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  1. spazzbecker

    LG B6 OLED strange shape on my TV screen

    Hi Guys LG B6 has been flawless until tonight! noticed a strange shape in my TV screen, doesn't look like burn-in just maybe stuck pixels what the hell is it? I have tried the panel clear function still no good Any ideas? Well, I think I have a 5-year warranty with Richarsounds, time to dig...
  2. river123

    LG B6 65 to LG CX 77 question.

    My current tv is the LG B6 65 and I’m looking at the new LG CX 77 when they eventually get released, my question is how can I determine if my Solid oak cabinet can support the weight of the heavier LG CX 77. Width 54 inches and depth is 19 inches.
  3. Unclefishboy73

    Suddenly I have vertical banding on my LG B6 - help!

    Hi all I've had my LG B6 OLED since summer 2017 and love it, or did love it....until about a week ago when I noticed a significant vertical band slap bang down the middle of the screen and stretching 7 inches to the right. Literally a straight line down the centre from top to bottom. It's most...
  4. Shooter1

    Question LG B6 OLED v Samsung LCD

    Hi All, I'm looking for some information from people who know better than me (not difficult). I'm contemplating purchasing a used LG B6 65" and was wondering how it compares to the 2017 Samsung TV's? I've had to return 3 Samsung 65" MU7000 due to uniformity issues (only really noticeable...
  5. F

    Please help! LG B6 reset, remote not working. Now what?

    Hi there, So my LG remote has died - and I was also experiencing some issues with the TV. I've been able to use the TV using the LG app and my Sky Remote. I spoke to Richer Sounds and they recommended I do a reset of the TV. Which I just did. Those smarter than me have probably already worked...
  6. F

    Question LG B6 Remote - dead?

    Hey, my B6 remote (MR650) seems to have died for no reason. Changed the batteries, nothing. The power light doesn't flash when pressed. Other remotes operate the TV fine. It's 1 month out of warranty (:mad:) so before I go out and find a new one, is there anything else I can try?
  7. TheSleepyWalrus

    Answered LG B6 Magic Remote Question

    Hi guys, apologies if this has been asked before. Recently set up my LG downstairs, which is hooked up to a Marantz NR1607 AV Receiver. I set up the Magic Remote to control the AV Receiver, which has both a Sky Q box and Samsung UHD blu ray player connected. The remote now controls my home...
  8. duckdodgersuk

    LG B6 OLED scratch ! :(

    I was cleaning my 55" OLED B6 at the weekend and noticed a inch long scratch in the middle of the screen. :( After interrogating the children they said the old "It wasn't me" line. I want to try a self repair but does anyone know what the screen is made of? Glass or Plastic? If its plastic I...
  9. Unclefishboy73

    Question Xbox one X no sound on LG B6 OLED

    Hi, as of Friday my Xbox one x stopped playing any sound through my LG B6 OLED tv. It was working fine the night before but then on Friday nothing. It’s on standard hdmi to the tv and the tv outputs to a surround sound amp via optical but even without the amp and trying the tv speakers there’s...
  10. naomijamie

    LG B6 oled remove network card

    hi guys, i want to remove the network card of my LG B6 oled because when i turn off wifi in settings it still sends out mayor blasts of radiation every 5 minutes. (seen a youtube video where someone has a measure device and he showed the results) does anyone have tips on how to do this? many...
  11. F

    LG B6 + Sonos Playbar wall mount recommendations

    Hi guys, I'm looking to mount my LG B6 and Sonos soundbar onto my wall. Doesn't really need to move once it's up, just want it to look good and not spend the earth. What should I be buying? There seems to be a lot out there and I have no idea what I should be putting my cash down on! And...
  12. witchdrash

    LG B6 + PC Issue

    So before I start going down the LG warranty issue with this tv I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue and may have a solution. I have 2 computers, one with a GTX 970, the second with a GTX 1080ti, if I plug either into the TV I appear to get severe HDMI handshake issues, screen...
  13. TwixyFingers

    Question Samsung KS8000 or LG B6

    Hi there, I'm trying to decide which tv set i should get for my living room. My viewing distance from the tv is about 9 ft', the living room has some light but its not facing the tv, with that being said, i mostly watch tv after sunset. Where i'm from the 65" ks8000 costs about 2500$ and the...
  14. M

    Question LG B6 Black Bars/Aspect Ratio problem

    Dear AVForums I have an annoying problem with my LG B6 55". After a few minutes of any content displaying, there is a noticeable black bar on the left side of the screen. It gets worse and worse until it stays permanently there at about half an inch. I can however correct the issue by toggling...
  15. D

    LG B6 HDR not working

    I've tried Netflix, Amazon and Sky and when I play a uhd program I've checked in settings and UHD picture options are not there am I missing a setting to tick or do I have a faulty Tv?
  16. gameniac85

    Question Sony 65" X900E - Right Choice?

    After researching for a while, and viewing various options in store, I have narrowed down my search to the Sony XBR65X900E. But before I get into my question, let me divulge some details of my setup. This TV will primarily be used for gaming, including a PS4 Pro, Xbox One S (an X when it...
  17. J

    Question Confused About LG B6 and C6 Input Lag Differences?

    I have read from updated reviews that the C6 has a input lag of around 34ms whereas the B6 has a input lag of 28ms on the latest firmware? I thought the two TVs were essentially the same? Looking at LGs website, it seems they have different firmware for the two TVs with the B6 seeming to have...
  18. E

    LG B6 Screen defect, anyone had similar?

    I've been very happy with my LG B6 so far, had it for about 2 months. I've noticed in the top left corner has a slight colour issue. It seems to be slowly growing. I think it might be some adhesive layer perhaps slowly degrading? Any suggestions? Would you take the TV back? I must admit...
  19. E

    Setting a Default Input - LG B6

    Hi Folks, How can I set a default input on an LG B6 55 OLED TV? Every time I use the WebOS to watch Netflix, the next time I turn on the TV it defaults to the HDMI input for my cable box. I'm trying to default to the HDMI input for my TIVO. I heard some LG TVs also have a hotel menu - does...
  20. Z

    LG OLED - Show us your TVs!

    I wanted to buy a LG B6 or C6 but the glossy display is really killing me. I got a shiney room with windows behind me, can't really buy an OLED unfortunately cause all of them are glossy. But maybe I am wrong. So would you guys show me your tvs with turned off screens and windows or lamps around...
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