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  1. Willis1995

    Question about input resolutions

    Hi, I own a Panasonic LED LCD TV along with a Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB. Unfortunately, because my TV has a native resolution of 1366x768, there is always some scaling involved. What I would like to know is what resolution should I be setting the recorder to send to the TV when the source content...
  2. lvl1crisp

    Looking at getting a good older LED LCD TV for use with a PS3, any suggestions?

    I'm looking at getting a second hand LED LCD TV for use with a PS3 but I'm not sure what to look for. I just want decent to good black levels and a 720p resolution at 60Hz. 1080p should also be fine if the TV is 32" as I can't imagine there'd be much noticeable difference at that size. I've...
  3. C

    Black Smearing LED LCD TV

    Hi all, Does anyone know what this issue is called/caused by? My TV is a Hitachi 55HK6100u, game mode enabled. It's happening with mainly just the blacks and they drag or smear when moving the camera. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Chris
  4. I

    New tv led lcd

    Hi Looking to invest in a new tv this january sales. Im after 50" with £1000 budget. Dont want oled as they to expensive at present. Brands samsung, lg, sony or panasonic. Best picture quality and features. Sound not issues will buy sound bar and sub. I notice the sony are Android based...
  5. Phil Hinton

    Panasonic HX800 (TX-58HX800B) 4K LED LCD TV Review & Comments

    The Panasonic TX-58HX800B is an ultra-thin edge-lit VA panel LED LCD TV with the company’s HCX processor. It supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+ with Dolby Atmos decoding and My Home Screen smart TV. Read the review. Write your own review for Panasonic TX-58HX800
  6. K

    Panasonic Viera TH-L55ET60A Issue

    Hi Everyone! I have a Panasonic Viera TH-L55ET60A purchased in about 2013. Over the last couple of months the TV has started showing an issue. Occasionally when I turn it on from the remote, it turns off after about 5 seconds, and the red light flashes once every 2/3 seconds and doesn’t stop...
  7. wernersaurus

    Question PANASONIC LED LCD TV Timer Programming

    I just bought a PANASONIC TH-55GX740A TV after my trusted SONY BRAVIA got "infected" by mould. Now I'm finding that there is no option to program the PANASONIC TV to turn on to a certain program/channel and/or change to a certain program/channel given by the times in the guide. The only option...
  8. Phil Hinton

    Sharp LC-60UI7652 LED LCD TV Review & Comments

    This 4K 60-inch model features HDR, Active Motion 400 and 79% coverage of the BT2020 colour gamut, Ace Pro Ultra Engine, Freeview HD, integrated Harman/Kardon audio and smart features from Aquos Net+ O/S. So is it value for money? Read the review. Write your own review for Sharp LC-60UI7652K
  9. Peter2k

    Question White light spot on new TV (pics inside)

    Hi all, just got a Samsung 55RU8000 and I've noticed a bright spot at the bottom of the screen to the left as show on the pictures. It doesn't occur on a black screen test and is more noticeable on brighter colours, like the pitch in the pictures. Just wondering if anyone knows what this is and...
  10. Phil Hinton

    Panasonic GX800 (TX-58GX800) 4K LED LCD TV Review & Comments

    Offering Dolby Vision and HDR10+ together in the same TV along with Atmos sound and a very reasonable price, can this edge-lit LED LCD TV from Panasonic make the grade? Read the review. Write your own review for Panasonic TX-58GX800B
  11. Z

    Vertical Bar with Lines on 47 Inch LG LED TV

    Hello, I have 47 inch LG LED TV and there is a bar appearing on the left side of my LED TV along with lines. Usually this bar appears after 30-40 mins when turned on. I have tried changing T-Con Ribbons and washed T-Con along with Motherboard with Contact Cleaner but nothing happened, same...
  12. mattius1989

    Question Looking at potentially picking up an LED LCD for gaming. Which would you go for?

    I'm toying with the idea of picking up a 55" LCD panel for gaming, leaving my OLED for movies. I've seen a few decent refurb deals going: Samsung UE55MU6400 - £499 Sony BRAVIA KD55XE7002 - £549 Panasonic TX50EX750B - £599 Panasonic TX50DX802B - £649 LG 55SJ850V - £699 Sony BRAVIA KD55XE8596 -...
  13. Njcharmers

    Question TX-48CX400B panasonic

    Panasonic TX-48CX400B goes blank but sound remains on. It happens when i increase back light or brightness to more than 50 points. Also when i turn 3D on it does same problem. Please help me to locate problem
  14. H

    NEWS: Panasonic 2018 LED LCD TV Line-up revealed

    Panasonic's 2018 range of LED LCD TVs features improvements in processing, dimming and colour with HDR10+ and HLG support across the board. Read the news. Panasonic’s 2018 4K LED TVs Feature HDR10+ Dynamic Metadata Technology and Eye-Catching Design Across Entire Line up New HDR10+ dynamic...
  15. A

    Sharp lc-55cug8362ks

    Hi all, Just picked up a sharp lc-55cug8362ks 4k TV for the bedroom but when setting it up I notice that no matter what picture mode I use the noise reduction is greyed out on the low setting but I really want it off. I know this tv is manufactured by Umc Slovakia. Plus if anyone else has...
  16. MarkSky

    Question LED LCD vs OLED - Which is likely to get dead pixels?

    Is Oled more prone to get dead pixels vs LED LCD tvs? I thought that LED LCD tvs don't get dead pixels, and if they do, I hear you can revive them unlike OLED which stay dead? If anyone has any insight about this topic and fill me in that would be great.
  17. Steve Withers

    Mitchell & Brown 49-inch 4K LED LCD TV Review & Comments

    Mitchell & Brown are a new name on the TV scene and a British one at that but how does their Vestel assembled 49-inch 4K Ultra HD model measure up in a competitive market. Read the review. Write your own review for Mitchell & Brown JB-491811FSM4K
  18. Garioch

    (CES 2017) - LG 4K TVs w/ Nano Technology & HDR-10, HLG, DV

    Apologies if this has already been posted. Mods feel free to close if duplicate. I did a search but couldn't find any discussion. Details of LG's upcoming non-OLED (aka LED) 4K TVs below. I'm very much a novice and my knowledge only extends to what I can take in on these forums and articles -...
  19. D

    Need your help in deciding between an LG C6 55" vs Samsung KS8000 65"

    I plan on purchasing a new tv this week. I've narrowed it down between the LG C6 in 55" or the Samsung KS8000 in 65" do to them both being in the price range I'm looking for and the good reviews I've read. I know the LG has the best picture quality but my question for you is, is the LG's picture...
  20. M

    Question LCD or OLED / KS9000 vs EC9300 (not all is contrast ratio)

    Hi, I am buying a new 55" TV and I have the alternative to buy an OLED or an LED LCD. I live in South America, so not all models are available here... My search, budget and available models come to these 2: 1-. Samsung KS9000 (EDGE LIT LCD) 2-. LG EC9300 (OLED) I do know about the...
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