1. R

    For Sale Shiftcam Photography Pro Lens Kit for IPhone

    Shiftcam Photography ProLens Kit for iPhone - 60mm Telephoto Lens, 18mm Wide-Angle Lens, Universal Mount and Travel Pouch. Boxed, as new. Half new price on Amazon.
  2. TheMadHatter10

    For Sale Canon R6 body + RF 35mm F1.8 Macro IS STM lens

    Both lens and camera were purchased in October but haven’t seen any use, lens hasn’t been taken out of the packaging yet. Camera box has been opened to charge the battery in October and opened again today just to grab some photos. Basically brand new, I’ve not even inserted the battery for the...
  3. sohilpandya

    For Sale Nikon Z6 + 24-70 f4 + 50mm 1.8 + 70-300 VR + DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo + Slider + Extras

    Hey all, I'm moving away from Nikon into the Sony world and want to sell my current great which I'm outlining below. I'm also selling the DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo, it's been used once and been sitting there as I don't need it for my style of work. I'm also selling the Zeapon Slider 2 a great bit of...
  4. Ali Raza

    For Sale Laowa 24mm 2X Macro Probe Lens for Sony E Mount in mint condition

    Hey guys, I am selling my Laowa 24mm probe lens for e mount, its in excellent condition no marks or scratches on the lens. Works perfectly fine and comes with full packaging and accessories. If you are in food or any kind of macro videography/photography then this lens is for you. It creates...
  5. S

    For Sale Canon 1200D + macro lens, bag and memory card

    Canon 1200D in as new condition, hasn’t really been used comes with the box, battery, charger memory card, 50mm 1.8 lens and crumpler camera bag
  6. A

    Epson 2250 - Advice on Lens Shift / 'ghost' Frame Calibration

    Hello, I bought last month an Epson 2250 home cinema, really enjoy the quality of this projector. I have to set up projection on the side of our sofa in the living room setup, the projector is slightly on the side so I needed to work with the lens shift for a centered image on the wall. The...
  7. m11rphy

    For Sale Nikon Z6 Camera with 24-70 f/4 Lens

    Hi All, I bought this Camera from John Lewis about 2 years ago as a holiday camera and I bet you can guess how that worked out so its hardly been used, Image count 1582 Anyway due to not using and not being in a position to go away anytime soon I'm looking to sell the camera and lens, I have...
  8. ldc2710

    For Sale Nikon D5500 with 18-55mm lens

    hi up for sale it the wifes Nikon D5500,it comes boxed with battery,charger,strap and lens the camera itself is in excellent working order and condition as it was her stepping stone into photography so she looked after it the shutter count is 29138 which can be seen in the pics
  9. B

    Wanted Sony 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens

    Looking for a Sony 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens
  10. M

    For Sale Olympus OM-D E-M5 starter pack with additional lens, battery holders, filters and camera bag.

    Ok Ok so I'm clearing out items i never use so this is up for sale, there's a lot of stuff here and info so bear with me and if you need to know more just ask and I'll get back to you. Ok I’ve been asked to put up individual prices so having looked around here goes, feel free to ask questions...
  11. R

    Replacement Lens Hood for Panasonic HC VX1

    Hiya - does anyone know where I can get the replacement lens hood for the Panasonic HC VX1? I've looked on Amazon for starts and can't find what I'm looking for. Many thanks! Rob
  12. Omnis Tek

    Optoma ZU850 + BX - CTA 16 Short Fixed Lense for SALE

    We have 2no used Optoma Projectors that come along with the CTA 16 Short Fixed Lens Installed. They are in perfect working order and in very good condition!
  13. Bonoscot

    Optoma UHD 40 Smudge on Lens

    Hi. I have had my Optoma UHD40 for about 8 months now,everything seems fine,but there is like a smudge on the lens that wont come off. It affects the picture slightly but not much. Its not a scorch or burn mark but like a translucent small haze mark right in the centre of the lens. I dont know...
  14. P

    Is there a device to compensate for no vertical lens shift?

    I have an Epson EH-TW6100 projector and, sadly, am not in a position financially to replace it at the moment. I've also just moved house (the two things are not unrelated!). The previous owners of the house had set up a small snug in the eaves of the roof as a little cinema room and it's quite a...
  15. RobTi

    Cleaning lens

    Hi just wondered if anyone had cleaned their lens on their projectors, I have a TW9300 and noticed when starting up last night with the sun hitting the lens that it looked dusty, and then after a online search screen wipes were mentioned, also in the user manual but after some advice here before...
  16. dougan

    Google Pixel 4A 5G Dust behind lens

    Just noticed on my five month old Pixel 4A 5G the amount of dust behind the main lens, the wide angle lens is dust free. Spoke to Google last night and they are sending a warranty replacement, not had this with any of my three previous Pixel phones.
  17. VtwinTom

    Lens tube paint

    In my Vankyo V630 video projector I've noticed that the interior of the lens tube and the cavity between the lens tube and the LCD display is a combination of white and light gray plastic. My limited knowledge of cameras and telescopes tells me that perceived brightness, contrast and overall...
  18. Mr Wolf

    Projectors with lens memories for different aspect ratios?

    I've decided that as part of my next projector upgrade I want to replace my 100" 16:9 screen with a 125" 2.35:1 screen. Incredibly, despite having about the same screen height, for 2.35:1 movies this will increase the total picture area by 74%. I'm aware that the Epson 7400/9400s have it, but...
  19. dave798

    ADLENS prescription lens for Quest 2

    got my prescription lenses delivered today only 7 days after sending order am very pleased with the finished product and they really do make a difference when not having to wear glasses, not that I did my glasses anyway as I was scared of scratching the lenses but am so glad I have the new...
  20. J

    HD200x melted lens

    Recently replaced the bulb in my HD200x (HD20 equivalent). Bought a bulb of Amazon. I'm thinking that was a mistake. Shortly after installed I noticed the colors flickering. Opened the unit up and inspected the color wheel, looked OK. Resealed. Big black spot on the projected image. Started...
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