Light-emitting diode
  1. M

    Samsung Qled One Remote and Sky Q

    So I have: Samsung Q 6 series Sonos Playbar Sky Q I had everything working for years with my Samsung One Remote. I could control the Sonos Playbar and also the Sky Q (in a closed cupboard) I have literally jjust moved everything into a different room and for some reason had to set the one...
  2. TylerDurden

    Anyone have a super thin OLED with a LED strip attached ?

    So, I'll thinking of treating myself to a 55" OLED, they seem to have super thin panels, I have a govee led strip that I'd like to attach to the back of the screen and wonder if this would be a problem bearing in mine how thin the panel is on some of them
  3. H

    Best Method for landscape LED Dimming

    Hello all, Long time lurker and gatherer of information from this site, thank you to all for your knowledge. I've started a landscape lighting project recently, and while I feel I have a solid plan in place, I haven't been able to come up with a good plan for control. The general gist of the...
  4. D

    LED replacement bulbs

    I'd like to replace the current filament rear light and brake light bulbs with LED bulbs on a 3 year old Kia Picanto to reduce power consumption. I'd probably only do this when a filament bulb blows. I'd appreciate advice on the following: I believe any replacement LED bulb I fitted would need...
  5. R

    LED TV strip lights random on and off with Sony Bravia TV

    Hi, I bought some LED TV strip lights yesterday and installed them today: Whilst they look amazing, I am having issues with the lights randomly turning on and off. From testing the seemingly random on and offs I have currently come up with the following: 1) When my phone is on, the lights...
  6. eeBoBoBo

    For Sale Hisense H55N6800 UHD LED TV.

    Hello all. I'm selling my Hisense H55N6800. It’s been faultless since purchase, which was on the 20/12/2017. Well reviewed on this site in the past (Hisense H55N6800 4K Ultra HD LED LCD HDR TV Review). It’s been wall mounted since purchase, and comes from a smoke free home. It’s in perfect...
  7. M

    Oled, samsung QN94A or sony X90J based on my usage? Need some help please

    Hi all. I'm currently I've been deciding between the sony x90j and the samsung qn94a. I do like the thought of having an oled but the burn in risk scares me and all the "babysitting" you should do. I know you can get burn in cover for £140 I think it is from John lewis if you buy a tv from them...
  8. D

    For Sale 32gb Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DDR4 - Fans - 4x Noctua NF-P14s - 1x Corsair ML140 Pro White LED - 1x Corsair ML120 Pro Red LED

    Corsair 32gb (2x16gb) DDR4 3200mhz Vengeance Pro RGB - v4.31 Samsung B-die. £100inc p&p 4x Noctua NF-P14s 1500 rpm PWM. Virtually brand new £40inc p&p 1x Corsair ML120 Pro Red LED - lightly used, excellent condition. £12inc p&p 1x Corsair ML140 Pro White LED - unboxed, but in good...
  9. D

    Mid 55" LED TV

    Hello guys, I need some help on figuring out which TV to get. So in my country these two TVs are around 720€ and I cannot decide which one to get, both are 55" versions: 1 - Hisense 55U8GQ ( its the European version of the U8G and it seems to be a bit worse according to the reviews) 2 -...
  10. R

    Tuya/Smart Life Compatible Wifi LED controller

    Hi All, I'm after buying an RGB LED light strip controller that is compatible with the SmartLife app. All the ones that I see online are only compatible with the Magic Home app. I already have a controller plugged into my LED strips that is Magic Home compatible but the app is crap and I...
  11. A

    Odd problem - fridge interfering with DAB radio

    This is driving us nuts. We have two Pure DAB Evoke radios, both a few years old now. Most of the time they aren't on - we use other devices - but when we do use them, we've noticed something really bizarre. When we open the door of our new fridge, the DAB signal crackles and breaks up. Shut...
  12. L

    Is the black on qleds worse than old leds?

    My 55 inch led lg is about 6 year old, when I try the videos on YouTube for deep blacks and sony black level test etc to my eyes the blacks look very black like they couldn't be any blacker and no blooming around white squares moving etc. I thought my old TV would have been crap. Am I doing...
  13. proresler

    Buying advice 55"-65" LED

    Hello all, I'm hoping some of the sages here can offer some advice. Looking to update to a new LED television (burn-in worry puts OLED out of the picture). Would prefer a slimmer profile for wall mounting but open to other ideas if it means a better overall TV. 55inch or 65 inch is the size...
  14. ussjtrunks

    Looking for a 55” led which model should I get?

    I’m coming from lg oleds which have given me nothing but annoyance so I’m wondering which led tv is the best to buy rn , I’m after a 55” tv, I’m looking for something with good grey / white uniformity and good gaming features. Hdr is another key too.
  15. N1ck

    Flicker - Oled vs Led vs Plasma

    I have a 42” Panasonic TX-P42V10B plasma which provides me with an excellent picture but I am one of the few who can get eye strain from the flickering. In my bid to replace it I am looking for a TV that I’m hoping will prove to be less of a strain. My understanding has always been that both...
  16. G

    LG UP 75UP75006LC V Samsung LED UE75TU7020KXXU

    Which one of these is the easiest to use and gives the best picture, movies box sets, netflix?
  17. EatingSnakes

    Aliexpress rgbw led strips

    Hi guys There's loads of rgbw strips on aliexpress. Are there any noticeable ones that stand out? I'm happy to buy the controller and strips separately. Thanks in advance ES
  18. V

    have OLED , now looking at LED

    I Have now my third 55” LG OLED with another burn in….. …looking at LED now… thinking of a sony 55” x90j my big concern is blooming, i can’t go by youtube reviews….. thanks on the input…….
  19. W

    For Sale SONY BRAVIA 75" XR-75X94J | Full Array LED 2021 TV *BRAND NEW*

    SONY BRAVIA 75" XR-75X94J | Full Array LED 2021 TV BRAND NEW RRP £2,199 Asking £1,399 Lowered to £1,300 (no other offers) Brand new with warranty, complete with accessories and original packaging (box opened). This is a stunning, high end Sony Full Array LED 4K HDR TV. Reason for sale is due...
  20. C

    For Sale Sony Bravia KD-85XH9096BU 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV TV & 4 year warranty. 120hz VRR

    Sony Bravia KD-85XH9096BU 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV Dolby VisionTV & 4 year warranty with receipt. 120hz VRR. For sale in excellent condition. Features superb gaming features too with 4K 120hz and VRR for next gen gaming cost me £2700 from curry’s October 2020. 4 years warranty left complete with...
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