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  1. J

    My burn in issue with LG C8 where the subtitles appear.

    Here's a photo of my two-year old LG C8, showing burn-in where the subtitles appear.
  2. xar

    Help Required - LG C8 - Broadcast channels breaking up

    Hi all - had an LG C8 for a few years now with no issues. Same location, same house etc. About 2 months back I noticed it would start breaking up when watching regular broadcast TV channels as soon as turned on, but after a while / turned off an on again it would right itself. However it has...
  3. K

    Question Can't stop LG C8 from auto dimming

    I watch a lot of Twitch on my LG C8 using an Nvidia Shield Pro 2019. I noticed after watching a stream for a couple of minutes, that the brightness of the panel decreases dramatically. When I first noticed this, I did some research, and found out how to turn ASBL off in the service menu, from...
  4. white91

    Answered John Lewis aftersales

    What would you do? Purchased an LG OLED65C8 on 5/6/19 and it turned up on 10/6/19, purchased from JL primarily for their good aftersales. Last weekend 3/8/19 two green vertical lines appeared on the screen. JL put me in touch with LG who advised me to run the pixel refresher 5 times, whilst...
  5. neutrino5

    Question LG C8 does not identify all inputs connected to Pioneer receiver

    Hello, Here's my setup. - The HDMI OUT from the Pioneer goes to the LG C8 to its HDMI 2 (ARC). - PS3 connected to HDMI IN (BD) on the receiver. - Comcast DVR connected to HDMI IN (SAT/CBL) on the receiver. - Chromecast connected to HDMI IN (GAME) on the receiver. In the Device...
  6. M

    Question Sony A9F versus LG C8 (If same price)

    Sony A9F versus LG C8 (If same price) All, I'm having a very difficult time deciding which TV to get, but am able to get either TV for the same price right now (due to personal circumstances). Virtually all of my TV viewing is done in a dark room setting, and is either tv shows or movies (not...
  7. P

    Question Audio passthrough!! Which OLED should I consider?

    I hope some of you can give me some advice. I'm after a new TV. I think OLED is where I'm currently aiming and I have 2 models on my radar. LG C8 - It seems to be the top choice in so many reviews! Sony AF8 - Again often raved about but often comes runner up to the C8. One of my main concerns...
  8. N

    Question Samsung HW-N950 / HW-N960 ARC not working?

    Hey! I'm quite the rookie at this, but I'll give this a go here.. Just got my brand new N950/960 soundbar. To be short; The soundbar is up and alive and rear speakers, woofer and soundbar are linked and up and running. This is how it's all set up: Blu-Ray (DP-UB820) is connected to the...
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