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  1. JimmyHickmott

    Excited about A95K - Worth the upgrade from LG B9?

    Hi everyone I collect 4k blu rays - mostly watch on Apple TV - pc game 10-20 percent of the time. Sensitive to judder. Is it worth upgrading to the A95K? S95B is not for me as it can't do Dolby Vision and I've heard that Sony handle motion better. I've spoken to Sony Centre and said I'm worried...
  2. D

    LG B9 streaming fails

    All of a sudden, our LG OLED B9 has started to fail when streaming. This applies to virtually all APPs in the TV we have tested, it rarely works but errors typically come back after a short time. We can use the interface in all APPs but it is only when we start a movie / live playback that the...
  3. killabyte

    LG B9 oled with Samsung Q60t Soundbar query

    Hi, Please can someone help me with my query? I recently got a Samsung Q60t soundbar over xmas and i have set it up - HDMI Arc from soundbar into HDMI Arc on TV. I have enabled Simplink and when i switch on the TV the soundbar comes on too and i can control it using the remote - great! 👍...
  4. R

    LG B9 turns off after 5 seconds

    The tv is a year and a half old. Started noticing it having a problem when I paused the tv. After several minutes of pause the tv would turn black. Turning it on and off would not help and to get the screen back I would have to choose a different app (for instance, if I was watching Netflix, I...
  5. B

    LG B9 Bright Flash

    I started experiencing random bright green/blue flashes on my 18months old LG B9 (see video). Video The frequency is around a flash every 2 minutes. This happens watching local content (for example using Amazon Prime), so it shouldn't be related to bad cables/connections. What could be the...
  6. N

    lg b9 oled with samsung soundbar

    hi all, recently had a problem with my oled b9, i swapped from samsung to lg over a year ago, and i had a samsung sound bar already, so i connected that to my oled, and it worked fine for 12 month or so, anyway a few weeks ago the sound started to come out of the internal speaker, so i went into...
  7. Doctor Hades

    LG B9 - Which Picture Setting do you use for Dolby Vision content?

    What picture setting do people use for Dolby Vision on their B9s? Cinema or Cinema Home? I had been using the Cinema setting for DV with my Panasonic 820 4K player since I got it and always found movies that used it to look overly dark. However, I assumed that this was how it was supposed to...
  8. P

    LG B9 - DTS passthrough

    Hi all, I have a question regarding LG OLED B9. Can it passthrough DTS audio, like on previous models? Will my USB content with DTS work on this TV? Thank you for your help advance.
  9. D

    LG B9 65" broke, what shall I replace it with?

    Hi, My insurance company have suggested it's not economical to repair my LG B9 65" and has offered the below options - please can you help me pick? I wouldn't use it for gaming, just Netflix / Prime etc. Or do I go back to them and say the options aren't good enough? Cheers! LG 65UN80006LA LCD...
  10. G

    LG B9 stuck in cast limbo

    Hey all, I recently got myself an AppleTV to replace the WebOS UI and disconnected my LG B9 from the ethernet network. However, the TVs IDs for streaming content from a phone ( AirPlay and YouTube cast ) still show up on my local network even though the TV has been disconnected from the WiFi. I...
  11. Doctor Hades

    LG B9 - Odd horizontal purple bar flashes up at bottom of screen randomly

    Has anyone else experienced a weird issue with the LG B9 or other LG OLED models, where a horizonal purple bar the entire width of the screen will flash up for a split-second inside a black box, which is approximately the thickness of a widescreen 2:35 aspect ratio movie's letterbox bar...
  12. E

    Sony A8H 55inch or LG B9 65inch

    Hello, I just purchased a Sony A8H and the image is superb. Every movie looks excellent on this display and the motion + colours are incredible. Now there is a promotion for an LG B9 65inch and the price is the same as for my A8H. Basically I can return my Sony A8H TV and get the 10 inch bigger...
  13. Doctor Hades

    LG B9 Optical Out Setup Issue with PS4 Pro

    Okay so the short of it is that I had DTS and DD5.1 working flawlessly with my PS4 Pro and my (ageing) Sony HT-SS1100 5.1 speaker setup for the past few years. I also use the amp with my Sony 4K UHD player via the co-axial output and my Xbox One X via the second optical out (VIDEO). PS4 Pro...
  14. Figorulz11

    Which soundbar do you recommend to go with LG B9 55" Oled ?

    Hi all, Need some help choosing a soundbar to go with my LG B9 55" Oled tv. Budget up to £500-550. Not sure if i can get a decent soundbar with subwoofer for this price? Or better off without a subwoofer and just the soundbar? - Would be nice to have bluetooth connectivity to use with...
  15. 9geordie9

    HW-Q90R Sometimes Doesn't Turn On With My LG B9

    Hi Guys Getting really frustrated with this now but its happening more and more often. The problem is the soundbar sometimes doesn't turn on when the TV turns on. I have Sky Q box connected to my LGB9 via HDMI then eARC HDMI from TV to soundbar. Turn Sky box on which fires up the TV but like i...
  16. EldenKing

    LG B9 and C9 for gaming mostly

    I found the LG B9 for 1190€ and the C9 for 1390€. Does the C9 worth the extra bucks ? I will mostly play video games and watch netflix/youtube. Also I play video games 6-7 hours a day and I'm a bit worried about burn in...
  17. D

    How can I switch on my LG B9 via WiFi?

    Hello all! I've recently bought my new tv, an LG B9 2020.. I configured LgThinQ and Google Home.. I'm not sure that it is well configured because I have no button in Google Home for my Tv, but I can give some commands using "Ok Google" and the "Ask to LG".. Then I would like to use the command...
  18. 9geordie9

    LG B9 HDMI Problem

    Hi Guys Got Sky Q box connected to LG B9. All has been working ok for a while but recently when I turn on the Sky Q box, the TV and soundbar would turn on also as normal but I dont get picture from Sky Q box and a message on TV to check input from set top box. I have to turn TV and Sky Q box off...
  19. 9geordie9

    Problems with HW-Q90R soundbar and LG B9

    Hi Guys Got the TV and soundbar about 2 weeks ago but recently started noticing the soundbar wasn't powering on when the TV was turned on. Have to keep powering the soundbar off and on again. Also sometimes when you turn the volume up or down you see the icons on the TV for + or - but wont...
  20. lowrider007

    LG B9 Freesat issue (not showing channel names)

    Hi, just had a new Sat dish installed, told by engineer very good signal, but as you can see I have no channel names in my EPG and it always says 'downloading programme guide' in the top left corner box, is this normal for freesat?
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