1. Doctor Smith

    Question Low latency wireless ear buds

    Can anyone recommend any low latency wireless earbuds? No more than £100 please. I currently own a pair of Mpow T5s M5s but the audio delay when playing my switch and watching videos on my tablet is very distracting. Thanks
  2. B

    Question Low Latency Headphones for Watching TV

    A few years ago (approx. 4) I bought a Sony STR-DN860 AV Receiver and Sony's best BlueTooth Headphones at the time MDR-1A BT. I wanted to use these together to watch TV at night while everyone else was sleeping. However, I discovered that the latency is too much and had to convert these to wired...
  3. A

    Help needed using soundbar with PC

    Hi all- great forum! I just bought a nice sounding Samsung HW-N400 soundbar (small, ~25" single bar) which is being used in an area on one side of a small room. It sits under a PC monitor and powered by my one (1) PC's SPDIF connection. It sounds much better than connecting it via the...
  4. W

    Philips PUS6262 4K HDR TV Input Lag for Gaming/PS4

    Hi guys, I've solved my issue and in turn might be able to help someone out there!!! Bought the Philips 50 inch 50PUS6262 4k HDR TV from Argos. I'm a big gamer and was happy with picture quality but frankly unimpressed with the input lag/latency with the TV out of the box. I play First Person...
  5. BlazingGlory53

    Question LG C7 + Denon Receiver = 24p Audio Latency Issue EDIT: FIXED!!!

    EDIT: After posting this, I discovered the fix! For some reason, the Denon Receiver would NOT switch automatically to 24p. I had to manually change the receiver to 24p via settings, and then the lip sync is PERFECT! Hopefully this could help some people who are going through a similar issue...
  6. dosdan

    Latency Measurements

    As you're probably aware, it takes some time to process video and display it. This can cause problems on time-critical stuff. It will also mean that the electronic viewfinder (EVF) in camcorders & MILCs will lag the action, whereas the optical version (OVF) in DSLRs will not. It's easy to...
  7. avon75

    Question Bose QC35 bluetooth latency ?

    Hi I'm thinking of buying the QC35, having been a fan of the wired version. Does anyone know if they are suitable for watching video on an iPad (via stock Videos app, AirVideo HD, VLC) ? Reason I ask is that all bluetooth headphones or adapters I've used have a measure of audio lag or latency...
  8. I

    Audio latency with XBOX and soundbar

    Hi I'm wondering what's causing the issues I'm having regarding audio latency. I would say it's using the TV as an audio pass through, but there isn't any audio latency when using the Apple TV with the sound bar, only the XBOX. What are my solutions? It's driving me insane.
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