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  1. bossc@

    Question How does a regular Xbox One perform on an LG C9?

    Have you had a look or search for xbox in the C9 owners thread in the LG section?
  2. Bummers

    samsung QE65Q85 or lg Oled 65E8?

    The dilemma! I can get a new QE65Q85 with the Q60 soundbar for £1310, or an ex display E8 for £1400. Both have 5 year warranty. Main use would be films and shows mostly in 1080p, although some 720p and ocassionally 480p. Prime & netflix 4k accounts will be used as well. Tv is near a window and...
  3. aneesbutt

    Question Bought LG 55EG9A7V without HDR -- Have I made a Mistake?

    Good Morning everyone! Please move this thread elsewhere if it does not belong here, I'm new here 😇 So, I always wanted an OLED TV and found a good deal on 55EG9A7V (equivalent to ~880 Euro here), I didn't really need the 4k resolution and since most of the broadcast we can afford is either SD...
  4. Maxstradamus

    LG TV all HDMI inputs snowy and distorted

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me solve the following issue: all HDMI inputs have become unusable on my tv, Everytime I try to use them I get a distorted picture and audio. I'm attaching a short clip for you to see. Thanks in advance. Edit: it's not letting me attach a clip so hopefully...
  5. M

    Question Strange Problems with new LG 50UM7500PLA

    Hello, i stumbled over this forum a few times, and i think its a great place to get advice. so i now registered here and hope that someone could help me with my little problem. i bought a 50UM7500PLA VA LG TV which has a nice picture and coming from a 32" its totally incredible. until this...
  6. C

    TV auto Switch on From Mains.....

    Hello, My old LG LED TV (LM7600) is automatically getting turned on after switching On the main switch on the wall. Ideally, i want the TV to standby when flicked the switch on the wall & actually switch on after i press the red button on tv remote. Any troubleshooting ?
  7. TA1212

    For Sale LG SL9YG 4.1.2 Dolby Atmos Soundbar *Brand New*

    LG SL9YG 4.1.2 Dolby Atmos Soundbar *Brand New and Sealed* Received as gift, can collect from Bromley or Reading area. £500 4.1.2 Channel & 500W With Meridian Audio’s Advanced Technologies Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X Google...
  8. B

    2018 43UK6300PLB no sound from HDMI ARC on recorded programme

    recorded a programme onto 250g SSD using USB 1 port but on playback no audio from HDMI ARC only internal .speakers . is this normal or ami missing something, this is first attempt at recording so all help appreciated
  9. Pamliverpool

    Green screen help LG OLED

    Bought the 65" oled screen last year my son noticed a green shadow in the screen. So when on utube typed yellow screen went to the vid, could see a green and yellow screen instead of it being yellow. So checked on my laptop plain yellow screen. Called curry's screen changed. happened again 6...
  10. K

    Control Tivo Box with Magic Remote

    Hi all, My current setup is this: Integra DRX-4 reciever LG OLED65C9 TV Tivo Roamio box AppleTV 4k All controlled by a Harmony UHF remote in closed cabinet, using IR blasters. I want to control everything with the magic remote but my setup is that I am using an Integra Receiver connected to my...
  11. A

    Bluetooth headphiones for LG 32LM630BPLA

    Hi Can anyone recommend a pair of in-ear bluetooth headphones for a LG 32LM630BPLA television (running webOS and software version 04.70.010) that doesnt produce any lag between sound and picture? Thanks
  12. J


    My budget isn't great at £500 max so I'm not too worried about which series it is. As long as it is in excellent condition with original stand and doesn't have any picture/image defects. Able to collect mid to late next week when I get a break from work.
  13. L

    Problem. With remote

    Hi The red light on the on/off switch won’t turn off and I can’t get onto tv to go down and up channels. I’ve tried holding Home and back button but nothing working can anyone help? Thanks
  14. leafsfan34

    Question PLEASE Help Sony x950G or LG C9.

    hi if you guys can help i bought the x950g sony 55 and i have a week to return it. 950g a lil fuzzy with certsin the lg c9 is on sale now for 1,999. i dont have cable. I stream everything and game on the ps4 pro. and wouldnt mind future proof myself for ps5. can i get your opinion if they...
  15. D

    Question Sony A8G vs LG C9 upscaling capabilities.

    Anyone know the extent of the difference of upscaling capabilities between the LG C9 and Sony A8G? I'd heard the Sony is better, but wondering to what extent. Currently the A8G is $500 more than the C9 (65"). As long as the C9 is solid enough to handle 720p sports ( american football) and...
  16. G

    Installing apps from foreign regions

    Hi all, I own the B9 oled and am located in the UK. I want to install an app that is not available on UK LG store but is available on the same TV in continental Europe and also keep using my UK streaming apps. ( the app doesn't care about streaming outside country of subscription ) Is such a...
  17. A

    Question Moving from LG 55EC930V OLED to what next at 65"

    My budget is up to £2500 max. However, I would prefer to keep it closer to £2000. I was looking at another OLED as I have always felt this was the way forward for ultimate picture quality. That was until I read reviews on Samsungs Q90R QLED that's available just under £2000! I'm out of touch...
  18. M

    Cast Android Media to LG TV

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8, and I was using the LG TV app to cast video from my phone to my LG TV UM7600PTA. Recently, that app has stopped working and LG advised it's because the app now only supports Android version 10, whereas mine won't update past version 9. Could you please help me to...
  19. C

    LG LM7600 - Doesnt Support 2TB hard drives... ?

    So i got a 2012 Model - LG LM7600 Led TV and i always used to connect my External 1TB HDD to watch content on TV. Now, i bought a new 2TB external HDD and its getting me following error - "File or directory damaged: failed to read USB. " This same HDD is readable on my other Samsung TV ! The...
  20. MAM1

    Problem watching football.

    Whilst watching football on Match of the Day in HD I have noticed that when the camera slowly scans along the pitch the grass definition completely disappears, and looks more like a snooker table. Even the lines that go across the pitch disappear the higher up the screen you look. This is on an...
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