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  1. criv

    LG CX 03.23.06

    Why is that a large portion of users say this does indeed affect brightness and another portion says it absolutely does not? Isn't there a definitive answer? This is insane.
  2. jackol4ntrn

    Gamma flikcering issues when PC gaming on a LG CX 65 inch

    Hi all, I have some serious gamma flickering issues when playing PC games, especially when HDR enabled. The settings on the TV are: instant game response on, AMD freesync on, HDR game user picture setting, firmware fully updated to latest The settings on the Computer is: 4k RGB Full, 120 Hz...
  3. P

    Best iptv ap for lg cx

    Please can you tell me what is the best iptv ap for lg cx .Normal i used duplex player what worked perfect on my qled .But now i have a cx and this app dont work good
  4. T

    Connecting LG CX to Computer

    Hi I'm having problems connecting my PC to my new LG CX, I've tried a couple of ways but I'm getting no signal, I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong as it wont work for my old telly either. Can anyone tell me the sure way of connecting it and point me to some leads. I have tried an adapter VGA...

    LG CX Sanity Check: Filmmaker Mode & DV

    I got my new LG CX 65" installed yesterday. My BD player is the Panasonic DP-UB9000. I thought that there was a slew of discs and streams that were encoded to be watched in Filmmaker Mode with Dolby Vision. The only thing I found out there with Filmmaker Mode tags is the German series, Dark...
  6. M

    Help with picture LG CX - calibrated

    Bought a LG CS set a couple of weeks ago and am satisfied but I paid extra for calibration and they did this on ISF Dark. The picture in that profile is really good except for the faces (pictures below). What is wrong? What can you adjust to make even faces look natural? The compared image is...
  7. M

    LG CX internet tv channel app?

    Hi all. is there an app available to get tv channels via the internet through the tv? Samsungs version is called TV Plus but i cant seem to find anything for my LG CX. i dont have an aerial or satellite dish to get the channels in the normal manner as i used samsungs tv plus on my older set to...
  8. WeakCauliflower

    LG CX Tinting : Blue Highlight on Borders

    Hi everyone, I have a complaint between two lg cx oleds I have owned with regards to tinting in certain places. My first tv which was returned had a lot of pink tint either side, and blue on the bottom that was obvious when watching pretty much anything as it would through off the colours. It...
  9. E

    Help! LG CX input lag on Standard Mode

    Hello! Anyone know or able to test what the input lag on Standard picture more is ? I saw videos stating its around 84ms but im assuming that is with Motion smooth/ Cinema Clear/ added. Really just want standard mode with the above turned off ad well as smooth gradation, etc. All im interested...
  10. Daytrader

    Has the 2020 LG CX series, now had the Freeview Play added, i know 2021 LG have.

    Has the 2020 LG CX series, now had the Freeview Play added, i know 2021 LG have.
  11. M

    LG CX PC mode for gaming

    Hi all, I recently changed my CX to treat the Series X input as a PC. I did this after watching a video from the fabulous Vincent from HDTVTest. This is what it's like in game/console mode: This is what it's like in PC mode: Whilst I admit the PC mode isn't perfect, it is certainly a lot...
  12. L

    LG CX and Samsung HW K950 Atmos Help

    Hi guys I have just bought my new LG CX currently have it hooked up to Samsung HW K950 sound bar. Dolby Atmos will work with the Apple TV box plugged into the soundbar but if I try to play something from the apps in the tv with have atmos over the ARC to the soundbar the soundbar will not play...
  13. P

    Lg cx problem Duplexplayer ap

    Hello any one have the same problems .On my samsung worked perfect put on the cx must delete the app and install it again than it works perfect but when you put de tv out and next day on wont work .I use it for iptv.
  14. B

    LG CX Dolby audio delay

    Guys, I just bought a 65CX for a great price but I’m already thinking about returning it.. Problem is 200ms audio delay on Xbox Series X when set to Dolby. Xbox to TV HDMI1. JBL9.1 connected via HDMI2 (eARC) All settings are correct, TV on bitstream input and passthrough, eARC enabled. Xbox is...
  15. O

    LG CX high pitched/robotic audio

    Hi guys, twice in the last month or so I have switched on our LG CX48 and the audio has been extremely high pitched. Voices sound robotic. Is it likely to be the TV or our Bose Soundbar 300 causing it? If I turn the Sky box off and on again, it's fine. Thanks for your help. 🙂
  16. R


    I'm torn between buying a 65" LG BX or CX. The price different between the 2 is £230. I know the CX has a slightly better processes and brightness but is it worth the extra money? Thanks in advance
  17. ussjtrunks

    Lg CX audio sync issues?

    If I use the internal speakers the audio sync is fine but if I send sound over optical I can get some random out of sync audio. Of the internal apps Netflix and YouTube seem fine but amazon will play some content in sync and other stuff out of sync.
  18. skyryudo

    LG CX near-dark way too bright and flicker

    Hi everyone, I'm having issue with my new 77cx, I previously had a 65c9 and was happy with it. It seems the tv is doing a terrible job at dealing with dark area on the picture, the greys are way to bright and very messy, sometimes those area flicker. I'm on the latest firmware, with default...
  19. K

    Buy the LG CX or C1/G1?

    Hi! Since the new C1 and G1 Line is a few weeks out, I could get a good deal on an new 65" CX OLED. In my case: CX = 1700€, C1 = 2600€, G1 = 3000€. Has anybody from you guys tested or seen the real difference between an CX and C1/G1 in terms of brightness, banding,...? I'm using the TV most of...
  20. J

    HZ980 or LG CX? DTS annoyance.

    Hello. I hope you're all keeping safe and well. So I'm in a bit of a first world dilemma right now. I can get the LG 55CX for £999 from Richer sounds, or I can get the Panasonic TX-55HZ980B for £950 from John Lewis (and they will throw in a £100 gift card). I'm quite frustrated that there is...
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