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  1. sharper

    controlling Sky HD box with LG remote, is it doable?

    Looking at LG OLED55E8P 55" Thanks in advance.
  2. RichardOF

    Denon AVR-X3300W turning off when using ARC

    Hi, hope this the correct forum to post in but I’ve also post in LG tv section. TV LG OLED 55B7 Receiver Denon AVR X3300W Since the middle to end of last year I have had an issue with my TV that when using it to view Freeview, Amazon or Netflix after 15-20 mins my Denon receiver goes into auto...
  3. L

    Question LG OLED with vertical band and white line

    I woke up this morning and was confronted with “pixel refresher in progress”. Once the tv started I now see a strange band and white line. What could the problem be? My set is 13 days out of warranty.
  4. D

    Curry’s Lg OLED c7 burn in advice

    Hi folks I seem to be yet another lg OLED c7 owner with a tv now displaying signs of burn in / banding. See attached pics. The tv was bought just over two years ago which, from reading various threads, seems to be a common point where these issues start to show themselves, dependent on use...
  5. Bummers

    samsung QE65Q85 or lg Oled 65E8?

    The dilemma! I can get a new QE65Q85 with the Q60 soundbar for £1310, or an ex display E8 for £1400. Both have 5 year warranty. Main use would be films and shows mostly in 1080p, although some 720p and ocassionally 480p. Prime & netflix 4k accounts will be used as well. Tv is near a window and...
  6. Sparky1970

    Question Soundbar to pair with LG Oled

    Thinking of upgrading to Dolby Atmos and I'm looking for recommendations for a soundbar set up to pair with an LG OLED65C9MLB 65". I currently have a Yamaha HTR-3065 av receiver 5.1
  7. B

    Soundbar HW-Q80R with LG OLED 65C9

    Good afternoon, I just received my first soundbar (Samsung HW-Q80R) and from what I read the correct way to make the call will be: HDMI ARC Out Soundbar ---- HDMI EARC IN LGC9 HDMI IN 1 IN Soundbar ---- HDMI Box Cable (NOS) Have already uptaded firmware with Smarthings app to 1007.9...
  8. S

    Question LG OLED 65C7 Issue @Richer Sounds

    Hi Gurus, Badly need your suggestion. I bought OLED LG65C7 from @Richer Sounds in April 2018 after hearing about their great customer service. Was happy with the TV up until a couple of days ago when suddenly some green strip/dots/Lines started appearing at the bottom and in the middle of the...
  9. GaryPSU

    LG OLED C9 audio out problem

    I have the LG C9 and a Sony STR 740 Receiver. With my previous TV, I had my Chromecast, my Fire Stick and my Verizon Cable box plugged into the receiver via HDMI. All worked with either the TV speakers or the Receiver surround sound. With the new LG, the receiver out cable is using HDMI 2 on...
  10. S

    Question Lg Oled C9 65 blurry/fuzzy image

    Bought a new tv on Black Friday and was wondering if it’s normal that 1080p and sometimes even 4K looks fuzzy? Close up is fine but scenes that are a bit further away the image becomes unclear. I’m watching from the Netflix app and on YouTube with 100/100 connection. Settings: Expert dark room...
  11. wifininja

    Question LG OLED C8 software update 05.10.20

    What’s Your experience with this new update?
  12. broona

    Question 55" LG OLED or 65" Sony LCD?

    Still umming and ahhing over a new TV, and now Black Friday's here and a few that I've been looking at have been reduced, I think I've narrowed it down to either the LG OLED55B9PLA or the Sony Bravia KD65XF9005. We sit 2.5 to 3m away, our main source will be Freeview HD, gaming on a PS4 Pro and...
  13. P

    Wanted LG OLED 55" B8 or C8

    Hi all, As the title says I am looking for an LG OLED B8 or C8 55" TV. Would much prefer if it had some transferable warranty left and is within the London area (or reasonably cloast to East London) . I myself am disabled and not allowed to drive so any collection would be made my myself and an...
  14. A

    Question LG OLED B7 issue - Possibly Pixel Degradation?

    Hi, I have had the LG OLED B7 for about a year and a half. Yesterday I noticed that on certain colours (lighter yellows, reds, etc) there was a line down the centre of the screen. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the entire left hand side of the screen is a slightly different colour to...
  15. SonOfSJ

    Price now announced for the LG OLED 88Z9PLA 88" Smart OLED television

    The only retailer that has it for sale is Peter Tyson, the cost is 30 grand. It is not currently, if it ever will be, for sale at John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Currys, or Sevenoaks. The context of the price of this 88" 8K television, which happens to be slightly more than expected, is that the...
  16. Scooby247

    Question New build - HDMI Video problems. Denon AVR3500

    It's time for me to call on the experts hiding around here. I need your help! I've nearly completed working on a new house extension (build thread coming soon) but I've ran into AV troubles. In as quick a summary as I can my setup is like this: Node 0 Xbox X Virgin V6 Denon AVR 3500 Den...
  17. J

    Question Worth upgrading from Hisense U7A to LG OLEDB8?

    Hello I currently have the Hisense 55U7A and it is quite impressive for what I paid. Considering I watch it directly in front of it (no angles), in both daylight and night, and mainly non HDR content (just HD and some 4K), is it worth buying a LG OLEDB8? Thanks
  18. 5

    Question LG OLED E8 Base - Backordered forever?!

    Purchased an open box LG E8 OLED from Bestbuy but it didn't come with the base/stand for the television :facepalm: Nobody, and I mean nobody says they carry it except LG's Distribution partner Encompass and they said it's back ordered for 21 days! Part No: AAN76428602 Has anyone come across a...
  19. A

    For Sale LG OLED 55" for SALE (OLED55B8SLC)

    LG TV OLED55B8SLC FOR SALE 55" - ITEM NOW SOLD TV only 5 months old, in perfect condition and has 4 years and 7 months warranty left on the product. We are selling the TV as we have hardly used it and are moving out so no longer need it. We are in Milton Keynes, collection would be preferable...
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