1. captainchaos007

    Sony A8, 2 pin (kettle) power supply lead replacement

    Hi All Recently purchased a 65" A8 Sony TV. My TV came with a 2 pin kettle lead (not a figure of 8 cable). Any idea where I can purchase a replacement lead from? I have never seen a kettle lead with the earth pin missing before and all kettle leads I can find are 3 pin. Thanks
  2. Stephen Akers

    Samsung UE55MU9000 OneConnect Box Faulty - Richer Sounds cannot give dates for replacement part

    Have had the repair firm which Richer Sounds use out to look at my 4 year old Samsung UE55MU9000. It no longer finds any of the devices connected to it. Got a text today to say that the parts required are delayed. Have been told the OneConnect Box is now on back order with Samsung directly...
  3. D

    Aerial fly lead - wall socket to device (set top box, tc etc)

    Hello All, Shiny new Humax Aura - appalling, ready to send it back, but first let's check the aerial leads are plugged in properly etc ... um, yes rubbish leads from Wall to Aura box. The leads I have are connecting poorly, and killing circa 30%+ of the signal !!! What are some good brands of...
  4. bogart99

    Long turntable lead

    Currently use the supplied turntable lead just over 1m. Now with re-arranging the room, her decision not mine, the amplifier has to move, turntable cannot as is wall mounted and I do not want to move it. I am now presented with some 5m distance between turntable and amplifier. To my mind that...
  5. M

    Samsung one connect mini lead for newer one connect tv

    I have a one connect mini lead in the wall to my wall-mounted samsung tv (2017). I need to get a new Samsung with a new one connect but I obviously need to use the same cable. How can I use the same lead? Is there a converter? And which Samsung 55's 2020-2021 will come with a one connect box?
  6. M

    Power lead adaptor?

    Hi, first post so hello all. I just bought a new 55" LG oled TV and been a bit stumped with it having a wired 3 pin plug already attached. My living room already had a 2 pin power lead wired in from my old Panasonic. Is there an adaptor that will solve this? I'm moving house soon so won't be...
  7. OscarZ

    Ruark Templars Sound Rubbish: Floppy Bass Despite 1KG Plus Lead Filling

    These should sound good but with 1300 grams of lead the the bass is still too boomy and overbearing. Half a kg is supposed to be enough. The drive units have been replaced, apparently, but they are the 3rd - seller said poor ones had been fitted so he swapped them for these - which do seem a...
  8. Aaryal

    Is it safe to put the projector on an extension lead?

    I have a bit of an odd setup which some of you will know from my other post. It means I need to put the projector plug on an extension lead. Is that considered a risk? I was looking up watt usage details for projectors and surprisingly it looks pretty low for something that can make so much...
  9. WeegyAVLover

    UPDATED: Brick/Lead/Roof Repair Advice

    Hi All, doing some work in my garden and clearing an old log store from the roof or my stone built outhouses/sheds. There is a wall that rises above the roof line on three sides & about 6yrs ago was felted and then lead flashing was installed around the three sides of the roof and is held in...
  10. J

    Can anyone please help ? Tv mains lead question

    Hi all. I’m hoping someone can help with a wiring question. In my lounge I have a number of cables already chased into the wall. One of them is an IEC “kettle” lead (). in the past this cable has plugged directly into the tv (where the tv has had a kettle lead socket) or I have used a “figure...
  11. river123

    How to set up sound for optical lead?

    My set up is Ps5,LG CX, and a Yamaha 3050 amp. Am I right in saying connect Ps5 directly to tv with hdmi to take advantage of all the new upgrades which aren’t on my amp? If so which settings should be set for optical from tv to amp? Or am I completely wrong going this route?
  12. D

    HDMI to SCART lead

    I have had a Sony DVD recorder for years and recently bought a new Samsung TV. I still have a few items on the recorder hard drive but, the new TV only has HDMI ports. Would a normal HDMI plug on one end and a SCART plug the other be ok to get a picture on the tv screen. I have seen this sort of...
  13. Dlchapman

    3 metre RCA (to XLR) leads, ok?

    Hi So following on from my thread about monitors I need to connect XLR monitors to RCA outputs of a Yamaha wxc50 pre-amp. Is a 3m RCA cable (obviously unbalanced but with an XLR on one end) going to suffer signal degradation over that length? Also, any recommendations for something good but...
  14. M

    Lead confusion

    Hi, My son has an x box and computer on his desk with one monitor. There are two HDMI cables and he is pulling one out of the monitor to replace it with the other every time he wishes to use the other console/PC. I'm getting confused looking at the amazon switches as most seem to be for two...
  15. n8udd

    Question Identify power lead required for subwoofer

    I purchased my TV stand (TECHLINK Riva Sound RV100SW) in 2016, but haven't used the built in soundbar at all. I have just purchased a new TV and plan on using the soundbar until we decorate and I can setup my new surround system. The issue is I can't find out what power lead it is I need? The...
  16. S

    Wanted Arcam lead

    I hope this is ok posting here as I can not post in the amplifier classified section as I have an add running I am after the accessories lead for the Arcam A19 amplifier, 3.5 jack to 2 x 2.1 barrel plugs if anybody has one they no longer need.
  17. V

    Problem with optical lead

    Hi, my first post, before Xmas I got my old jvc surround sound out the loft Connecting To An Analog Component; Connecting To A Digital Component - JVC SP-PWA55 Instructions Manual [Page 17] | ManualsLib connected it to my samsung TV User manual 58U2963DB Toshiba UHD TV | manualsFile fired it up...
  18. C

    Longer Power Lead

    Hi, I've just installed my new 50PUS9005 and the power lead is too short to stretch to my existing trunking. I need a 2m version but I'm unsure what specification or where to buy. Can anyone be kind enough to help please? Craig
  19. M

    Question Sky Q router - Where can I find a longer power lead?

    I've done a search but I'm not sure!! I have a Sky Q router which I would like to place in a different position to improve my wifi signal around the house. My Sky Q router came with a small length of lead attached to the plug. In my house I do not have a mains socket at the point where I would...
  20. BOBAD

    Question Optical cable v HDMI lead?

    Hi, I am running a SkyQ 2tb box into a Denon 2400 AVR and on to an LG 910 oled TV. I have an HDMI lead connecting the Skybox to the AVR and an optical lead connects the AVR to the tv. My question is whether or not this is routed correctly and if not, what would be a better way to do it? I...
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