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  1. R

    Stutter with LG OLED 55CX & Apple TV

    Hi, recently purchased the LG CX. Am noticing severe stuttering particularly when viewing content through an Apple TV 4. Doesn't seem to matter if it's Netflix or iTunes and applies particularly to movies. Has anyone else had similar experiences and are there any fixes? I was reading that I...
  2. C

    LG CX vs Q90T

    Hi All, hope you can help with a quandary that has been playing on my mind for a while. The age-old debate of Oled versus QLED. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on hear reading different opinions and my heart is set on the CX, but tv placement will be on the wall directly opposite the...
  3. B

    LG CX Vesa Stand

    Hi guys, just plumbed for an LG CX that is coming next Wednesday, I'm looking for a suitable stand as I have a samsung HW-Q90r soundbar which obviously isn't going to work with the LG CX default stand. Looking for suggestions? Of course i've done a preliminary search on vesa 300x200...
  4. B

    LG CX 55 OLED - Motion Handling for Sky Q Standard Def - HELP!

    Hi All, I seem to be picking up motion blur/ issues on the CX 55 I have - specifically was watching the snooker on Eurosport 1 HD last night on Sky Q - I've also noticed some stuttering going on, and I've tried various settings, including BFI too. Can anyone shed any light on this for me - I...
  5. =adrian=

    LG CX 48" confused

    I'm confused. I want to buy CX 48" on my desk to act as a monitor. However, some places sell them already (like Currys), other places claim that it has not been released yet, like Box or John Lewis or Richer Sounds. Also I have watched a few reviews on Youtube and they had their units for months...
  6. J

    LG CX 77 keeps "forgetting?" ARC and CEC settings

    Just got a new LG CX 77" TV and my basic setup: 1. I have no speakers hooked up to it. 2. I have a Denon receiver that has an XBox 360 and NVidia Shield Pro 2019 plugged into it with HDMI cables. 3. All devices on the Denon, where supported have CEC disabled. 4. I have the TV Set to HDMI ARC...
  7. T

    LG CX - Good enough for daytime?

    Hello All, I currently have a 10 year old flagship Samsung C7000 50" plasma, that on sunny or bright days suffers with its brightness levels. Closing the curtains on the adjacent window helps, but there's still room for impovement. Comparing plasma to oled, will oled (CX) outperform plasma in...
  8. Phil Hinton

    LG 48-inch CX (OLED48CX) TV Review & Comments

    We take a look at the first-ever 48-inch CX OLED TV from LG to see if it can match the 55- and 65-inch versions for image quality. Plus, is this the perfect screen size for HDMI 2.1 gaming? Let's find out... Read the review. Write your own review for LG OLED48CX
  9. K

    Lg cx owners

    Hi hope you are well and thanks for your time. I'm considering buying a cx 77. Costco have it for 4300 quid. 1) I've read that iplayer, itv catch up and more 4 are missing. Is this still true? 2) I've read that there are are earc issues.. I have a Sammy hw q90r ..anybody had atmos issues? 3)...
  10. T

    Planning to use MDF backing board for LG CX 65 and 3x Monitor Audio Apex A40 - mounting question

    Hi, I'm planning to mount my new TV and speakers on a 25mm MDF backing board, I know other people have done similar but I couldn't find threads on it - I had a quick question on mounting.. I plan to fix lengths of CLS to the solid wall and fix the backing board to them.. I've gone for a...
  11. K

    LG CX vs BX at 55 inches

    I'm looking at both of these sets and wondering how much of an upgrade the CX is to the BX. What differences am I likely to notice, if any? The price difference seems to run on average about £200-300 more for the CX... is this worth it? Bear in mind that I'd like to take advantage of having a...
  12. Apnomis

    Stick or switch Q90t vs LG CX

    I need some help/reassurance about my TV purchase. Bought a Samsung Q90t 55" for £1099 as it seemed like a great TV for the price. But now part of me is wondering if I will regret not spending the extra for the LG CX OLED long term. The TV doesn't get delivered until Thursday so I could...
  13. rongood

    Question LG CX 77" Best settings to set up

    Iv'e got a LG CX 77" coming monday and wondering if anyone has any basic settings to use to start with, i am concerned about future screenburn as well so anything that could reduce that in the settings would be useful.
  14. G

    LG CX + Bose Soundbar 700 + Apple TV 4K = sound dropouts

    Hello, recently, I bought myself a Bose Soundbar 700, as new sound source for my LG OLED 55CX 2020 model. I have connected the Bose Soundbar 700 via (e)ARC to my TV's HDMI 2.1 port 2 (which also supports eARC). I am watching all my streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime) with my Apple...
  15. Tremolo Arm

    ABL on Sony A8 and LG CX

    Can anyone confirm how aggressive the ABL algorithm is in these two models? Does the image dim noticeably and can the ABL function be switched off or be reduced? Thanks
  16. Wiskin

    Question LG CX 55 wall mount

    Hi guys. I’ve decided I’m upgrading my LG 49SJ to a 55” CX. I have my current tv on the wall. Can someone tell me if I can use the same screws I’m currently using? If not what screws I do need? Cheers!
  17. Dollydoodah

    Question Help!!! My head's a shed!!! LG CX vs Sammie Q95/90

    After some advice... Replacement coming for my LG E6V. I have narrowed it down to... LG CX and the Samsung Q95 or Q90 I loved my OLED - but am scared of Screen Burn, and have chosen the Samsung as my second choice. Do I go with my heart and pray that the Screen Burn prevention fairies look...
  18. J

    48” OLED : LG CX or Sony A9 or ... ?

    My 43“ Panasonic plasma screen is still going strong after over 15 years, but my receiver of a similar vintage is becoming unreliable (takes several goes to fire it up). So the time has come to bite the bullet. I could get a replacement receiver, but it is overkill as I mainly use the system...
  19. Y

    LG CX Hdr issue

    Hope someone can help me here. when I’m playing games in hdr on the Xbox one x, the friend notifications that pop up on the screen are really subdued/dim, even though the game is really bright. Same thing happens when I press the guide button while playing a hdr game. The guide will pop up at...
  20. A


    recently purchased lg cx 55 at Best Buy. Only few days viewing the oled, and I'm getting a yellow line on bottom of screen. It appears for only a split second. I have noticed this yellow like 4 times....TV is only 3 days old. Anyone experiencing this issue?? Will this go away as i put more...
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