1. RichB14

    Entry level monitor for first time PC gamer

    Hi My daughter is moving into PC gaming so we are building her a PC for Christmas. I was just going to let her use an old 19" monitor in the loft but she could really do with a something better, the will eat into the PC build cost though. This is the make up of the PC so far (Just Graphics to...
  2. C

    LG CX 77 Black Level Question

    Hi guys, really pleased with my Oled Tv but have a question regarding shadow detail. I have downloaded various test patterns showing increasing dark bands, are Oleds meant to see blacks down to 1% ? on my Qled 1% is just seeable. I have tried increasing brightness and using lumance increases at...
  3. asteveman2k3


    Hi I am looking for an entry level projector, preferably an Optoma. Thank you in advance.
  4. W

    For Sale 3m Neutrik Speakon High Level Lead

    Up for sale is a 3m Neutrik Speakon High Level lead, it came with a BK sub and I only used the lfe input, so the lead is unused. £10 Inc delivery.
  5. snadge

    do LG slip in VA/TN panels instead of IPS at factory level?

    My dads new LG should be IPS but is TN/VA when he moves slightly to left or right it goes overcast...also when he opened it , it had NO PEELY on the screen, this tells me its been returned and re-sold... as all TV's have that peely. the TV is a 43UN74006LB he sys he has read that...
  6. J

    Best black levels projector <1000

    Hi everyone, Been reading a lot of reviews lately but it's hard to pinpoint the best (available) projecter for contrastratio/black levels (will be used for movies) currently under 1000, and preferably with good returning service (incase I don't like it). The Benq 2050s seems to be great...
  7. D

    High level crossovers

    Hi all, I have a Yamaha R-S202D amp and some Dali Spektor 2 speakers. I want to add a sub and this looks like good value SW-150 – WHARFEDALE. There is speaker line in but not out so I guess I could send signal from the 'B' speakers on the amp to the sub and feed the speakers from the 'A'. But...
  8. TB Rich

    Reference level and calibration

    I've got an old AVR that has no auto setup, so it rely's on pink noise generation and manual adjustment of the channels. I decided just now to check with my UMIK-1 and REW how good a job I had done by ear balancing them all - turns out spot on! However to get ~75dB of pink noise referenced in...
  9. pburleson

    Troubleshooting front left and right audio level issues with Denon AVR-X2400H in 3.1 configuration

    I have a Denon AVR-X2400H setup with L/C/R speakers and have been having a lot of trouble with audio level mix between left and right and the center channel. Setup: AVR-X2400H AppleTV 4K LG OLED TV Left/Right: Pioneer SP-B522-LR Center: Boston Acoustics CRC7 Frequently the left and right...
  10. E

    LG CX & PS4 Pro black level

    im having a reslly hard time with the "black level" tv setting and my PS4 Pro. Low is exactly the same as Auto. Zero difference, but High makes the colors washed out and puts this hazy filter on the screen that makes bright objects less bright, but putting it on auto makes the shadows too harsh...
  11. raduv1

    bella Thorne ??? Low level porn ?Big earner ?

    https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/26/entertainment/bella-thorne-only-fans-trnd/index.html She may mean something to some ? But it seems some type of reality TV + porn is a big earner earner during lockdown and beyond . Only fans , or course, some serious wedge though .
  12. T

    Can I use pre-amp variable line out with active speakers with own volume control (Dynaudio Xeo 6)?

    I've just acquired a second hand pair of Xeo 6 speakers. The issue with virtually all active speakers is that they don't accommodate headphones, so my next step is to plug my sources into a pre-amp/streamer with headphone facility, and plug that into the Dynaudio Connect box. I already have a...
  13. Cliff

    Predicted A level grades.

    So the predicted grades were out today and th s*** has hit the fan. 40% have been downgraded from the teachers recommendations. An algorithm was used which took account of average grades from previous years, in schools and areas. Actually the number of A and A* is up- but that's not news. I'm...
  14. Ja55

    Question High level input crossover settings

    Hi All I currently have bookshelf speakers and a Rel Strata 5 setup for music which I run through a stereo amp. I'm thinking of replacing the Strata 5 with a BK XLS400 as i've read good things about the XLS400. I currently rum my Strata 5 through the Neutrik high level connection at 50% gain...
  15. UMAR 3:16

    Question Sub level adjustment

    Question, after running XT32, my main sub volume on the sub is barley turned. As in probably the 35 position of the dial. The calibration shows the sub level at -3.5 in the 8805. That I adjust to around +5.5 to bring up the bass. Is that correct or should I be turning up the main volume on the...
  16. antighsiothail

    Low level lighting for step

    We will soon be moving house, the house we are going to has a change of level, from the bedroom to the hallway. The bathroom is off the hallway, so in the night there is the risk of tripping on this step. It's about an inch and a half high, I would like to be able to put some kind of lighting to...
  17. paulefox

    Question Samsung HW-Q90R bass level issue

    Hi, I wondered if anyone can help me. I have purchased the Q90R and it all sounds great except for the bass which I think can be overpowering on the low levels. I have put the subwoofer volume to -12 but it still seems too much. Is there anything that I am missing here. thanks for any help.
  18. K

    Question (LG OLED55B7V) Amazon Prime Video - HDR Black Level Issue

    Been having major problems with watching 4K HDR shows on Amazon Prime. I'm using the Amazon app in my TV to watch shows. Should the black levels (if that is the right term) look like this? What could the issue be? Is there any way to fix it? This is basically how any shadow looks, and I really...
  19. Keiron

    Question High level connection to B terminals?

    I've ordered a REL T9i sub. I'm just using in a stereo set up with my Harbeth M30.1 speakers. I know I should use the "high level" connection, connecting it to the speaker terminals. My Rotel RA 1592 amp has A and B speaker terminals on the back I have the Harbeths connected to the A...
  20. E

    Help - reached my ability level cap!

    I worked up a system that was fine for four years - until the 3.5mm audio output on the BenQ projector failed. The idea was: I wanted to be able to choose between two outputs (TV and BenQ W1070 projector), and two inputs (Apple TV and Western Digital external hard drive), and wanted to run all...
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