Liquid-crystal display
  1. P

    In a quandary between OLED and LCD...

    Hi folks, I'm in a quandary over Sony X90J(55") and LG C14(55") after waiting for black friday deals to arrive, the C14 works out around £440(£540 if you include the £100 PS store voucher included with the Sony) more with the JLP screen burn guarantee. I can play games on Playstation/XBox for...
  2. MahaRaja

    Looking for Sony TV 2020 LCD full-array for PS5

    Hi folks, looking to purchase last year's Sony LCD TVs with full dimming for my son to play with his PS5. We've been sharing my recently bought Pana 65 inch OLED TV for his gaming sessions in our lounge, but now it seems he playing quite often and I'm not getting much TV time in early...
  3. B

    55 inch TV for bright room (OLED, QLED)

    Hi, I have checked different kind of topics on this forum, but still need some additional advice. I am looking for 55 inch TV for small sized but quite bright living room. There is a large balcony window on one side (east) and 2 roof windows opposite of TV (south), so there is quite a lot of...
  4. S

    Dolby Vision brightness fluctuations on a Nano Cell TV

    I'm experiencing a problem with Dolby Vision content and brightness fluctuations. Most of the Dolby Vision content will jump between brightness level which makes it very distracting to the point where the rest of the family complained about it. 1. Happens on HDMI content and in the Netflix built...
  5. M

    LCD vertical pink lines

    i have a strange problem with my UA49KS8500 samsung TV it's 4 years old when i leave the TV not working for 2 or 3 days when i open it's full of vertical pink lines, till like 30 mins to 1 hour and then everything become ok and those lines disappear and then completely disappear if i'm opening...
  6. AlphaCen

    Neutral sharpness setting on Panasonic LCD TVs?

    Hello, What is the neutral sharpness setting on Panasonic LCD TVs? (GX, HX, JX series). I just bought TX40-JX870b and default sharpness is 50. Coming from LG, I don’t know how to set it properly (so that no softening and no sharpening of picture is going on). Thanks in advance!
  7. LegionOfHell

    Is this TV LCD or LED ?

    Is KDL-55HX850 LCD or LED ? (Link)
  8. giachi

    LG RGBW subpixel LCD TVs

    Hi, I need to buy a cheap TV that will also be used as a PC monitor. I have heard that low end LG IPS TV sets may have a RBGW subpixel layout, which I think makes them suboptimal for monitor use(text reading, etc). Does this still apply to the new UP75 series? Also, is there any difference...
  9. S

    Old LCD vs New LCD/OLED

    About 5 or 6 years ago, I bought what was considered a decent 65” at the time, first of the 4k generation TVs, the Samsung ue65hu8500 Cost was just over £3k which seems high compared to TVs...
  10. E

    Samsung lcd greyish tint

    Hey guys first post here, hopefully I can get this one solved. I’ve been searching this issue for a few days now but no fix yet. I picked this up used Samsung un55mu6290. The picture is bad, left side of the screen has a greyish haze. You can see vertical and horizontal lines. It looks worse...
  11. Iqbal

    Wireless headphones 5.1 for bedroom LG LCD TV

    Looking for some to avoid disturbing others. Will be viewing Netflix , amazon prime and general TV viewing. Budget between £100-200. TV has Blue tooth connectivity. Could you please give me some suggestions? Cheers
  12. cheekie

    melted lines on projector lcd screen

    Any ideas how this happened?? Noticed lines while watching a movie, so took projector apart to find this!
  13. bm7412

    Horizontal Lines Fault on Samsung LE40A559P4F LCD TV - Fixed by tapping!?

    Hi there. I have an old Samsung LCD TV (LE40A559P4F) that has an issue with it. A block of flickering horizontal lines appear on the right hand side of the screen. This often appears shortly after switching it on first time of the day and is currently temporarily fixed by tapping on the bezel. I...
  14. G

    Can 85” LCD be too big to enjoy very good picture quality when you watch mostly 1080i?

    Dear forum members I have a dilemma what to choose. I have been considering the purchase of Sony 75” X95J. However, I also came across the last year Sony XH9505 but bigger in size – 85”. The price is comparable. Therefore the question emerges: is it better to buy a more advanced model but...
  15. lvl1crisp

    Looking at getting a good older LED LCD TV for use with a PS3, any suggestions?

    I'm looking at getting a second hand LED LCD TV for use with a PS3 but I'm not sure what to look for. I just want decent to good black levels and a 720p resolution at 60Hz. 1080p should also be fine if the TV is 32" as I can't imagine there'd be much noticeable difference at that size. I've...
  16. S

    Sony HDR-HC7 LCD is causing camera to crash

    I've recently re-visited out old camcorder (a Sony Handycam HDR-HC7, HDV/miniDV). We'd had an issue with the rolling screen for a while, so I ordered a replacement ribbon cable. However in the week before this arrived, another fault starting occurring, where upon opening the LCD panel, the...
  17. SPKNout4CHRIST

    Replacing 10 Year Old LCD TV

    As the title says, I’m ready to replace my 10 year old 60” Sharp Aquos LCD TV. My TV is mounted above our fireplace in our living room. We have a ton of natural light due to large doors with windows and large windows in general. We sit around 10-14 feet from the TV. I am looking to stay around...
  18. M

    Samsung 32" LCD v LG 32" LED

    Hello chaps. For my bedroom I've just bought an LG 32LM6300pla 32" tv to replace my 2009 Samsung 32" tv, model LE32B530P7W. The Samsung still has a perfect and truly excellent picture in my opinion, but I wanted bluetooth capability for my wireless buds, plus wi-fi and smart tv technology...
  19. cabbie19

    Hisense 65U7QFTUK good replacement for 8 year old 47" LG LCD?

    Looking to replace my 8 year old LG 47" LCD tv, i watch tv and movies via a connected pc, and Humax Sattelite reciever, happy enough with picture on my current set, but would like to go bigger screen ;) Budget, under 1k, was looking at 55" - 60" as 65 will be a bit of a squeeze but the spec and...
  20. S

    Lcd to oled

    I have a xe9405 would it be worth upgrading to new oled a80j/c1 cheers
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