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  1. seanoevil

    For Sale SONY BRAVIA KD55XE9305 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV

    Hello all, for sale - Sony Bravia 55XE9305. purchased 1st December 2017. Smoke and pet free home. immaculate visual and working condition. no box unfortunately. Unit comes with table stand, manuals, remote control. selling due to upsizing of new tv. can only be collected, as have no box...
  2. Jag S

    LG 55UK6950PLB 4K Ultra HD LED tv

    Hi, I have a LG 55UK6950PLB 4K Ultra HD LED tv which has a broken screen (internal, not the external plastic). If anyone has this TV which is faulty but the screen intact who is looking to get rid, let me know! Or if anyone knows of where i can buy replacement screens for LG led TVs, please let...
  3. mangbhoy

    Question PlayStation 5 on a Samsung 65" F9000 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (UA65F9000), what to expect?

    I have this TV right now https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/986172-REG/samsung_un65f9000afxza_un65f9000_65_4k_smart.html/specs and I'm still on hold on buying a new TV. What kind of video output can I expect if I hookup a PS5 on it?
  4. J

    Question Panasonic LED TV :TX-50HX580E - teletext deficiency - time setting deficiency - how to fix?

    Just bought a Panasonic LED TV :TX-50HX580E 1. The teletext facility does not work. Every time I try to use it, I only see "Waiting for teletext ..." all the time. 2. Time settings go awry eventually. TV does not keep the time after a while. I receive digital cable TV broadcasts (via Telenet)...
  5. J

    Question Panasonic LED TV model TX-50HX580E - teletext deficiency

    Just bought Panasonic TV model TX-50HX580E 1. The teletext facility does not work as it should. Every time I try to use it, I only see "Waiting for teletext ..." all the time. 2. Also, the time setting eventually goes awry every time I set the time. Has anyone met the same problems with a new...
  6. J

    LG LED TV - black marks

    Hello, I have an LG LED TV 43UJ635V and have some black areas/marks, mainly to the side and bottom. Attached some pics, is this just down to age, approx 3 years old, on most evenings for a few hours. The marks show up on HDMI devices and also the built in image test. Any help much appreciated.
  7. E

    Wanted 50’’+ led tv preferably 4K

    Hi, I’m looking for a tv for the spare room. Nothing fancy. Please let me know what you have. Budget: ~£200
  8. R

    Can I fix a couple of dead/Stuck pixes on my LED TV?

    Hi. I have a Sony KD55XG1 and I've noticed a couple of dead/stuck pixels in the middle of the screen. They aren't a big deal and sitting back in the viewing area you can only really see them when the screen is showing a lot of white, I was watching Techmoan and noticed it! Is there something...
  9. showmak

    Question Sony 85X950G feet stands

    How you can help me with my situation, the tv will be delivered end of the month and I need to get prepared. My cabinet length is smaller than the distance of the 85X950G feet, a 3.25" from each foot will be on air. Any idea how to support them? Are the feet swappable and will the tv be secured...
  10. J

    4K 49/50" LED TV for £500(ish)

    First time poster and (pretty much) first time TV buyer. I'm moving to a new flat and need to buy a TV. I've been looking at LG's offerings as I'd quite like Homekit support but the reviews are, on the whole, pretty poor unless I splash out for their OLED or NANO models which are sadly too...
  11. G

    Question Best 55” TV under £600?? HELP

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a replacement TV as the 1 I just purchased is faulty (LG SM8500 49”) and is going back to the retailer. From what I’ve read 55” TV’s appear to be better, some have better specs than their 49” counterparts whilst others appear better in HDR. I watch a lot of sports...
  12. S

    How did I find the failure cause step by step..any experts suggestion ?

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, Hope all of you are doing good in this unusual time of Covid 19 virus spread and wish you good health. I just fixed my LCD/LED TV in home by tracing the problem step by step… after analyzing the problem carefully. The failure was interesting and I could have...
  13. S

    Logik 22FHD LED TV and DVD Player FAULT

    Morning - This TV at start-up the picture about 40 mm from bottom is blank but after 10-15 min later the picture returns but leaves a very thin line accross the screen 40 mm from bottom !? Now in the Olden days there was a particular point on the TV case that was identified with a particular...
  14. R

    which 65" led TV

    Once again I ask for some expert advice on what TV to buy? It's gotta be 65" with fantastic colours and will be used mainly for movies and general tv viewing with football when on terestial(don't have sky yet!?) I have awful eyesight and like vivid but natural colours without being too sickly :)...
  15. M

    Soundbar Suggestions for Samsung Q60 LED TV

    HI. as above, any suggestions for the best soundbar to go with a samsung QLED Q60 TV? I've decided my onkyo setup isn't getting the best out of it. thanks
  16. n0chex

    PHILIPS 70PUS8555 70" mVA panel?

    Anyone have any further information on the new PHILIPS 70PUS8555 70" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant and according to Display Specifications has a wonderful mVA panel is this correct?
  17. kenlong69

    Question Would my Samsung 82" NU8000 LED TV benefit from a Lumagen scaler?

    Hey there, I am looking into a Lumagen RadiancePro scaler for my home cinema. I have a Samsung LED model NU8000 , and use 3 digital video sources (all 4K); Xbox One, Nvidia Shield and UHD Blu Ray player. I am wondering if I would notice a big difference in the picture quality, if I used an...
  18. n0chex

    Question Panasonic TX-75GX920B 75-inch 4K HDR LED TV

    Panasonic TX-75GX920B 75-inch 4K HDR LED TV Anyone own this TV as I am interested in this TV and would like some feedback, I see on display Specifications it has the excellent mVA screen which was used in the Excellent well regarded 802 & 902b. Was really looking for 55-65 but the problem is...
  19. V

    Question Extendable Bracket Arm for 32"UE32M5520 LED TV?

    Hi All, Looking for recommendations for a wall bracket for my Daughter's 32" Samsung TV. Ideally extendable (out from wall) by about 70cm and one which tilts and swivels. Don't ask much do I? Any advice would be much appreciated. Keep safe and well. Richard
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sony XH95 flagship LED TV price and availability announced

    Sony announces the European availability of its top-of-the-range 4K HDR Full Array LED. Read the news.
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