1. H

    4k monitor - is 27" large enuf?

    Hi. I need a new monitor mainly for office work and occasionally watching movies. As 4k seems to be the main display resolution these days, I'm thinking of upgrading - previous monitor was a 27" QHD (Dell S2719). So am I really going to notice much difference on a 4k 27" from what I had...
  2. Thunderpants

    Which large OLED TV?

    I'm looking for a large screen tv for my living room media wall and need it to be 75 inch plus. Got a budget of £2,000 ish.
  3. B

    5.1.2 Atmos system in a large open plan room- advise?

    Hey everybody, I'm soon to be moving into a new home and I've decided to splash the cash on a nice HT system to go with my LG 55C1. Id like to introduce a basic Atmos element but I really don't want to cut holes in the ceiling, and due to the open plan nature of one side of the room I figured...
  4. I

    A large black square in middle of the screen

    Has anyone ever seen a problem like this? This just started happening when trying to play a DVD. We tried a couple different DVDs and the same thing happens.
  5. FootHealer

    Rogers LS4a and large toe-in.

    Hi guys (and possibly girls). I just bought a pair of Rogers LS4a speakers in very good condition and for a triffling sum. Thought I'd have a go at upgrading an older speaker to see if I can make something more out of it (new binding posts, upgrading/recapping, replacing veener, extra cabinet...
  6. J

    Wooden TV stand with shelf space for large centre speaker?

    Hoping to replace our existing black glass, all shelf TV stand with a wooden one. Problem is I'm really struggling to find something that would fit my centre speaker. Loads of the models I've seen have a couple of shelves directly in the middle but almost all are too small, often with height...
  7. F

    Need a TV stand that can fit large KEF Q600C centre speaker... a TV wall mount isn't an option for me

    Hi AV Forum I am having trouble with finding a TV stand that will fit the large KEF Q600C neatly. Do you have any recommendations of stands that can integrate that size of speaker? Here are the dimensions: 210 mm (H): 629 mm (W): 302 mm (D) Are there many non custom options? p.s this is my...
  8. raduv1

    Rebel Galaxy ( large starship simulator ) PS4.

    Schaefer and Baldree assured me that these aren’t little ships. The smallest are manned by hundreds, while the largest have crews that number in the thousands. The dreadnought class shown in the trailer is referred to as a "city of destruction." Broadside guns fire as they would be from a...
  9. Andy1974

    Tv stand with a large gap for huge centre speaker

    Hi I'm looking for a tv stand with a shelf gap,the has ten inch space height. I have a very large centre speaker that I need to fit in one? Also needs another shelf for the amp. Does anyone know of any? Thanks
  10. tinners

    Are 7in tablets really only 45% as large as 9.7in iPads ?

    Are 7in tablets really only 45% as large as 9.7in iPads? Let Pythagoras help | Technology | Interesting article following on from Steve Jobs' assertion about most other tablets that
  11. fifa

    Headphone socket to large

    Been looking around And cannot see anything about my problem my apple headphones and Shures seem to be to small for the iPad socket as they don't work when I plug them in am I missing something?
  12. O

    Sony - Large TV stands for £50 in Oxford

    The Sony Centre in Oxford’s Westgate (01865 793937) are clearing some TV stands for £50 (Were, they claim, £600 to £750). The leaflet claims that they have: SUTS1E (for KZ32TS1E) SUPF2 (for KDEP42X51 and KDEP37X51) SUPG2 (for KDEP42X51 and KDEP37X51) SUMRL300(for KDLL32MRX1 and...
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