1. ChrisGTL

    For Sale Chord Mojo /w Chord Leather Case

    Just upgraded so no longer needed. Everything boxed.
  2. Z

    For Sale Official Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Meyer Lemon Leather Case Brand New

    Received as a gift, but quite happy with my current Apple leather case so no need for this. Meyer Lemon, brand new and still sealed. £35 delivered.
  3. Siberian BlueEyez

    For Sale iPad Pro 3rd Gen 12.9 256GB Cellular Space Grey + Vaja Leather case

    I purchased this December 2019 and is in absolutely mint condition and fully boxed. Could pass as being brand new. It’s had a screen protector on since the day it was purchased which was £40. It also comes bundled with a hi end leather case from Vaja which is made from Argentinian leather at a...
  4. Singhisking

    For Sale iPhone XS Max Official Apple Leather Case *OFFERS/QS*

    Hi selling black leather case bought from apple has signs of wear (see pics) but tons of life left just not used anymore. Comes complete with box looking for £25 all in but open to sensible offers
  5. T

    For Sale Aspinal iPhone X leather case...

    In brown ‘Croc’ leather. Good condition, a couple of scuffs on the corners, fading logo. Price: £35 including First class Royal Mail postage.
  6. DjJames220

    Leather Rip and scuff repair

    Hi all, does anyone know the best and easiest way to repair a small rip and scuff marks on the bottom ow black leather sofa? please see photo attached
  7. L

    Question Sennheiser Momentum 3 Leather care

    As I store my Momentums in my room and I prefer sleeping with an open room in Swedish winters the cans get to pretty low temperatures. When I put them on this morning the leather felt really stiff so I'm curious if this is bad for the leather and if there is something I should be doing to take...
  8. R

    Has anybody got Octane Flex leather seats

    I have a £400 discount for amazon. I'm looking at a 4 row and a 3 row for my cinema room. Has anybody got them. Are there other things I should look at before spending £6k? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07L9HH27R/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_IHT4DbBMGX10X
  9. A

    Repair leather sofa

    Having been let down by a few leather repairers I'm tempted to have a go at this myself. Does anyone have any experience with repairs like these? Am I likely to make a mess? If so can anyone recommend a good company around Bolton who won't let me down? Kits like this are readily available...
  10. C

    Leather sofa repairs

    How do I repair my 5 year old Leather sofa that has worn off?
  11. RBZ5416

    Leather Folio Case Recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a source for a decent leather folio case? It's for the Nokia 8 but happy to do the leg work based on recommendations for other models. Last one I bought for my S5 (Snakehive) was well made but much too bulky, so I ended up not using it. But the 8 has followed the Apple trend...
  12. sergiup

    Brown leather shoe care?

    I'm all well and good with black leather shoes, they're easy enough to clean gently, then a decent polish with actual shoe cream (Kiwi usually) using a couple of brushes and a cloth make them great. I can probably still work up a not-bad spit-shine if I tried... However, I've now got a pair of...
  13. nheather

    Leather Seats - Heated or Not

    Have an order for a BMW 320D M Sport. I have maxed out my budget to the extent that I have said no more to "It's just another £10 per month". What I don't have is heated seats. I have never had leather seats before so I wonder whether heated seats are more important than I imagine. My...
  14. dw89

    Are there any Leather 'experts' here? Help appreciated asap.

    Hi All, Got a possible problem with a relatively expensive purchase re possible leather quality. I know the basics but don't know whether I'm being fobbed off or not. Either way I could really do with someone who's a leather expert (whether sofa or bed it's the same stuff) to help me out. If...
  15. F

    Leather Reclining Sofas

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend a supplier of good quality leather sofas that have electric reclining? I have seen some really nice ones at Natuzzi but last night I came acroos some reviews that made for some disturbing reading! Many thanks David
  16. Bakey

    DFS Leather Sofa Issue

    Had a new leather corner sofa from DFS since only Wednesday. Already the corner seat is sagging and the leather is loose, they're sending a service manager to look on the 19th. No doubt he'll just chuck some extra padding in. Will be surprised if this sofa lasts anywhere near as long as our last...
  17. B

    Question Are non Apple leather iWatch straps reliable & where from?

    Just bought an iWatch and would like a nice light brown leather watch strap to go with it, thing is the Apple ones are expensive so I know you you can get the non Apple ones. Are they reliable, I mean my watch wont fall off will it and be lost. Thanks
  18. Jules

    Fiesta Titanium X Leather seats?

    I've just ordered a replacement to my 63 Fiesta Zetec, and fancied an upgrade to the Titanium X. I got a good deal on a model in stock with built in SatNav (exactly what I was looking for and the colour I wanted too). I really like the look of the partial leather seats as standard in the...
  19. markie g

    Mark on leather sofa

    We have a mark on our leather sofa, looks like the colour has worn slightly on this area? This seat rarely gets used and unsure how it's got here. I do have some leather feed that I've been meaning to put on, but don't want to do it if it's going to make this worse. Any ideas what's caused it...
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