1. zombionicdoom

    My Lexicon has died should I buy a Denon 3600??

    Hello, I’m looking for a little advice after my beloved Lexicon RV-5 bit the bullet last night! Until the good folks at Karma A/V return to see if its well and truly turned its toes I was considering replacing it with a Denon AVR-3600 or maybe the 4500. Or even an equivalent Marantz. Here is...
  2. N

    Lexicon RV-9

    There appear to be some good deals on the RV-9 out there at the moment, however as I already have my amps, I was wondering if anyone could help with information on what the difference would be if I used the RV-9 as a pre against an MC-10. The recommended price of both is approximately the same...
  3. sosen13

    Question Lexicon rx-7

    Hi there I have open thread with amp power wanted for my HT. Need smth solid with plenty grunt. I'm looking for recommendations about lexicon rx-7 which I might source locally for just shy above £1k in great condition. Would it be sensible amp for this kind of money..? How do you think? Thank you.
  4. L

    Question Tag McLaren 100x5R or Lexicon LX7 advise

    Hi all!! I have the opportunity to buy one of them, the Tag Mclaren and the Lexicon. The Lexicon costs 400 pounds more than the Tag. My doubt is: which one would be the best choice? My speakers and AV are: Monitor Audio Silver 10 (L/R) Monitor Audio Silver Center Magnat supreme (surrounds)...
  5. sosen13

    Question Lexicon gx-7 vs Rotel rmb-1575

    Hi I'm using my system to I would say 60/40 movies/music. Movies bluray, music flac files mainly or streaming like spotify/google music. System is 5.1, run on anthem mrx710, I want to focus on fronts monitor audio platinum. I had in past dedicated stereo amp like mf m6i which was the best so...
  6. Ianfromnotts

    Lexicon MC12 digital output - brilliant !

    Its a very long story so I wont go into details save to say I was looking for a way to downmix 192/24 to 96/24 and I started thinking about my old MC12 processor. it doesnt seem to handle 192/24 but the digital output options are brilliant. You can set the processor up to give different...
  7. T

    Question Any one using the Lexicon RV-6 or 9?

    Hi All, just wanted to see if any one was using the Lexicon RV-6 or 9? Havent been able to get any decent reviews or either unit. It seems that Lexicon or Harman per se is having a lock out in reviewing their systems.
  8. adam-burnley

    Lexicon MC-10 with Dirac vs Anthem ARC

    I will have the opportunity to listen to an excellent system that is going to have a Lexicon MC-10 Processor and Dirac Live, and am really interested in how it is going to compare to an Anthem and ARC. I've been reliably informed that the Lexicon MC-10 is 'the next level' at this price point...
  9. Reel To Reel

    Question New sound processor to replace Lexicon MC8

    Hi Guys Just purchased a Sony A1 65, and soon after my vintage 2003 Lexicon MC8 has stopped working. Looking to buy a new processor - not committed to any brand, but it needs to last me a while. I have Bryston SST amplification for 5 speakers. Budget sub £3000, but don't need to spend it...
  10. S

    Hum moving through channels in Lexicon LX-7

    I purchased a lexicon LX seven amplifier almost a year ago, Since I've bought it every now and then I get hum that comes out of a channel randomly. Because I only run five channels out of the seven available I'm able to switch the XLR connection to an open channel which usually fixes the...
  11. Paul7777x

    Lexicon. MC-12 MC-12

    Hello. I'm currently using an excellent MC-1 v4 as a stereo preamp into actives. It's excellent at the job and I'm very pleased. But I have the chance of getting an MC-12 for a good price and I'm wondering if it's worth doing so? I'm interested only in its abilities as a stereo preamp...
  12. fatboy frank

    Question Replacing a Lexicon MC12-HD EQ

    As per the title; I have a Lexicon MC12-HD which i had a brand new EQ board fitted by Karma AV who also carried out a service and power supply mod at the same time, also have a complete set of 4 x calibration mic's. Unfortunately the Upgradeitus is growing and i'm thinking about changing it...
  13. G

    Lexicon MC-1 display fault

    Hi Guys, I know this is getting on in years but still enjoy the sound but the MC-1 display has done faint some bits lighter than others and its seems to come and go when you change the display ie volume etc Please if anyone remembers having this issue and a solution much appreciated. cheers Gary
  14. ukaudiophile

    Multichannel power amps to match Bryston 3B-SST

    Hello, I've finally decided to take the plunge with the audio side of my home theater and upgrade from my Onkyo A/V receiver and move to a pre/pro with separate amplifiers as part of my Martin Logan / Atmos upgrade. I currently use ML Vantage speakers with a Bryston 3B-SST for front L/R and...
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