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An LED-backlit LCD is a flat panel display which uses LED backlighting instead of the cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting used by most other LCDs. LED-backlit LCD TVs use the same TFT LCD (Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display) technologies as CCFL-backlit LCD TVs. Picture quality is primarily based on TFT LCD technology, independent of backlight type. While not an LED display, a television using this display is called an “LED TV” by some manufacturers and suppliers. In the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority has made it clear in correspondence that it does not object to the use of the term “LED TV”, but requires it to be explained in advertising.
Three types of LED may be used:
Edge-lit LEDs - in which the LEDs are formed around the rim of the screen, using a special diffusion panel to spread the light evenly behind the screen (the most common use)
LED backlighting (Full array)- behind the screen, whose brightness is not controlled individually
Dynamic “local dimming” backlight - LEDs controlled individually (or in clusters) to control the level of light/color intensity in a given part of the screen.
The iPhone 5 has an LED-backlit TFT IPS LCD, while the Sony Xperia S is an example of an LED-backlit TFT TN LCD (also referred as TFT LCD).

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  1. BourbonKing

    Samsung UE50H5000AKXXU 50" LED TV - Faint Glow When In Standby

    I've noticed that my trusty 2014 Samsung UE50H5000AKXXU 50" LED TV has only very recently started adopting a faint but perceptible glow (like a very dark blue-black) some point after turning off into standby mode using the remote control. It doesn't always occur it would seem but I've seen it a...
  2. ThisWreckage

    Question Bush LED TV aspect ratio bug

    My Bush LED49292UHDFVP television, bought a few years ago, is generally working fine. There seems to be a bug in its firmware: if I change the aspect ratio in a video playing from a flash drive plugged into it, when I later stream a TV programme from a catch-up service the aspect ratio is...
  3. S

    Question Samung UE40NU7120 40" LED TV dark spots at bottom of screen

    I have these dark spots just at the bottom of the screen spaced about 8cm apart. Can't be seen when screen is black or white only on intermediate levels. Anyone know what the problem is?
  4. GingerRocky

    Question New 55 inch LED TV for my neighbour

    Hi seeking a new TV for my neighbour. She is old and doesn't game or watch movies except on TV. I am trying to get her on a smart tv, she has no broadband but i have setup a guest network on my fibre as she is in range of my wifi 6 node. Her current old but lcd is broken. Want for her: Good...
  5. Bungalord

    Light streaks on JBL Technika 32G22B-HD

    Model No.: 32G22B-HD My TV does this (see image). It usually disappears after 20 minutes or so. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all. Any ideas what it could be? I've done a few electrical repairs before so would be attempting it myself. Just need to know what to look for. Thanks.
  6. M

    Question JVC LED TV with no backlight! Power board and backlight Ok! please help!

    Hello, My 40 inch JVC LED TV works fine, has sound, but it has no backlight. I have tested the power board and the backlight, they seems to be okay. When, I remove the ribbon cable that goes from the Main board to the T-con board (backlight turns up), and then put it back again, the backlight...
  7. terryZ

    How to Manually Add Channels on Pioneer 43 LED TV / 4K Ultra HD

    I would like to add channels to my Pioneer TV after a Channel Scan. There are a few channels that, for some reason, it didn't find. To anyone who owns this TV, is there a way to do this? I can't figure it out myself. Thanks in advance, terryZ
  8. Omits

    Question Logik 20" LED TV s/w Update

    I have the L20HE18 model and want to check if there is an update. The manual asks for a USB file. Does anyone know where to check if there is one? I have been to the Curries site via the knowhow.com address but can't see anyhting. Thanks.
  9. Willis1995

    LED vs LCD for SD Broadcasts

    Hi, Does anyone here know whether LED displays are better than LCD’s at masking the imperfections of a poor quality SD broadcast via Freeview?
  10. K

    Colour saturation 43PUS7608/12

    In order to have a more natural picture I had to adjust the “colour” of this LED TV to 20. I would expect around 50. Is this normal for LED TV’s
  11. M

    advice needed

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting TCL 55C635. is it worth the additional money (100€ more) over samsung UE55CU7172UXXH that was my first choice? I know sammy is edge LED and I'm not sure if it's so much more worth to get direct LED? How is TLC with stability, menu,... Main function of TV is...
  12. p1dg1n

    Advice on new TV after LG 55B8 issues (4 years old)

    Hi, I have had an LG B8 55" since Summer 2019 when it dropped from £2000 to £1200, it's been a great TV except for the 'crushed blacks' after 'that' FW upgrade from 4.x.x to 5.x.x etc - however, I recently watched a lot of 'letterboxed' content (The Boys), and forgot to switch to something else...
  13. J

    Input delay Samsung led tv

    I have a Samsung 75” Q70A led tv. When the tv has been off for several hours and I turn it on it starts up to an input screen. It takes at least 20 seconds for the input to maximize. I am using an xfinity cable remote that does not allow me to press a button to make this screen go away faster...
  14. charentejohn

    I want a simple LED tv to a max of 800euros (or £) to watch movies.

    I have been looking at the various options and seems I really need a descent LED TV, 65". I can find a load here but all the whizzy options I don't think I will use. I watch TV from A Humax 1100 box which does HD, I have a load of movies in HD and lots of older stuff on a hard drive which is SD...
  15. just wondering

    Question Stuck pixel Brand new 86 inch LG mini Led TV

    Our new TV arrived a few days ago, overall very happy with the picture quality, but after running a few different tests on the TV, I quickly spotted a stuck pixel or is it a dead pixel (maybe it is more than one in the same area). I have tried running various refresh YouTubes and jscreen fix...
  16. Q

    Does TCL 40RS520K 40 inch 1080p FHD LED TV have a built-in satellite input

    Does TCL Roku 40RS520K 40 inch 1080p FHD LED TV have a built-in satellite input. 1. or do I need a separate Freestat box. 2. or if I connect it to my router will that give me Freestat. If I need a Freestat box please give your recommendations for a low cost box. I am in UK and I do not need...
  17. S

    LG Mini LED TV

    Does anyone have an LG Mini LED TV ( LG QNED MiniLED 55QNED863QA), and what are their experiences?
  18. aitlin

    Samsung UE40EH5037 tv settings/calibration?

    Any realistic or kinda settings? Maybe other TVs settings that will look good on this one?
  19. A

    Phillips 5700 led tv turns on with sound but no picture

    Phillips 5700 led tv turns on with sound but no picture. I can hear when I arrow over to select something on the screen but I can't see anything. Please help. I have unplugged the TV.
  20. Susie2000

    Philips PUS7607 4K LED TV (2022)

    Just got this tv:) Anyone who can share or link me to someone who has made a guide for best picture settings for this tv?
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