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  1. S

    KD-43XF8096 no picture

    Hi My two year old Sony KD-43XF8096 faded to black whilst watching. The backlight is still on, there is sound but no picture. I factory reset the tv following a Sony help article, no luck. I have contacted some TV repair places with mixed replies. 1. Wants a fixed cost of £85 to find out what...
  2. Daddy80sCool

    Question LG 7100 TV PC Settings.

    Hello, I have an LG 7100 purchased in the UK, when connected to a pc through hdmi what settings should I be using in the nvidia control panel as far as output colour format, depth and range, I currently have it set to RGB Full 8bpc, The PC is used for gaming and I have picture set to game mode...
  3. D

    VISIO E50 new problem

    On this thread I got the screen brightness issue resolved. Upon reassembly/power up there's a new problem: vertical bars on left side of screen and thin lines at bottom of screen. The only thing I can think of as a cause would be a ribbon cable at the bottom of the screen got treated a...
  4. L

    Help identifying Laptop EDP port

    Greetings fellow members, I have a laptop screen that has the big 40 pin connector. But I recently bought a screen that uses a smaller 40 pin edp connector While googling I saw some people saying certain EDP comes with different pitch sizes Two questions: Does any know the technical name...
  5. C

    Black Smearing LED LCD TV

    Hi all, Does anyone know what this issue is called/caused by? My TV is a Hitachi 55HK6100u, game mode enabled. It's happening with mainly just the blacks and they drag or smear when moving the camera. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Chris
  6. D

    Domestic and general TV repair

    Hi there Does anybody have an experience with dealing with John Lewis protect from domestic and general? My Q95T feel off the stand and broke and they want to take it away for repair but it looks beyond repair to me. Is it worth getting repaired or asking for a new tv / gift card?
  7. M

    Question Faulty Panel or Calibrated incorrectly?

    I purchased an LG43UN71006LB from Amazon a few weeks ago. I believe it has an ips panel. It arrived on Saturday and I soon realised that the tv was displaying yellows as more of a greenish-yellow out of the box. The tv seems to be adjusting the picture automatically but I’ve turned every...
  8. 0MartyMcFly0

    HDMI-CEC option for Sylvania TV

    Hi all. I have a SLED5550-D-UHD Sylvania TV that has no CEC option in setup. The manual says it should be there. I also have the 49" version of the same TV and it does have the CEC option. Is this something that could be added with a firmware update? Are public firmwares available? Thanks...
  9. C

    Vizio D65u-D2 video stays on for 3 to 5 minutes

    I am having some problems with my 2016 Vizio 65" D65u-D2. Tv cuts on Ok. between 3 to 5 minutes the video cut off. Audio stays on. I used the light in front of the set. I did see an image in the background. I have a Roku box. I could see that change in the background with the screen in this...
  10. D

    Light bleeding

    Hi I've just purchased a new tv and whenever a dark scene is showed I'm getting this light bleeding from all corners and the middle, this is my first 4k tv so I've no idea if it's to be expected or not, please advise if I need to call point of purchase for a replacement. Tv is TCL 815k 75...
  11. TheDarkKnight01

    Question Best Picture Settings for Hisense 75A7100FTUK

    I received the Hisense 75A7100FTUK yesterday and wondered whether anyone else has this and could recommend the best picture settings for it?
  12. steadydriver

    LG 50 LCD TV Has Green and Purple Line when on

    Hi I've got an LG 50" LCD TV which I've had for about 4 years. It now has a permenant Green and Purple Line down the left hand side when the TV is on for what ever purpose (TV, Netflix or Console). Is there a way to fix this or is the TV on it's way out? Thanks
  13. Music Video

    Sony 49 inch edge lit TV vs 55 inch back lit TV

    I've been thinking about getting a Sony 4K LCD TV with either a 49 inch screen or 55 inch screen and notice that the 49 inch screen uses edge lit leds and the 55 inch screen uses back lit leds (without local dimming). Is there any difference in picture quality between the edge lit and back lit...
  14. C

    Best 48-50 inch mid-range TV for wide viewing angle

    A family member of mine wants a reasonably priced TV (no OLEDs) and due to his living room set up he sits at something of angle while watching. He already bought an LG NANO 81 49inch but found the picture washed out at an angle and is going to return it. (Confusingly, while Which? found the...
  15. S

    TCL Android TV - prevent background VPN app closing

    I have a TCL Android TV (model 32ES568). I have downloaded the PIA VPN app and have it running fine. I can close (minimise) the app and re-open and it is still running but if I start running a second app (the one that I need to run through a VPN), the actual PIA VPN app in the background shuts...
  16. C

    Flickering flashing TC board LEDs or both??

    I've got an LG 50lf561v which has a perfect running PCB (rev 3.0 with 1.8) I've taken the TV apart and seen the top lights flashing on and off every second or so, but the lower board lights aren't. I've done a test from pc. To led connector and it's reading 140 on one side and flux of 120 - 360...
  17. S

    Can LG 30 Series 32" LCD TV connect to WIFI

    Team... I have LG 30 Series 32" LCD TV which was purchased 10 years back and it has 2 HDMI ports on it. I would like to know if there is a possibility to connect that TV to a WIFI connection / or use a Amazon Firestick on it to make it as a smart TV. TV is working perfectly with zero defects...
  18. W

    Sony KD43XH8505 Internet Browser

    Hi Can't find answer online, does this set come with/work with a web-browser? I have a KD65AG9 which has, so hopefully am expecting the same in the 'Home Menu' Thanks
  19. S

    LG 55UJ635V 55'' LG ULTRA HD 4K TV - Bluetooth ready

    Daft question probably. I have a LG 55UJ635V 55'' LG ULTRA HD 4K TV. I'm thinking of getting a SAMSUNG Q60T/XU 5.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X or similar or other such bluetooth soundbar. I know my TV is wifi capable but not sure if it's bluetooth. Since getting it I've always used...
  20. chefclifford2000

    Question hitachi tv 50hyt62u h

    Heya, I have a hitachi tv 50 led. I believe my power board is faulty due to light surges on the screen. I'm found hitachi tv 50hyt62u power supply board but mine is a hitachi tv 50hyt62u h.... Will they be compatible?
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