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  1. bery_451

    Question LG CX not displaying HDR @ 4K @ 120Hz

    Hello, I don't know whether I am in the right forum however I have this LG TV & connected my Acer laptop to it via the Acer hdmi v2.1 port on the laptop using a brand new 8K hdmi cable. It displays on my TV 4K @ 120Hz but in 8 bit SDR only. I clicked on enable HDR in Windows 11 and I see it...
  2. Tremolo Arm

    Advice for LG CX owner looking to buy similar model today

    I have an LF CX which is fantastic. My partner is currently looking to upgrade her 10 year old TV and is looking to purchase a 55 OLED. She really likes my CX but obviously that is no longer on sale and the newer models would be an upgrade which is not necessary for her viewing usage and habits...
  3. Altair57

    Hello ! First timer here. I need advice regarding audio for LG CX + Panasonic UB450.

    Hello ! I've recently gotten more and more into the audio aspect of movies and been watching more 4K Blu-Rays and upgraded my setup a bit some time ago. A few days ago I bought a Panasonic DP-UB450 Blu-Ray player and after going through a lot of info on the internet I'm still confused and need...
  4. E

    Deal Agreed LG CX 65inch OLED TV - perfect working condition.

    Selling an immaculate LG CX 65 inch TV. Bought directly from Richer sounds for £1,799 on November 2020 (I have receipt). THIS STILL FALLS WITH RICHER SOUNDS 5 YEAR (or is it 6?) GUARANTEE. Working perfectly. Open to negations. Collection only.
  5. A

    Question LG CX picture settings suddenly very dull

    Hello all Had something very strange go on for my 65 inch LG CX. Having changed no picture settings all the colours seem very dull lately. After getting the tv in late 2020 i quickly found a picture setting from someone on here and it's been superb but something has happened. Nothing is vibrant...
  6. optical

    Question Can Android or .apk be installed to LG CX in 2024?

    Hey all, new to the forum here! I was just wondering if in 2024 there was any updates on the LG CX television set. I want to know if I can install Android apps or APKs directly to the device and not have to worry about paying for extra Android TV devices. I'm not sure if the native operating...
  7. TomTomato55

    Dolby Digital 5.1 voice track coming from rear surround speaker

    In the past few weeks the vocal track of Dolby Digital 5.1 sound has been only coming out (loudly) of the left rear surround speaker of a Sonos Arc System. No voices come from the Sonos Arc, but it sounds like surround speaker sounds are coming from the Arc. So shows in DD 5.1 are basically...
  8. Chziime

    Help with setting up my RX-V6A with LG CX

    Hi, I am generally quite good with technology, but this new home speaker system is having me feeling a bit lost. Basically, I want to set up the RX-V6A with my LG CX, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Blu-ray player. I have a center speaker and L/R front speakers. Some basic questions...
  9. D

    LG CX turning off when Sky Q playing

    Hi. So for the past 2 days I've had an issue between sky q and my LG CX tv. It seems that after ~20 minutes of Sky playing, it will freeze for 3 or 4 seconds followed by the TV turning completely off (click sound that the LG does, red light on). It then comes back on itself showing the frozen...
  10. S

    LG CX Simplink issue

    Hello, I am having issues with the simplink function on my LG CX 65”. I went on holiday for two weeks and since I returned the TV randomly stops the link to external devices. Simplink still shows as active. The only fix is to unplug the TV and disconnect all the HDMI cables. This works for a day...
  11. Willis1995

    LG CX Picture Modes Broken

    Hi, We have an LG OLED55CX6LA TV, and for a long time now there has been something wrong with the picture settings. Nearly every time we exit Netflix or Amazon Prime and return to normal channels, the TV displays ‘X’ under ‘Picture mode’. And if you go into the settings and try to change...
  12. Willis1995

    ‘X’ under Picture Mode

    What does it mean when it has ‘X’ under picture mode on LG OLED55CX6LA TV? Plus if you go in to the picture settings they are all either blank or say ‘naN’ Problem seems to be happening after the TV has been in HDR mode while watching HDR content.
  13. Willis1995

    Problem with Picture modes on LG CX OLED TV

    My parents have a 55-inch LG CX OLED TV, and over the past 6 months I have been noticing an issue... I have the picture mode set to ISF Expert (Dark Room), but very often I find that the picture has reverted back to one of the modes where the colour temperature is set to cool. When I access the...
  14. Aziz Ismail

    Auto Switch Source on Marantz SR7015 via LG CX

    Hi. So the issue i have currently is that i have a HDMI going from the LG CX to the receivers arc port. I then have multiple devices: Apple 4K TV, Nvidia Shield, Sky Q & PS5 connected into my receiver. The issue i have is that i am currently using a universal remote (Sofabaton) and trying...
  15. X

    LG CX and Sony HTZF9 not working now?

    Just changed my living room around, plugged everything back in. HDMI 2 for ARC and all the normal stuff. Was working perfectly before however now for the life of me I don’t know why it isn’t working? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  16. X

    Gaming above 120fps on LG CX - Seeing Judder

    Hi All, I have an LG CX, and when playing first person shooters on PC I would like to play above 120fps. However in quite a few games I'm seeing judder, almost similar to when playing 25/50fps on a 60hz screen, only when panning the camera in game. If I sit still and something runs in front...
  17. TellyTel

    HDMI splitter/switch for my lg cx

    Hi I have an lg cx and have run out of hdmi ports, never used a hdmi splitter or switch before so need advice on what one to get. I have my sonos arc connected to the earc port, series x, ps5 and Apple TV 4K to the other ports. I would likely use the splitter or switch on the hdmi port with...
  18. Olmaz

    Question MPC-HC with madvr - switches to HDR, doesn't switch back to SDR

    Hi. So here it goes : after a lot of connectivity issues when doing PC (Nvidia RTX 3070) > TV (LG CX) > Soundbar (JBL 9.1), I decided to try PC > Soundbar > TV, since I don't play games on PC. And the issue now is ... when I watch a HDR video, it switches to HDR, but will not switch off HDR...
  19. F

    Best under £250 for PS5 and LG CX

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my LG CX with a nice soundbar. I mainly use the TV for PS5 and Netflix (the app on TV). The room is 3 meters by 4 meters. Ideally I want something that will get me the best bang the my buck (under £250-£300) while not affecting performance on the PS5. I would...
  20. M

    Lg CX dimming issue with TPC, GSR and AI features already off?

    Hello, I have had this LG CX 77" TV a couple years now. Turned TPC and GSR off last year after being annoyed by the dimming issues. It has worked fine for the past year now all of a sudden scenes are noticeably dim and sometimes quite dark. It will even switch between regularly lit and...
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