I've managed to catch a video from my phone of the TV flickering to grey during an episode of The Crown on Netflix. If you look at this video around...
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