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  1. Solenoid

    For Sale Sony A6400 24.2MP Digital Camera + Tamron 17-70mm f/2.8 Lens

    -Selling on behalf of a friend (it's in my possession) as he doesn't use it as much anymore. I own an A6400 myself and can say it's a fantastic camera. -There is some minor damage to the bottom part of the camera body and there is slight damage on the lens hood and lens housing. Please note...
  2. FallOutBoy

    For Sale Panasonic LUMIX S 50mm f1.8 lens

    This came with my LUMIX S5 I bought a few months ago but I’m using the 35mm way more so decided to sell this 50mm it’s probably taken about 100 shots and is in mint condition. Will be posted via RMSD
  3. von Glick

    Wanted JVC Projector lens cap

    I was lucky to buy DLA-RS420/X570R at a great price, however, the PJ's missing the lens cap. There's an online shop that sells them for this model at £25, but IMO that's a bit too expensive for a piece of plastic. Does anyone have some non-wanted cap around, or maybe something else can be used...
  4. G

    Will the Benq w5700 give me enough Lens Shift?

    Hi I’m contemplating this as a step from my W2700 as I’m tired of having that on basically a coffee table. The W5700 who’d be on behind me on a stand that would raise it just above my head, will this give me enough Lens shift for a 110” screen? If not then my only other option will be the...
  5. gio321

    For Sale Optoma BX-DL300 / Vivitek VL905G 5811116224-SU Long Throw Zoom Projector Lens

    Optoma BX-DL300 / Vivitek 5811119237-SVV Long Throw Zoom Projector Lens. In excellent condition, selling due to the throw not being suitable for my current room size. I am currently using the standard throw lens for my HD87. No marks or blemishes on the glass whatsoever. There is some...
  6. S

    For Sale Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens in mint condition

    I have for sale a used Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM lens. The lens is in mint condition. The body has no marks, dents or scratches, and the lens in free from internal dust and fungus. It comes in the original box, with front and rear lens caps and instruction leaflet. This is a compact, wide...
  7. G

    High quality video camera and lens for under $3,500

    I'm looking for video camera and lens suggestions for filming modelling shoots and close-ups in as high definition as possible within my budget of $3,500. Being compact is not a concern as it will be kept in one location. I would be happy to go refurbished/used if that's advised. There would...
  8. E

    HU70LS - Lens looks scratched

    Hey, I just got my HU70LS today, and after displaying some videos, here is what I noticed looking the lens closely: When it's off, I can observe the same thing using the light torch of my phone (despite it's almost not noticeable). But the picture on the wall is absolutely perfect: So my...
  9. S

    How to emulate projector lens shift with laptop?

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to emulate lens shift using my laptop RTX3070. I have a square screen (8x8) and need to place my 1080P projector (GT1090HDR) about 2-3 feet right of the center. Knowing that I have effectively 1920x1080 pixels, I would like to essentially use only...
  10. Bert Coules

    Add-on lens for smaller image?

    My current setup has a JVC X700 in a Pure Theatre ceiling-mounted lift, throwing a 16:9 image 72" wide and a constant-height 2.35:1 picture of 98". For various reasons I'd like to move the projector to a more accessible position but the only viable alternative is a shelf on the rear wall of the...
  11. fc227

    DVR _TRV820 Sony camcorder replacement lens assembly

    Season greetings all, I have a Sony tvr820 camcorder . that has a scratched lens . I am looking for a good used replacement lens assembly.
  12. A

    Sony HW45ES help with vertical lens shift

    The image on my projector is stuck on the bottom of the lens shift for the vertical manual adjustment if that makes sense. The black plastic piece that attaches to the white plastic piece connected to the worm gear that moves up and down broke from it so the white plastic piece now just spins...
  13. B

    How do I photograph the Moon with my Sony A7iii and Tamron 150-500mm lens?

    How do I photograph the Moon with my Sony A7iii and Tamron 150-500mm lens? Any tips please, tried last night and was hopeless. Thanks
  14. I

    Epson 2150 lens adapter?

    Hi All, i have a 120" screen and an Epson 2150 projector. The screen is not moveable. in order to achieve the perfect distance from lens to screen, I'd have to put my projector in the middle of my pool... Is there anything or any type of adapter I can use on this projector to alter the...
  15. B

    Which Lens for Estate Agent/Interior Photography For Sony A7iii.

    Work are thinking of getting into this and asked me to source a cheapish lens for a Sony A7iii camera. Ideally for interior photography for property sales, any recommendations please, not too expensive. Doesn't have to be a Sony lens can be different brand. Thanks
  16. D

    Confused - lumagen/anamorphic lens/ 2.35:1 screen

    I am trying to set this up correctly and I'm not sure I have the output syle correct on the lumagen. Setup: Projector: JVC NZ8 Lens: Panamorph DCRJ1 Lumagen radiance Pro 2.35:1 screen I think I have the lens on and lined up correctly, but I'm a little confused on the lumagen. Currently I have...
  17. A

    Wedding Lens

    My daughter is getting married in a few months’ time. She does not want a big wedding and in total only about 25 people. She wants me to video some of the ceremony etc. Most of the video will be indoors, quite well lit. I have a Nikon DSLR 3300, currently with a Nikon 18mm-55mm DX VR lens. I am...
  18. I

    Panamorph Cinevista Lens With XM2 (?) Mount Fair Pricing

    So I bought a new Panamorph thing which means the wife is making me sell my old Panamorph thing. I know it is a Cinevista on an XM2 (I think??) mount. The problem is I have no idea how to price it despite searching at length. Any help from people smarter than me in this would be sincerely...
  19. B

    Using Sigma lens on a Sony A7

    I have a Sony A7Riii camera and happened to drop on a Sigma 105mm prime at local auctions. It wa sonly £15. But it was Canon fit. However I have an adaptor from Canon to Sony Fe. I tried to use the lens in manual mode but no way could I close down the aperture. Even whnenusing the manual...
  20. SeanRo

    Projector lens, shift & throw calculation help

    I'm doing the calcs for my first projector purchase and would like help on what specs I am looking for. Here are my proposed angles: Projector angle to top of screen: 6 degrees down from horizontal Projector angle to bottom of screen: 23 degrees down from horizontal Projector distance from...
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