1. B

    Sound bar not showing volume level on Arc with 50JX800B?

    So, I have setup a very nice 50JX800B for my in-laws yesterday, and am very impressed by the picture quality. The only gripe is that it doesn’t show the numerical number for volume like it does when the TV is connected. This surprises me, as the TV is a Google TV (Android 10) and on my Sony...
  2. Maximus Braticus

    Sound level problem using RODE Wireless Go II over USB

    Sound level problem using RODE Wireless Go II over USB Using the supplied USB-C to USB-A cable, or SC15 USB, the output levels using the WGII are very low on both Mac and iOS (approx. 15Db less than desired on the meter it seems). Ive tried adjusting input levels via the computer in any...
  3. Jimster71

    Can you test microphone level?

    Is there any way to test your microphone level on the Series X? On the PlayStation there is a meter you can use.
  4. H

    Black level settings on 2021 LG LED TV's

    Hi all, I didn't see any discussion on this setting, apart from Vincent Theo's video on PS5 video settings where he sort of just mentioned it. Majority of the YT videos are for OLED TV's but I'm unsure if settings translate to LED models. I have 50UP77 with a VA panel which has great...
  5. Danarchy

    Entry Level Subwoofer

    Afternoon AVF members Im not new to the world of the bottomless pit of AV tech as such, but i have been absent for a few years now. I have once again acquired the taste for audiophile listening and am in the market for a new "entry level" subwoofer. I have a Denon PMA-60 running a pair of Dali...
  6. L

    Question about cabling up a REL sub using high level connection

    Hi all, I'm currently using an old receiver (a Yamaha RXV 673) to play music (and only music) in 2.1 mode. No other reason that it's was left over from an install that I've replaced. Most of the time its streaming extreme quality Spotify via the optical input. The speakers are Monitor Audio...
  7. D

    Rega P2 with Rega Fono MM Preamp into Edifer S880db's too loud at lowest volume

    Hi Team, I hope I have posted this in the right space, but was hoping someone could help with my problem of not being able to play my records at a quiet volume. I purchased a Rega Planar 2, a Fono MM Preamp and a pair of Edifer s880db powered speakers for a nice minimalist turntable set up...
  8. JurgenHanz

    Help me pick my first 4K TV out of these TVs for PC, gaming, sports, TV, movies (coming from a budget/enter level LG LED from 2016)

    TL;DR Current decent TVs that are available here: OLED: LG C1 55 inch – priced at $1250 (1 year warranty, might not cover burn ins) Sony A80J 55 inch – priced at $1550 (1 year warranty, might not cover burn ins) LED: Sony X90J 55 inch – priced at $1166 (X95J seems unavailable here and seems...
  9. D

    AV Receiver Refrence level?

    I have an STR-DH770 Av receiver and, I wanted to manually calibrate it because I hear that auto-calibration is not always correct. The thing is my receiver is not on DB levels but instead it's 0 to 73 on the master volume. I know that the reference level is 0 for most but I need help finding out...
  10. O

    Good luck to those getting A level results

    Good luck to all the parents of anxious kids waiting for A level results today. Hope they all get what they wanted to continue their life journey even if it means them leaving home for some of you.
  11. Xenomorph

    What's a safe level of exercise?

    The latest discovery from the medical science experts is that there's a link between strenuous exercise, and motor neurone disease (MND) So the question is, what level and form of exercise should we all be doing to maintain fitness? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57431412
  12. 1

    Drone survey, A level NEA research

    My name is Adam Forbes and I am a keen product design student from Falmouth in Cornwall. I have a driving passion for cutting edge technology and especially aviation. I am a year 12 college student from Falmouth Sixth form and I am currently carrying out research on drones and some of their...
  13. NejnneNejnogo

    Does the best version of the game include level 20 battle pass?

    In the PC version, the best version of the edition includes a level 20 battle pass, I was wondering if the level 20 battle pass is included in the best version of the xbox edition? (Cold War:Ultimate Edition (90$(63 with ultimate pass)) in EU region?)
  14. R

    Good old dilemma with a bed and a back wall, surrounds at 90º at ear level or in rear wall

    Hi guys, so basically a 5.1 setup with RP-500m all around (RP-404C center). The bed has a back wall and also has this massive-occupying-space and sound-deflecting piece of furniture. These are the floor plans and some photos of the main issue. I know surrounds can be placed at 90º (i.e. the...
  15. H

    Black Level setting ? : Sony Bravia KD49X7053 (2020)

    Settings have no 'Back Light' settings, now replaced with setting for Black Level . I need help with this setting currently at 59. ? Is it used in conjunction with Enhanced Black settings ? Thanks. J.
  16. B

    Recommend me a good entry level camera that does video too & can be used on Gimbal too.

    Hi all, I take drone footage for aerial videos and photos but want to take some more better ground shots. At the moment I use my iPhone 12 with a DJI Gimbal. Ideally I want to further down the line use it for indoor videos too maybe on a Gimbal so one that can do that, feel free to recommend a...
  17. IGC

    Boss Level(Germany/Oz Blu-rays, Joe Carnahan, Frank Grillo, Mel's Gibbons)

    Anyone catch this? Swallowed up in COVID sadly and turned up on Hulu but it did catch my eye with Joe Carnahan and especially when I tripped up over Frank Grillo in the brilliant Donnybrook. What a disappointment! Started off good but collapsed within 25mins felt badly put together which is a...
  18. VHS Gamer

    Dynamic EQ question: How to decide on the best Reference Level Offset?

    I've experimented with them all, too much lol. And can never decide. I understand what each one is meant for, however for some who listens to all content alot, I've decided to base my decision, at least right now, on how loud I would listen to content with it off. Now for movies it would be...
  19. J

    Is there a way to level up the volume of 3D Tempest Engine Sound ?

    Salutes, this thread is about if there is a way to level up the volume of 3D Sound. I use headsets compatible with it, not new headsets but still, good ones and compatible with it. But 3D Sound sounds at low volume, you hear the directions and so, but at low volume, when Im in ps5 menu for...
  20. A

    Sound level fall in vsx930

    My Pioneer vsx 1130 k after repair is showing as VSX 930 and the volume level decreases with increments of 2-2.5 over a period of time. Any body having this problem?
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