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  1. W

    Wall mount LG C1 48”

    Was looking at wall mounting LG C1 48”. Is this a good and suitable wall mount to use ? Thanks https://www.sanus.com/en_GB/products/tv-mounts/vlt16/
  2. IanHoll

    Best Location To Install Recessed Box for G1

    I've wall hanging my LG G1 65 Evo. I'm just not sure where the best place where to install the recessed box for the power plug and cables. I've bought a SyncBox so it's nothing like the size of a LeGrand. I've noted that the G1's cable management runs 9.85 inches horizontally from the bottom...
  3. H

    LG SN7CY With SPK8-S Rear Speakers

    Evening all. Was seeing if anyone can share some light on some doubts I have with my soundbar, rear speakers set up. I have a LG 75NANO756PA 75" NanoCell 4K U ONE COLOUR LG SOUNDBAR SN7CY LG SPK8-S Rear speakers LG UBK90 Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-ray & DVD Player (All HDMI wires are 2.1 48gps)...
  4. L

    For Sale LG C1 55" OLED - OLED55C14LB - As New

    Hi all 2021 55” LG C1 OLED TV for sale. Was purchased by myself from new 4 months ago from Currys and has 4 years and 8 months left on the 5 year guarantee, receipt will be provided. The TV is literally as new, has been on a tv sideboard in my new home since I purchased it, only reason for sale...
  5. cioannou

    LG TV / NVidia Shield / LG Sound Bar -- Default to ARC

    Hello guys, I have a weird situation which drives me crazy. Here is my Setup: LG TV and LG Sound bar connected with HDMI ARC NVidia Shield is connected to the HDMI IN on Sound Bar. CEC is enabled on Shield and TV Input is set to HDMI on Sound bar and is set to HDMI 2 (Shield) on TV. I...
  6. Mattpreece

    C1 77inch soundbar flaw

    Hi I've just got a 77inch lg c1 a few weeks ago and I'm having trouble getting a soundbar that can sit infront of the TV, the stand for the TV is so low any soundbar would inpeed the screen . And the unit I have it on has room underneath but the soundbar I'm looking at needs to be infront so the...
  7. T

    LG CX best Dolby Vision settings

    Can someone please link me to the best Dolby Vision settings for the LG CX? Thanks!
  8. Paden


    Hey all Should it be possible to have HDMI eARC working without CEC/SIMPLINK? I'm running the sound down from a C1 to a receiver but am running into CEC issues (unwanted source changes on the receiver). If I disable SIMPLINK then the TV sound defaults to it's internal speakers. If I re-enable...
  9. 2

    For Sale Lg 65GX oled

    Back up for sale as a waste of space from EBay never turned up to buy it Excellent condition, only selling as getting a 77 inch oled. Purchased from John Lewis on 31st October 2020, so still has nearly 4 years warranty left. It comes with supplied wall bracket etc. collection only. No box..
  10. S

    5.1 surround with LG UJ670V

    I have an LG UJ670V Connected to a Sony HT-S20R 5.1 SURROUND sound system. I just want to check I have these set up for optimum quality. I'm using HDMI ARCB and have selected auto. Also have simplink (hdmi-cec) on. I believe these are the only settings on my TV for external sound. My surround...
  11. Mattpreece

    Soundbar advice

    Hi there I'm looking to purchase a soundbar to supplement my LG C1 77inch It seems like a minefield out there . I've got a ps5 and sky q hooked up to my TV and my budget is about £600 any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  12. G

    How to stop 'Please agree to the voice recognition feature' message popping up on LG G1

    Does anyone know how to stop 'Please agree to the voice recognition feature' popping up. Ive not clicked I accept as I don't want Alexa to keep popping up. So when don't tick the tick box it keeps popping up with this message. Please help So I have 2 choices 1. Agree to the voice recognition...
  13. G

    How to stop Alexa from popping up on LG G1

    Does anyone know how to stop Alexa from popping up on LG G1, its making me want to send the TV back.
  14. Mr Goat

    For Trade My LG OLED55C1 for your OLED48C1

    As title. Finding the 55 just too big in the small room we have it, so looking to trade for the next size down. I bought ours in September last year from Curry’s so isn’t very old. Mint condition as has been wall mounted since day 1. Comes with the original box and packaging and from a smoke...
  15. Otis

    For Sale LG 55" 3dtv

    LG 55la660v 3dtv for sale. I have owned from new & its always been a tv in the spare room so it's had very little use. Comes with several pairs of 3d glasses & dual play glasses for gaming. Includes both remotes. Everything is in excellent condition. I'm only selling as I bought a 55 oled last...
  16. Mattpreece

    Sound sync on lg c1

    Hi does the lg c1 support sound sync ? I've got a lg soundbar nb3530a it's a little old but still great sound and I've just got the 77inch c1 and I can't seem to control the volume with the TV remote like I used to with my last lg TV unless I connect it to Bluetooth instead of optical any ideas...
  17. D

    Samsung 65" Frame or LG 65" OLED65A16LA

    Hi I am about to buy a new TV, I went today with the intention of buying the 65" Samsung Frame TV, but the shop assistant said I was making a mistake and advised to buy the LG OLED A1, I left the store with neither. I am intending to go back tomorrow once I have decided which one to go...
  18. Sllvan3y

    Connect Bose 3-2-1 Series II to new LG TV 2021

    Hello, can someone show me how I do connect my Bose 321 series 2 to my new LG TV 2021 and get a video signal to adjust the settings on my Bose system? My LG TV only has optical (Toslink) and hdmi inputs. Thank you so much. A Amazon link for instance for the needs would be much appreciated. For...
  19. nonsoloinglese

    Wanted LG C8 55" can collect

    Looking for the above, can collect.
  20. Pie1862

    LG OLED55C7V repair question

    Hi all, My trusty OLED will be returned today after (I believe) having the power supply board either repaired or replaced by Currys. Does anyone know if it is likely to have had the equivalent of a factory reset or would i expect my settings etc. to be retained? Thanks in anticipation.
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