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  1. Wulbert

    How to I get the Europa league on my Dad's LG Smart TV?

    My 90 year old dad has expressed a wish to watch the Europa football matches. He has a 55 inch OLED LG Smart TV that I recently bought for him (failing eyesight). My mother (his main carer) was told by a relative that he just needs to get a month's Sky Sports subscription and he can watch the...
  2. T

    LG HU80KSW 4K UHD issues with connectivity

    I have a LG Cinebeam projector connected to my PC via HDMI, it was ok for a good while but lately the image turns black for a second here and there to then return, this happens when I watch videos from a local file. When I use Netflix via any browser the image turns to "snowstorm" and I have to...
  3. W

    Wanted to borrow for 10 mins Stockton On Tees LG Smart Remote With Disney Button

    I know this is a big ask but - The latest LG Smart remotes have a single button for Disney+ My LG Smart remote only has Amazon and Netflix I've programmed my Harmony Elite with steps to get Disney+ with one press but - I'd like to see if I can get the Harmony to learn the Disney+ command So, if...
  4. khalilsebti

    how to add BISS KEY to lg smart tv ?

    how to add BISS KEY to lg smart tv ? i want to add a biss key to my tv to open some encrypted channels some one can guide me to enter that biss key pls ! Biss stands for : basic interoperable scrambling system.
  5. B

    Using Freesat EPG on LG Smart TV.

    I have an LG TV (32LU661H) which is sold as a "hotel or business" TV and wish to use it in my UK home. It is connected to a dish set up for Sky but no longer using a Sky box and fed through a quattro lnb and multiswitch and is working well except for the tuning program guide which results from...
  6. S

    Operavision on LG Smart tv

    Does anyone know if it is possible to view the content which is on the website for Operavision (an EU supported web site) on an LG32LM6370PLA tv? This webpage is freely accessible on the net on a computer. Any help would be much appreciated. S.
  7. S

    Connect vintage Hitachi Vcr dvd to new LG smart tv

    Is it possible to connect an elderly Hatachi DV-PF5E (UK) to a new LG32LM637OPLA TV? I want to access a cache of recently discovered family videos. And perhaps play a few dvds. If this is possible what do I need in the way of leads converters etc? Scotia
  8. C

    Web browser on lg smart tv

    Hello everyone. I have Lg smart tv sm8500 PLA,which is not even 2 years old and last week I've noticed that web browser doesn't work anymore.When I click on the web browser icon,nothing happens.Everything else works fine,youtube,netflix.... Tried unplugged it for 15 minutes and still does't...
  9. Gozerilla

    hard disk data on a lg smart tv

    Good evening i often use an external memory connected via usb to my lg smart tv. yesterday the electricity went off for a moment, and when i connected it again says something like "some files might be corrupted" "verify and restore" "open now" those are not the exact words because it's in...
  10. 6

    Should I replace my 2012 LG smart TV

    I have a 2012 LG smart TV and I understand to get a 4K picture you need fibre broad band and it usually is only available when streaming. So the quality of the picture on my LG is not bad but I have a CCTV 1080p 2Mp kit setup and the picture I can see on the TV is grainy (doesn't look like the...
  11. D

    LG Smart TV USB HDD / Flashdrive compability for recording

    Hi Got an LG Smart TV : model: 27MS73V-PZQ. Quite a few years old. Every memory stick / HDD I've got and tried doesn't work for recording. TV sees the devices and can probably open files on the stick if there were any (I can drill into the drive and folders) I've tried Sandisk Extreme...
  12. M

    External Keyboard for LG Smart TV?

    Lots of different external keyboards available. How do I know whether an external keyboard is compatible with my LG Smart TV? Any recommendations? Any that I should avoid?
  13. J

    Question Amp to LG Smart TV advice

    Hi guys I have some cambridge audio s30 speakers so finally decided to hook them up to my LG TV (LG 55UK6950PLB Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.K.). I bought this amp as wanted to connect with toslink and have the ability to play music via phone bluetooth: AMP-2 DG Stereo...
  14. L

    Question LG Smart TV ALL4-011 Error

    Hi all I'm hoping someone can help. On our LG tv when trying to watch ALL4 the adverts play but then when the programme should start we get the error message ' ALL4-011'. It works on our other smart TV which is a Hisense so I'm guessing it's an LG issue. I've tried the obvious of unistalling...
  15. J

    LG smart tv and roku

    I have an LG smart tv. I want to sign up for philo streaming tv. It's not available on this tv but philo is compatible with ROKU. Can I buy a ROKU box and plug it into the back of my tv and then be able to get Philo?
  16. D

    32 inch TCL Roku or LG Smart Tv?

    TCL 32S327 or LG 32LM570BPUA Can't decide. Normally I would go with LG because it's a brand that I know more and would rely on. However the TCL has a lot of good reviews. I read that TCL built in wi-fi allows for faster and sharper connection for streaming. Can anyone confirm? Also, can...
  17. L

    LG Smart TV pixelation issue when streaming!

    I am having an issue with my new LG smart TV. 😞 Model: 65UM7510PLA - 65''4K UHD When I stream videos using the inbuilt apps (YouTube, Netflix, Rakuten, Amazon Prime etc) the screen displays black blocks which flicker all across the screen and the screen also seems to pixelate with any...
  18. L

    Please help.. LG smart TV black blocks/pixelation/blur on screen when streaming!!

    I am having an issue with my new LG smart TV. :( Model: 65UM7510PLA - 65''4K UHD When I stream videos using the inbuilt apps (YouTube, Netflix, Rakuten, Amazon Prime etc) the screen displays black blocks which flicker all across the screen and the screen also seems to pixelate with any...
  19. A

    CHILI app on an LG smart TV Credit card data reset (maybe offtopic?)

    Hello, for the first time I wanted to rent a movie to watch on my LG TV, I searched for the title and CHILI App went up, I decided to pay credit card, but I made a mistake and entered the wrong expiry date.. I saved the card with the wrong data... Now I don't find any way to delete or correct...
  20. G

    Help- Arcam AVR 200 with optical and phono connecting to LG Smart ARC HDMI?

    Hi all, Iam after a bit of advice please on how to connect my HDMI cable that is built into my wall and connect it to the following. I Currently have: LG 65 inch OLED UHD 4K Tv HDMI (Arc) Arcam AVR200 (Phono and Optical) Cyrus CLS50C Centre B&W DM603 S3 Floor standing fronts Mission M7DS...
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