1. A

    short throw 4k laser

    A short throw 4k laser projector doesn't seem to exist yet. Anybody any idea if they are on the horizon?
  2. mb3195

    For Sale Sony VW-760ES Laser Projector

    After recently picking up a JVC NX9, I've made the tough choice to move my Sony 760es on. Excellent condition with only around 1200 hours on the laser, this unit really does kick out a stunning image. Purchased in March 2020, it sill has 14 months remaining on a 3 year warranty (which can be...
  3. waring192

    Hisense Laser Projector or similar?

    I watched a video on the 100 inch Hisense projector and it looked amazing! I didn’t know Hisense where any good?! How does this projector compare to others like it (screen and 4K etc)? Are there any better ones for the same price? I don’t think this does HDMI 2.0 so how much are the 2.1...
  4. D

    For Sale JVC Z1 3000 lumen laser projector

    Renovation project forces sale of my flagship JVC Z1 laser projector Appx 2100h on laser ( working life estimated 30,000h) Very bright 3000 lumens Battleship build quality with prestigious all glass lens assembly RRP £36,000 Asking £13,500 All packaging available, collection much...
  5. Garrett

    Laser Printer printing Photos Not Right

    I have a Samsung CLP-360 series laser printer and when I got it it use to produce some astounding picture so much so I has some photos printed and framed on a high end ink jet and thought of re doing them on the laser. Anyway not printed any for a long time only used for letters, but I cam to...
  6. S

    Please recommend a projector screen

    Hi, I am a newbie and recently purchased a LG HU810PW 4K laser Projector. My budget is ~$1000 Due to constraints of the room. I am looking for recommendations for - 100" Acoustically transparent On wall motorized Has tab tension I looked into Elite, vivis storm and XY screens. Any other good...
  7. alebonau

    New Epson 4k Lasers

    is this it ?,elem Epson 4K laser projector exposed, new home theater projectors will be launched soon 2021-09-10 • Source: Aqiang Home Theater Network Editor...
  8. screenertime

    VAVA Chroma Triple Laser Projector.
  9. alebonau

    New JVC laser line - rumours ?

    I see mention from reezepees on avsforum of a new laser line from jvc - see article below both source and Google translated …
  10. Rahul0825

    Is the Optoma ZU406 WUXGA Projector 4K

    Good day everyone I need some advice on the Optoma ZU406 WUXGA laser projector. All the spec sheets say it is 4K but I really need to be sure as I dont have the opportunity to view one first hand. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. B

    UST laser projector and screen

    I am looking at an UST laser projector and floor up screen at about 100". By budget is £3k total for both. Any suggestions.
  12. T

    Hisense 100 inch laser TV

    Hi - probably a bit of a long shot... Looking at an 85 inch TV which I’ve posted separate thread on and thanks for all the help. Just in my never ending searching noticed that the price of the hisense 100 inch laser TV has dropped a lot and can get near £2.5k. I guess a big screen for that price...
  13. R

    Laser Beam Triggers Lights and a Dog Bark? Help Please

    Hi Guys We're moving to a house that is open to a quiet road at the back, and due to a rear garage with a low roof, is easy to gain access to the back garden. I'd like to set up infrared/laser beam 1m off ground when beam is broken (due to person walking) sets off a floodlight sets off a...
  14. S

    2020 Replacement

    I'm currently rocking an Epson TW-9000W, ceiling mounted about 4 metres back from a Draper motorised 100" screen. This was linked up to a Dali Zensor 7.1 set up through an Onkyo TxNr818 until the board fried, was replaced under warranty, and then fried again about a year ago when I replaced it...
  15. D

    Question Has anyone found a fix for the Xiaomi Mijia 4K Laser Projector vertical lines issue?

    So I ordered this thing from China via Gearbest (I'm in the US) a couple years ago and in the first year it started taking upwards of 10 minutes to show the screen. Then after a while lines started coming up. One solution I found was to loosen the case. That worked for quite a while but now it's...
  16. K

    Laser projector up to £5k??should I ?

    Hi Guys, my dilemma is I’m fancying a laser projector purely for bulb life, I’ll give a little bit info below as to why it needs to be laser. i Currently have a dedicated cinema room that I use pretty much for tv viewing sports etc...The odd movie but mainly as a 345cm screen👍 my current system...
  17. M

    Question Optoma UHZ65LV LASER PROJECTOR

    Well folks I am looking at the new Optoma UHZ65LV is rated at 5000 Lumens and with 30K eco operating hrs on medium settings it says it is laser but I know it uses a 4 slice wheel that spins to make up the full colour spectrum, how long will that puppy last before failure just hope it does nto...
  18. dazed&confused

    Laser measure

    Hi Does anyone have any recommendations please, for a reliable, good value for money laser tool suitable for measuring speaker distances? Thanks
  19. Ouch

    LG BD561 laser died - repairable?

    Hi all, After 10years, our LG BD561 has finally turned up its toes, and refuses to recognise a blu-ray disc. It'll still play dvds fine, and no amount of cleaning or hard resers will coax it back. Having just recently successfully replaced a dvd laser unit in an old xbox 360, I'm wondering if I...
  20. mb3195

    Forum members open day - 2021 - Sony Laser, Lumagen, Trinnov, Arendal +more

    Quite a few of you would have seen my build thread over the last 3 years. Over this time I’ve exchanged quite a lot of PMs, but have only actually met a few people, so I think it will be a great opportunity to put some names and faces to peoples usernames and for fellow forum members to...
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