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  1. P

    Hitachi 24HAE2250 tv

    Recently I bought a Hitachi 24HAE2250 tv and installed it partially. Great screen pictures and sound. However I have severe problems with the installation of my satellite. After a lot of hours I succeeded to install the channels of one of the two satellites (Astra 19 and Astra 23) that are...
  2. C

    Shiny foreheads

    Hello, I recently purchased a 55" Samsung TU7000. This is my first 4K TV, and although I realize it is an entry-level 4K TV for the most part I am very happy with it. However, one thing that is annoying is that people on the screen have very shiny foreheads (and, to a certain extent, their...
  3. R

    Freeview Play problem (Toshiba 40ll3a63db).

    My old mum's banged up in room in a nursing home. I can't get in. She is extremely disabled, so I have a system whereby I can remotely control her Toshiba 24/32/40/43 LL/WL/WD3A Series smart TV via a Broadlink device. TV is the only entertainment she has, so it's important for her. A TV ariel...
  4. J

    Sharp LC-40FG2241KF smd resistor values

    Hi, I'm trying to repair my grand daughters Sharp Aquos LCD TV LC-40FG2241KF which died suddenly. I have repaired a blown pcb track from MOSFET driver IC (LD7537) pin 6, replaced the IC, MOSFET, current sense resistor RB148 (0R27), RB106 (68R0) and fuse FB1. Smd resistors RB107 and RB105 are...
  5. I

    LGTV 65UN6950ZUA Trouble After Software Updates-

    I have been using this television without a single issue for a little over a year. Sunday I subscribed to YouTube TV to watch the last week of the NFL season and to be ready for the NFL playoffs, which I intend to watch beginning tomorrow, through my XBox-One Series X, as I did Sunday with NO...
  6. N

    Budget 43 tv

    My parents tv has finally given up , they want 43 inch max due to space , they only use a freeview box/recorder , no sky, Netflix etc needed. They want it from John Lewis for a 5 year guarantee and a budget if 400 quid. The obvious ones are the three Samsung tvs , 7100, 8000 and 9000, there is...
  7. H

    Samsung 65" The Frame LS03A 4K QLED (2021) white clouds on bright scenes

    Hi, Just bought a new Samsung the frame 2021 4k 65" TV. For some reason when tv is displaying bright scenes and especially white scenes there are 3 clearly visible clouds that are vertical. It is showing on both nvidia shield as source and when using the own tv smart apps. I know that white...
  8. fuzed

    Best 70-75" TV for around £1K

    Guys, my brother has asked me to find him a telly around 1K for his mother in law, they want to spend around 1K, but want a large screen - around 75", is there much choice that is any good at that price?
  9. M

    HELP Please Looking for 50 inch, budget up to £500 with good black HDR

    Hi everyone, I have a Philips 43PUS6814/12 and find the blacks really bad in hdr. Plus the interface has lots of lag and fails to read USBs some times, forcing me to pull the plug and reboot at times. So I have been looking at the Hisense A7GQ and U7Q but I am thinking do I need something with...
  10. M

    KD-70 Sony purple blotching

    Hi All......I have a 4 year old KD-70 model Sony. The screen has purple blotching covering about 80%of screen. As it is out of warranty, I thought perhaps I could be pointed toward a solution by asking here. I am in Australia and have found many posts about this type of issue but not much in the...
  11. W

    New Sony Bravia 75" X89 J - dark cloud/spot in corner of screen

    Hi all, just purchased above TV and noticed a dark cloudy spot on the top right. Quite noticeable on bright scenes. Could this be the backlight/diffuser/LEDs? Is there a chance this could be fixed easily? Purchased on Amazon, they are offering either a replacement/refund or will send someone to...
  12. C


    Hi there I’ve being trying for hours to find an English help line for TCL TV in Thailand where I live, without success unfortunately. I just yesterday purchased a TCL 43 4K QLED TV, 43C725. Nice TV and great picture, unfortunately every time I switch it on it has a blank / black screen and...
  13. T

    Sony X95J 85" Bad backlight?

    I just bought a Sony X95J and noticed a few bright spots on the bottom of the screen. I know some Clouding and Banding is normal for LED TV's but I'm wondering if this is something else. It is brighter than the vertical banding on the tv. Any ideas?
  14. Oman9

    Help with tcl c728 android tv

    Hey guys for some reason I can't access data folder (/sdcard/Android/data/) any help ? And I can only read on my 2T external hard drive is there any way to write on it ( so I can download on it or copy paste or delete flies ) ?
  15. PAL22

    Want a 75" - Help !which one would be best for me

    Hi guys I need help in choosing the right 75 inch TV totally confused. I watch a lot of sport mainly football/Cricket and normal day tv and movies. Dont really need it for Gaming . I dont want to spend more than £1000-1200 tbh. Will eventually stick some decent sound / speakers to it also...
  16. R

    Sony X90J vs. Samsung Q95T

    These TVs are around a similar price point in the UK for the 65". According to RTINGS, the Q90T is a lot better. Is that really the case? This is for a bright living room with large windows - mostly streaming content and some light gaming. There are hardly any direct comparisons between the...
  17. S

    Blurry lines and patches on JVC LT39C790

    The TV was bought in April 2020 and these blurry lines started to develop down the middle of the screen after about a year. There are also patches at the top of the screen to the left of the lines which dont show in the pic, as if more lines are starting to form. The lines down the middle are a...
  18. P

    JVC LT-39DG52J Flashing Blue Light

    JVC LT-39DG52J Hi, I'm new to this Forum and I have a problem with my JVC tv. The blue light on the front keeps flashing and there is no picture. I have tried the suggestion of holding down the Menu and V- buttons on the remote, then pressing and releasing the power button then after 3 seconds...
  19. Kel280green

    Screen Issue with Panasonic LCD TV

    Hi, I went to look at a Panasonic TX-55FX750B today, with a view to buy it for a second TV. It had been stored by the owner when he purchased an oled and it was in full working order prior to storage. When switched on earlier today, there is a white band on the right hand side of the screen...
  20. steverob

    Toshiba 43T6863DB Weird Backlight Problem

    Toshiba 43T6863DB Weird Backlight Problem My two year old Toshiba 43T6863DB 43" TV has an intermittent fault that has baffled local repair people. The backlight fails, but when the TV is laid horizontally and the back panel removed, it recovers. I initially thought this was down to cable...
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