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  1. R

    LG C2 vs LC CS model 2023

    Hi Which TV is better, the old lg c2 or the new lg cs model 2023?
  2. R

    Sharp LC 65D64U

    I'm been looking around for the firmware update of that T.V. I'm currently trying to connect the digital optical audio out to my boss Lifestyle audio system and for some reason, it recognized only PCM 2.0. I'm looking for to get Dolby 5.0. I was hoping an updated firmware would fix that. I've...
  3. R

    LC CS - several problems

    Hi guys. I purchase this tv and have several problem. I will appreciate you help. 1. I try to cast from the computer and get lags. I tried to connect my laptop: If I close the laptop (connect with HDMI cable to tv, tried 2...
  4. BobbyBoucher

    LG C1 or Sony X90J ?

    I am torn between these two tv's after much reading and deliberation. Would I be missing out if I chose the Sony as it's not OLED? Or are they not really that different in terms of quality picture? With so much focus on OLED these days is an LCD still viable as a new tv purchase? I did have...
  5. N

    LC C1 65" a bit disappointed

    I've just setup a new LG C1 65" to replace a Samsung 55" LED MU6400 from 2017. I'm a bit disappointed. I thought it would blow the Samsung out the water. The picture looks a bit better, but nothing special. The LG OS is also awful. its a bit laggy at times. feels a mess, and the remote pointer...
  6. G

    Sharp LC - 60UI9362K Install New Apps

    Hi as above I can't seem to find an app store on my TV. I press net+ key on remote that takes me to apps I have the option of my apps or just apps, if I click on apps it gives me a long list of apps that I wouldn't even use, but no common ones like STV player Catch up etc. Is this the app store...
  7. M

    Question LC OLED55C8 or Sony KD55AF9BU???

    Hi all, hoping for some advice, so I've got two price matches from RS: LC OLED55C8 for £1499.00 or the Sony KD55AF9BU for £2144. My usage is mainly Sky Q, Netflix and Amazon Prime, I don't and won't be gaming, I don't have sky sports so don't watch the football and at the moment I only own a...
  8. U

    Question Long shot- unicam lc connectors in Glasgow?

    Got a job on Tuesday wher I need to terminate some OM3 fibre with LC connectors. I use the Corning unicam system, just checked the van and I'm one connector short as the customer changed the spec last minute and wants another switch. I'm not confident I can get one delivered on time. On the off...
  9. chamonix

    Question Sharp LC 42XD1E HDMI error

    I have an old (2008) Sharp Aquos LC 42XD1E that recently started having big problems with the picture, (see video below) Sometimes I can watch the telly for an hour before the picture disappears and sometimes only for a couple of minutes. I've tried both HDMI inputs and change the cable, I...
  10. T

    Question Sharp AUQOS LC-46E77UN Help

    I have this model that just died on me. I have bought a new Samsung 4k to replace it, but want to fix this one to keep as a backup since the picture was amazing on it. I have tried all of the different boot up fixes on it, but none work. I am currently getting 2 green power flashes and 1 green...
  11. L

    Question Where can I purchase led/lcd panels to repair several tvs?

    Hello all, Where can I purchase led/lcd panels to repair several tvs? I got my hands on a bunch of Samsung and LG's but have cracked screens. I was trying to find out where I could buy them in bulk versus a onesie high price. I want to keep a couple for my house and just sell the other couple...
  12. E

    sharp lc 32ga8e

    Hi, Im sure that you have all read this issue before. I have a sharp lc 32ga8e and the picture is not showing. The top 1/3 shows the picture but the bottom and middle show as black. I googled the issue and assumed it was the inverter board so i bought a new one and put it in and no joy. When...
  13. A

    sharp lc- 19d1e AV stuck on 4:3

    Now this is really silly I have a bird box camera linked on a scart to this TV. The picture was not sharp fuzzy across the top so I started playing with the settings to try and see if I could make it better. Now I have a zoomed in 4:3 that I don't seem to be able to reverse. I've been through...
  14. S

    How much would I get for a Sharp LC 45GD1E, if anything...?

    Hi, I've recently moved flat and taken on a lot of the furniture that the previous owner left behind. Included in this was a Sharp LCD TV - an LC 45GD1E. (CNET review link: Sharp LC-45GD1E Review | TVs | CNET UK) It seems to be a pretty old LCD TV model - dating back to 2005, when it was...
  15. T

    Marquee 9500 lc ultra

    can anyone give me an idea what price i should ask for the folowing items as i am moving house and will no longer be able to have a home cinema room 1st projector Electrohome marquee 9500 lc ultra This unit has a factory black case colour corrected gt17 lens all mods done by james...
  16. K

    Sharp LC 60E69U settings

    Just bought this TV Sunday. Trying to find the right settings but so far all that I have seen doesnt seem to go with this TV as people say to set the brightness to -4. When trying to do this the options for brightness are 0 to 100......doesnt go into the negatives and a few other settings are...
  17. J

    Sony KDL60EX703U or Sharp LC - 60LE925E

    hey guys , i am looking to but a new tv , have decided on the sharp quattron 60le925e or the sony kdl60ex703u , i was just wondering if any one has had any experiance with either of these tvs and any feedback would be great many thanks
  18. V

    Sharp LC 40LE810E

    Hi guys, I wanna buy a new lcd , I'm using now philips 32pfl7675H edgelit lcd tv but , I'm not satisfy with it .. Do you recommend Sharp lcd's ? It seems good , especially the new model LC 40LE810E x-gen panel ..Is it model use backlit led system ? , do you recommend it ?
  19. Just Me

    Keep LE40A656 LC or Buy Panny Plasma 42/G20

    In two minds at the moment, but I am tempted to buy the Panny 42" G20 Plasma in favour of my 2 yr old Samsung LE40A656. The Wife thinks I am nuts, but I just cant help myself Am I nuts and what would you do ?
  20. P

    Sharp LC 19SH7E Wake up from standby problem

    After being on standby for a long period (e.g. overnight) I pick up the remote and press ON - the red light goes OUT and the TV off. The only fix is to power off then on at the mains socket. For short periods of standby, it works fine. Is this a fault with the remote control?
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