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    For Sale LG oled 55c9mlb

  2. Christonian

    Upgrading 7.1 to 7.1.4 Atmos/Auro-3D Setup

    Good Morning Everyone from Canada Goal is 7.1.4 or 5.1.4 current setup is 7.1, open to making AURO3D 9,10,11.1 setup Building from scratch looking for the best layout for my space feel free to download the file and mess around with it room has been gutted to the studs today I had someone...
  3. jeremyz

    Q900A Sporadically Cuts Out Until Unplugged/Plugged Back In

    I'm not sure if this post belongs in this forum or in the LG TV forum, but the soundbar is new so I'll start there. A couple weeks ago I got a Q900A soundbar + subwoofer and connected it via HDMI eARC to my LG C9 TV, using the HDMI cable that came with the soundbar. Overall I've been very happy...
  4. N

    LG C9 started defaulting to auto energy saving mode! Why?

    Hi all, I’ve had an LG C9 for a couple of years. I usually keep energy saving mode set to “off”. If I ever leave the tv for a break etc. I turn the screen off. Since I’ve had it, when I push a button to turn the screen back on, it has reverted to energy saving “off”. In the last month or...
  5. TolgaB

    Why I don’t use brightness at 50

    I know this is gonna make people who are ultra determined to use the most accurate picture settings cringe... but when you see my picture you’ll understand why. i’ve ALWAYS used brightness at 50 thinking it’s the best, then i asked myself questions “why is the picture so washed out?” Tried to...
  6. CWEBB


    Hi, I own an LG C9 television with eARC. It's connected to my Nakamichi Shockwafe ULTRA SSE 9.2.4 soundbar via the ARC connection on the soundbar. My devices - Xbox One X, LG Blu-ray player, and cable box, are all connected via the HDMI ports on the soundbar. I am wondering if I am...
  7. S

    PS5 LG C9 Stutter/Judder with 30FPS TLOU2 - fixed with compromise!

    Hey all, I have been playing The Last of US Part 2 (TLOU2) on the PS5 with an LG C9 TV and I am seeing the background get really jerky when I move the camera around in the game. I tried another game too (Alien Isolation) and I see the same there too - if you pan the camera around the character...
  8. R

    Question C9 and Onkyo PCM mode

    Moved house and whilst everything was fine before...now it's not. Have Sky Q direct to HDMI 4. Onkyo to HDMI 2 ( SkyQ won't recognise Onkyo for UHD, hence set up this way). SkyQ is set to 2160, Digital output to Dolby Digital Plus to get UHD (have a new 2tb box) LG C9 is set to HDMI ARC...
  9. B

    eARC Problem

    Hello. I have just bought the LG 55 CX and a sound STR DN 1080 received. both are eARC compatible. However when I enable eARC on both the TV and the Amp the sound drops from Dolby Digital to PCM. If I switch off the eARC on either device then the sound reverts back to dolby digital. Any ideas...
  10. D

    LG C9/E9 EPG logos mixed up

    Been having this frustration on my E9 for a while, over different firmwares as I recall. On any given occasion there is a 50% chance that the EPG channel logo's will be totally random. So for example BBC One might have a Logo for ITV2 or something obscure. Next time you turn it on there's every...
  11. Mediafriendly

    Netflix Dolby Digital 5.1 dropouts

    My 55 C9 is connected via HDMI to Pioneer home theater via ARC. It is connected to strong UniFi wifi. I get occasional momentary sound drop-outs on Netflix on Dolby Digital 5.1, particularly on The Blacklist. Is this a known issue?
  12. IS2

    LG C9 is out of stock, what now?

    Hi all, My current TV is on its last legs and I'm looking at getting a new one. I had originally done some research and found that LG C9 was highly reviewed and was a great price/performance balance. Now I can't find one at all. As a result I'm a little lost at what is comparable in the 2020...
  13. Purechoas

    Question Getting around an ARC setup - Onkyo HTX 22HDX & LG C9

    Hey everyone, My Current Setup is 5.1 Onkyo HTX 22HDX and a recently purchased LG C9 55 inch. This is in a bedroom setup. The big problem I have hit since upgrading my TV and retiring the Amazing Panasonic GT50, is the bottleneck of HDMI 1.4 on the Onkyo Receiver. My current workaround has...
  14. D

    Question LG CX (or C9) vs Sony A9G - 55inch

    Hello guys, After years of owning Samsung TVs and my latest 4 years old one already playing up (one of the led reflectors already fell off) I've decided to get Sony or LG and debating between CX (or C9) and A9G. Don't really want a bigger screen so unfortunately can't consider higher range...
  15. jacklafiga

    DENON x2600h Help ALLM Auto Latency Game Mode XBOX ONE X LG C9

    Hi! After replacing my 1600h for 2600h I lost the ALLM. When I connect XBOX ONE X through the receiver to the LG C9 it doesn't appear tne LG " Instant Game Response" advertise anymore. With the 1600 it didn't happen...
  16. P

    77 OLED vs 85 QLED

    Hi, First post here although I've been reading for a while. I'm upgrading my AV setup and I wanted to ask for some advice. I've had a Panasonic plasma 54 VT25 for 10 years. This is the family T and we watch all different streamings apps and maybe play xbox like 5% of the time. Although lately...
  17. T

    65 LG C9 vs 75 Q70R/Q90R

    I've posted before but a long time ago but just about to pull the trigger on the C9 but am now having second thoughts. I can get the various TV's for the following: 65 C9 - €2099 75 Q70R - €1999 75 Q90R - €3349 I'm coming from a a 65 Samsung HU8500 so my dilemma is upgrade to the same...
  18. zymoloid

    sound presets on lg c9 with sonos arc

    I have an lg c9 with sonos arc connected via earc on tv. everything is fine but I can no longer switch to music preset on tv ,it stays on cinema. I have the earc setting on c9 as passthrough and not pcmcia. is this correct?. seems like I have to change to the tv,s internal speaker setting to...
  19. P

    LG C9 dimming issue

    I recently purchased a LG C9 Oled tv a few days ago and it has this odd issue. This tv doubles as my computer monitor and while viewing web pages or using some programs the brightness randomly changes. Or more accurately the backlighting, or whatever you call it on an OLED panel. It will...
  20. J

    Question LG C9 or Panasonic GZ950B - or wait for CX price to drop?

    I've decided to make the move to OLED this year. Upgrading from a Samsung KS7000 so hoping to see a big improvement. Sticking with 55" though due to space in the room, and keeping the wife happy! I've been reading through the various threads on here about the C9 / CX and was leaning toward the...
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