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Liquid-crystal-display televisions (LCD TVs) are television sets that use liquid-crystal displays to produce images. They are, by far, the most widely produced and sold television display type. LCD TVs are thin and light, but have some disadvantages compared to other display types such as high power consumption, poorer contrast ratio, and inferior color gamut.
LCD TVs rose in popularity in the early years of the 21st century, surpassing sales of cathode ray tube televisions worldwide in 2007. Sales of CRT TVs dropped rapidly after that, as did sales of competing technologies such as plasma display panels and rear-projection television.

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  1. M

    Question JVC Fire TV -Screen Flickering

    Having an issue with our JVC TV screen flickering white with intermittent colours. The set is less than two years old and this issue randomly started last week. What do you think is this a T-Con issue?
  2. Justmadeit

    Advice needed- Tv works for a time then sticks on one channel and won’t change channels

    My tv will work for a while and change channels with the remote as it should but then it will stick on one channel only and work ok but it won’t change channels. I have tried unplugging it for hours and whilst unplugged pressing the power button on the tv to reset it. It has built in basic...
  3. akarma

    LCD TV for a dark room

    I want to replace my QNED 90 with some other TV which is more capable in a dark room. QNED is not bad and overall quite good in many areas but local dimming is wonky in some difficult scenes. Blooming is ugly in such cases. It's pitty LG didn't polish algorithm to more advanced state. LG had...
  4. owl61uk

    Looking for advice on new TV

    I am looking to buy a new TV for small spare bedroom hoping all you knowlegable people out there can guide me as to what to look for. I am not too techy so any advice openly welcomed I watch TV around 3 hours per night, mainly streaming services, Netflix, Disney, Prime. I do tend to watch a...
  5. W

    Advice needed please.

    Hiya. So I’m looking at upgrading my current 65” Hisense U8B and was looking at the U8K in 75” or the same size TCL QM8. I’ve watched a million bloody videos and they both seem to have lots going for them. The only issue that’s concerning me is I’ll be playing a PS5, XSX and using a fire stick...
  6. mercbaz

    Loewe Art 40 Service Manual needed

    Hi, just acquired a rather stylish Loewe Art 40 model 54457 W80 with chasis SL310 which I think has a mainboard fault. Does anyone on here have a service manual for such ??? :lease:
  7. D

    Fuzzy TV Display

    Hey all, A friends TV has developed a fault today. The screen has gone very dark and the info strip is pixelated/fuzzy. This is on DTV, I've tried getting them to try a different source (to rule out aerial/signal issues) and it is the same. I've also got them to try a new power lead, change the...
  8. C

    Hitachi 55hk15t74u TV no green in picture

    I have a Hitachi 55" TV and the picture seems to lack green, it has plenty of blue and red, any ideas please? Thanks
  9. J

    Question My screen is stuck scrolling at start up.

    I have a Hitachi 58HK6200U. I have no remote, when i turn it on it goes to the select language screen but the curser just scrolls quickly over the languages and won't stop or make a selection when i press the button to do so. Anyone got any ideas as to the problem here?
  10. T

    Recommendation for 85" wall bracket with some extending & pivoting

    I'm coming towards the end of my garage conversion and need to start thinking about a good enough bracket for the 85" TV I have. Ideally : Want it as flush as possible to the wall as I don't want it sticking out too much? Would like it to pull out so I can get to cable management & Sockets...
  11. L

    Connecting an HDMI Display to an LVDS Motherboard

    Hello, my Dell Optiplex 3030 A20 All in One computer display has broken and I need a new display. The problem is that a new display is very expensive, and for this reason, I'm thinking of buying a monitor with an hdmi input to replace it. The problem is that my motherboard does not have hdmi...
  12. D

    Sharp LC-32CHG6021K - visible screen lights. Cause?

    Hi. Curious about the possible cause of this situation - a friend's LCD TV. It's only around 3 years old, and I'm told it's not really visible when in use or when her son plays video games on it. Thoughts? Thanks!
  13. S

    Broken screen

    My partner has knocked her LG TV & there are lines on the screen. I think it's probably a goner, but is this fixable?
  14. canman1987

    Damaged LED display

    Hi I’ve recently just noticed blemish marks all over my car led display screen. I suspect it’s a cleaning product from when I got it valeted a week ago and I’ve only just noticed now. Does it look like it can be repaired/cleaned off ? ( I’m not very hopeful tbh as I’ve tried carefully wiping...
  15. snerkler

    Is it worth me upgrading?

    I currently have a Samsung 55" QE55Q9FNA, I'm not sure how old it is but I'd imagine around 5 years old. We're moving our lounge around and it means that certain seats will be at more of an angle to the TV and I'm wondering how much better the viewing angles are these days. Mine isn't too bad...
  16. Rubbertagerino

    Philips 49PUS7272/12 TV with blackscreen

    Howdy! Issue: I have a Philips TV with black screen. It turns on and I can see stuff going on when I light with a flashlight on the screen. Steps I have done: I have dismantled it and have ordered backlights because they are so cheap and I thought that was the issue. I am in no way an expert in...
  17. Willis1995

    LED vs LCD for SD Broadcasts

    Hi, Does anyone here know whether LED displays are better than LCD’s at masking the imperfections of a poor quality SD broadcast via Freeview?
  18. P-P-S-S

    Which flagship TV is best to go for please?

    As title says which of the flagships from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG is best to go for please? I'm looking to upgrade my Samsung Q90R this year but not sure what to go for since so much has changed. I like the non reflective screen of Samsung and the oneconnect box however I believe the...
  19. E

    Panasonic MX950 - owners thread

    My first post. After researching high and low for a 55 inch 4K Mini-LED TV, I bought (with the 30% promotional discount) the Panasonic MX950 which has just been released onto the market. It’s scheduled for delivery on 30.8.23. After researching all the other brands i.e. Sony, TCL, Hisense...
  20. M

    advice needed

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting TCL 55C635. is it worth the additional money (100€ more) over samsung UE55CU7172UXXH that was my first choice? I know sammy is edge LED and I'm not sure if it's so much more worth to get direct LED? How is TLC with stability, menu,... Main function of TV is...
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