1. p00hbear

    For Sale SHIELDON iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case (Black)

    SHIELDON iPhone 11 Pro Case, Genuine Quality Leather Case with [Auto Wake/Sleep][RFID Blocking][TPU Shell][Card Slots][Kickstand] Shockproof Folio Flip Cover Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro, 5.8", Black Bought never used, had another case fitted to my Pro. Looking for £20 delivered. Still...
  2. D

    For Sale iphone 7 Plus 256GB Black unlocked with leather Apple case + others

    In very good condition. It has a screen protector on and has been in a case since new. There are few minor marks on it, the worst of which are on the bottom edge which happened due to the Apple case not protecting that area all that well. It has been used by my wife, 90% of the time at home as...
  3. cR4cKF0x 5TevE

    For Sale Watch Strap Clearout - all 20mm; leather rallyes, 3 single pass (!) NATOS

    Hi I've got a few watch straps that are taking up space and rather than gather dust I'd like to move them on to someone who will use them. First up is a Barton Watch Bands Black Leather Rally Strap, details as per here: Black | Rally Horween Leather 20mm, quick release bars for easy...
  4. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale BNWT Paul Smith Elelux men's cow leather cross-body bag

    Paul Smith Elelux men's cow leather cross-body bag. Brand new and unused with all wrapping and tags intact. RRP £275. £120 delivered.
  5. nonsoloinglese

    For Sale Veja V-10 Leather Extra white size 42 (UK 8)

    Worn once but they are just too long for my feet. I need the 41 size. RRP £115 Shipping included £95
  6. DJW007

    For Sale Sony RX100 M3 | 64GB SD Card | Leather Case | Spare Battery

    Due to lack of use I'm reluctantly passing this on. It's been a brilliant camera and only lightly used when on holiday. Bought around 2016, still got the receipt, for £549 or so. Sony RX100 M3 Sony original leather carry case Lexar 64GB SD XCII card Original Sony battery After market battery...
  7. O

    Wanted Apple Watch Series 7 41mm NEW

    Hi, Looking for an Apple Watch series 7 41mm. Ideally it should be the Aluminium model. Colour doesn’t matter as long as the case and strap are matching colours. Saying that, not looking to buy Product RED colour Has to be brand new and unused as it’s going to be a gift. Preferably looking to...
  8. PCambo

    Wanted Apple Watch navy leather strap

    After a navy leather strap for Apple Watch 7 45mm. Any about all variants considered. Budget around £50
  9. shyewei

    For Sale iPhone 12 mini leather sleeve

    Have an sealed unused product red iPhone 12 mini leather sleeve. RRP is £129 Asking for £65
  10. MrFraggle

    Its not leather!

    Bought a jacket that is advertised as being made of leather obviously the price should have been a clue but I have never bought from Ireland before and thought perhaps stuff might be cheaper. Jacket duly arrived with a lable stitched inside telling me it is 100% PU which is Polyurethane fabric...
  11. S

    Leather safety

    Hi. A question to anyone who knows about leather. I've purchased, from etsy, a Russian seller, a leather face mask. I'd intended to use it over a standard cloth mask, covid - you get it. It looks like a character from a computer game. However, i'm having second thoughts regarding safety. I know...
  12. nheather

    Nissan Leaf Leather Seats

    Getting to the final stages in narrowing the list for my wife’s next car so starting to look at fine details. Some of the Nissan Leaf models have full or partial leather seats as well as leather on the steering wheel. Anyone know if this is real or synthetic leather. Can’t find anything on...
  13. DjJames220

    Leather Rip and scuff repair

    Hi all, does anyone know the best and easiest way to repair a small rip and scuff marks on the bottom ow black leather sofa? please see photo attached
  14. L

    Question Sennheiser Momentum 3 Leather care

    As I store my Momentums in my room and I prefer sleeping with an open room in Swedish winters the cans get to pretty low temperatures. When I put them on this morning the leather felt really stiff so I'm curious if this is bad for the leather and if there is something I should be doing to take...
  15. R

    Has anybody got Octane Flex leather seats

    I have a £400 discount for amazon. I'm looking at a 4 row and a 3 row for my cinema room. Has anybody got them. Are there other things I should look at before spending £6k? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07L9HH27R/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_IHT4DbBMGX10X
  16. A

    Repair leather sofa

    Having been let down by a few leather repairers I'm tempted to have a go at this myself. Does anyone have any experience with repairs like these? Am I likely to make a mess? If so can anyone recommend a good company around Bolton who won't let me down? Kits like this are readily available...
  17. C

    Leather sofa repairs

    How do I repair my 5 year old Leather sofa that has worn off?
  18. RBZ5416

    Leather Folio Case Recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a source for a decent leather folio case? It's for the Nokia 8 but happy to do the leg work based on recommendations for other models. Last one I bought for my S5 (Snakehive) was well made but much too bulky, so I ended up not using it. But the 8 has followed the Apple trend...
  19. sergiup

    Brown leather shoe care?

    I'm all well and good with black leather shoes, they're easy enough to clean gently, then a decent polish with actual shoe cream (Kiwi usually) using a couple of brushes and a cloth make them great. I can probably still work up a not-bad spit-shine if I tried... However, I've now got a pair of...
  20. nheather

    Leather Seats - Heated or Not

    Have an order for a BMW 320D M Sport. I have maxed out my budget to the extent that I have said no more to "It's just another £10 per month". What I don't have is heated seats. I have never had leather seats before so I wonder whether heated seats are more important than I imagine. My...
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