lg 65c9

  1. leckie

    Question LG 65C9 or 65CX

    Hi folks, Done a bit of searching and there is some old threads but wondered with more people having the CX now if opinions may have changed. Currently I have a 55C6 which I love. But I’m about to get a series x and I’m also moving into a larger house next year and could do with a larger...
  2. M

    Question Soundbar for LG 65C9

    So finally bought myself new tv - Lg oled 65c9 and now would like to choose soundbar to up sound a bit... usage: only internal apps - often dolby vision and atmos videos (netflix, apple tv app, youtube) and ps4/ps5 i assume that sonos src would be best fit - good sound quality, atmos, earc...
  3. Xgi93

    New LG C9 - small white horizontal line

    Hi, yesterday I received my LG oled C9 65". At first glance everything looked good. No clear dead pixels. However, I noticed a small white line that goes from right end of TV to around centre. It appears during bright colours, and not at all when darker scenes or darker colours are played. Is...
  4. hollywood1117

    Question Properly Caring for an LG C9 (OLED Light and Contrast)

    Hey, everyone! I’m a new owner of LG C9 OLED TV, and I want to ensure that I am caring for the TV in the best way possible. For example, I want to increase the life/longevity of my TV. In order to do that, what would you recommend for the OLED light setting? From my understanding, using the OLED...
  5. Jemzor

    Sony 65AF9 vs LG 65C9 vs Panasonic 65GZ950

    This is tricky comparison of TV's, but with 2018 stock of the sony's still available and reaching similar prices to the 2019 panasonic, I am wondering which TV would be more suitable for requirements. - TV will be in a dark room and will be largely used for watching movies through Sky HD box or...
  6. N

    Question New 65C9 + SL10YG + Xbox X - Optimal Connection Setup?

    Hey all! - I am waving the white flag! Been researching the best possible connections between a new LG65C9 + SL10YG + Xbox X and to be honest it seems like with every combination there is some sort of caveat. Does anyone have *the* best connection setup to maximize quality of sound and picture?
  7. FarleyUK

    Question LG 65C9 - not the Messiah after all?

    Hi all, Just purchased a 65C9, being delivered Thursday. It’s replacing a Samsung Q9. However, I’m a little concerned about a lot of issues I’ve been hearing about now with regards to eARC, GSYNC etc. I have a few questions for the hive mind here... 1. I have a Denon x6400 receiver that has a...
  8. E

    Question Soundbar for LG 65C9?

    Had pulled the trigger on a LG 65E9 @ £2099 (can cancel before shipping) however just managed to snag a C9 @ £1699, so with the £400 saving what kind of soundar should I be looking at? –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Not sure if Atmos will be doable or reasonable at this budget? Needs to be wall...
  9. D

    LG 65C9 controlling Onkyo TX-NR656

    My new 65C9 looks fantastic, but I have one issue with its connection to my Onkyo TX-NR656 receiver, and I was wondering if anyone had found a solution. I can control the receiver via the TV in every way but one. It turns off when I turn off the TV, I can turn it on or off using the TV menus, I...
  10. T

    Plasma to OLED

    We're redecorating the lounge so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade the TV. Our current TV is a 60" Kuro and I'm looking for 65" OLED/QLED minimum. In the day the room is bright but no direct sun on the TV. At night the room can be pitch black. Viewing angles are pretty much straight...
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