1. S

    5 metre subwoofer lead ?

    I need a new 5 metre subwoofer cable but the choice seems mind boggling I don't much about these leads, is a cheap lead bad or is it does it not make a difference? It will be going to a 300w epos sub woofer driven by a Yamaha rx675 if that should make a different. Any suggestions for a...
  2. B

    Which HDMI lead?

    Is the PS5 HDMI lead? Has anyone replaced it with a longer 2m or 3m cable that is still capable of outputting 120fps... if so can you share what you’re using and confirm it works?
  3. W

    For Sale 3m Neutrik Speakon High Level Lead

    Up for sale is a 3m Neutrik Speakon High Level lead, it came with a BK sub and I only used the lfe input, so the lead is unused. £10 Inc delivery.
  4. W

    Kenwood system control lead

    Hi all I have a Kenwood hi fi system which I have recently brought out of storage. It appears that I may have lost the system control lead. I have been advised it is a E30-2627-05. Does anyone know where I can purchase one of these please. thanks in anticipation
  5. F

    Question What sort of Naim lead is this?

    I have received this 5 pin din to 5 pin din lead that is about 500mm long in a 2nd hand pack of stuff Not sure what it is to be used for?
  6. 69COU

    For Sale Panasonic PTae900 projector plus 106” screen & 15m hdmi lead bundle

    This was my spare projector the stunning PT-AE900U projector that produces ultra clear HD pictures. Get up to 14.5-feet wide picture range with this Panasonic LCD projector. Have a blast at home using this high-end home theater projector that features 16:9 aspect ratio encompassing all the...
  7. Garrett

    Spencer Davis Lead Of The 60s Spencer Davis Group

    Spencer Davis was age 81 and died from pneumonia. The group had a number of number ones the first came to mind was their for number one Keep On Running and followed that up with Somebody Help me and had a lesser hit with I'm A Man. R.I.P. Spencer And although lesser of the 3 hits my...
  8. serpico77

    Question How to charge without original lead - USB-C not working

    My daughter has lost the power supply that it came with, I have tried USB-C lead and my iPad Pro power pack but doesn't charge. Its not a new thing as she lost it before but finally found it and it charges no problems with that power lead but whatever USB-C lead I use or plug I have no joy, any...
  9. A

    For Sale Apple iPhone plug and lightning lead

    I have 2 of each available, plug £6 delivered and lightning cable £7 delivered Or plug and cable both for £11
  10. O

    Incorrect Power lead For The UK!

    I do not know if anybody else has this problem, but in the last couple of years whenever I buy any electronics shipped into the UK I get the wrong power lead supplied in the box?. Firstly let me say these items where ordered from UK retail sites and not direct. The last episode was 3 weeks ago...
  11. S

    Longer power lead

    I have an OLEDC8PLA and need a longer power lead. Anyone know of anywhere that sell them before I have to make one myself
  12. rpr

    Sky Q box mains lead

    Quick question ahead of my SkyQ install in a week's time. Does the Sky Q box have a hard wired mains or is it a figure 8 socket? Hope it's the later as it'll make installing into my Sanus rack easier.
  13. H

    Panasonic HMC151 power adaptor lead results in 'This battery cannot be used'

    Apologies if this has been discussed before but I can't see any direct reference. I just bought a secondhand Panasonic AG-HMC151E which works fine from the supplied Panasonic battery. The charger is marked Panasonic VW-AD21 and this has a DC outlet marked 9.3V. If I use the supplied DC cable...
  14. RobTi

    Question Yamaha RX-A3050 power lead

    Hi is it a 2 pin or 3 pin power connector on this ? Thanks
  15. J

    Connecting a new IEC and power lead

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new power lead from MCRU. I don't intend to pay a fortune and I'm not convinced it will make much of a difference but as my leads are on show it will make a difference to the way my system looks. I have a question or two though and thought that you guys might be able...
  16. Bonoscot

    Looking for a 4k UHD HMDI lead 10m Plus

    Im about to purchase either of the following projectors in the next day or 2 Optoma UHD40 Optoma UHD300x Optoma UDD51 My projector is about 10m cable length away from my reciever,anyone have good options for playing 4k uhd movies through.
  17. SaladFunky

    Which Coaxial lead? Is cheap ok? Does spending more make a difference?

    Hello, another lead question. I have had the USB lead one answered, now for the coaxial lead to connect my CD player to my amp. Does it make any difference buying cheap or expensive? Are they all pretty much the same? cheers Chris
  18. bill radley

    USB A to B lead for computer to amp

    Hi, sorry if a bit ignorant, but any recommendations for a connector lead from PC to Yamaha amp which has usb in (for computer music playing). It is USB A to B I think but these look v pricey on some hifi sites. Does it have to be a specific USB resolution. Is 4 m going to present any issues...
  19. J

    Screen burn caused by Sky or scary lead?

    I have a problem with my LG OLED B7V and wonder if anyone can shed any light on it? I got my first a couple of years ago and after about a year to eighteen months, noticed a vertical band just right of centre of the screen which really showed up on yellows and reds. There were also some thin...
  20. J

    Advice needed - changing lead family account

    Hi Hoping someone can help. My husband set up the PS4 for my sons. One of them, he used his email address for the main adult account with one of my sibs has been playing as. The other is a child account. I have 2 questions. Firstly, can we change my son who has been playing on the main account...
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