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  1. D

    Laptop SSD Not recognised in Bios

    Hi although I have been interested with pc hardware for many years ,this is the first time i have posted on a pc forum, correct me if this is not place to post. I have a Dell Lattitude 3390. i have took out the micron ssd and replaced it with brand new WD 250gb sd. I have removed...
  2. A

    Stuck Pixel created in Laptop display due to mishandling at repairing center

    Hello all Wanted to know I have a patch of stuck pixel(red color) created due to mishandling at repairing center, wanted to know can the stuck pixel go away by itself overtime automatically, it's creating a red patch at this moment. My laptop has a 15.6 LCD Display
  3. O

    For Sale MSI GE66 Raider Gaming laptop

    MSI GE66 Raider 15.6 Gaming laptop Intel i7 10750 Six core 12 thread CPU Nvidia RTX 2070 Refresh GPU 16GB DDR4 3200mhz 512GB PCI NVMe 240hz IPS 300 nit screen Dynaudio Duo wave speakers Steelseries full RGB keyboard Aura RGB light bar Metal contstruction with the exception of the base...
  4. B

    Laptop question

    Hey guys I’m thinking of buying a laptop for gaming I’m UK based so if prices can be in £ I would appreciate. Anyway here’s the system requirements for the game I want to run which is war thunder if you can help at all I will greatly appreciate it thank you🙂 OS: Windows 7 64bit / 8 64bit / 10...
  5. K

    Wanted Cheap Laptop for general work and browsing

    I'm looking for a laptop on behalf of a family member. It needs to be quite cheap, approx £100, and should have 14" - 15.6" display. Resolution ideally should be 1600x900 or better, but will consider lower. Spec wise, for the budget, obviously I can't expect too much, but I'd like it to be at...
  6. G

    why is my laptop slow

    Hi all, Ive noticed that my laptop has been running slow recently. My microsoft windows, avg anti virus, zonealarm firewall, spyware blaster, malwarebytes and spybot software is all upto date. Can anyone advise me what to do Kind regards Mark
  7. A

    Question Laptop recommendation

    Hello, Looking for a laptop for my wife. Screen size should be 13.3-14", with FHD resolution and decent quality (not top OLED but at least IPS), and ideally matte, or at least not very reflective. It will be used for web browsing and office work mostly, not gaming at all or anything other very...
  8. Omarian

    Small horizontal black line spreading on monitor

    Hello all. I've owned this HP ProBook laptop for about 2 years and in the past couple of weeks a very small black horizontal line randomly appeared on the left of my screen, right in the middle. I did not impact the laptop or screen in anyway and I doubt anyone else has, so I have no idea how it...
  9. Mike the pike

    Editing laptop size

    Hi guys Anybody know what sort of laptop i would need to do editing from my Panasonic 4K camcorder. I just need a middle of the road laptop that will handle the large data in 4K. What sort of ram and storage Many thanks
  10. J

    Question Software for streaming from a laptop.

    Hi, I have a stereo system with C.D.player, amplifier, external DAC and speakers and I intend to stream music files via my laptop until funds allow me to purchase something of a similar quality to the rest of the system. Until then, could someone advise what I need to do to play DSD and Hi-Res...
  11. I

    Question Problem trying to open rw-cd on laptop Toshiba Satellite C55

    I am using Windows 10. I put recordable cd in laptop which already had video clips on it from 2010. I added documents to the disc. Then removed the disc. Next day I put disc in today so as I could copy contents as a back-up but I get the message below and nothing of my work. [.ShellClassInfo]...
  12. Alps

    Dell, Acer or 2nd hand Mac?

    Guys, I need a bit of advice please. I need to buy my daughter a 15" laptop for home schooliing to move her away from sitting directly behind me on the desktop and being a pest during my meetings :laugh: Budget is £500 (or better less). I'm currently looking at either a new Dell Inspiron 3000...
  13. L

    Help identifying Laptop EDP port

    Greetings fellow members, I have a laptop screen that has the big 40 pin connector. But I recently bought a screen that uses a smaller 40 pin edp connector While googling I saw some people saying certain EDP comes with different pitch sizes Two questions: Does any know the technical name...
  14. kev1987

    Question Advice wanted: KVM solution for USB-C/thunderbolt laptop and Desktop PC without USB-C output

    Have got a new home office and I'm looking to try and tidy up an existing KVM set up that I have from an old laptop. Looking for some advice/pointers. The ideal requirements are: USB-C with PD to connect from my Dell Latitude 7300 work laptop, and the kids' Chromebooks HDMI/VGA/Displayport and...
  15. G

    Advise for Laptop

    Hi to all. I try to choose right laptop for my self, if someone can advise please. I was researching and found MSI GS66 I7- but how i understood is have just problem with Cooler are to loud. Another laptop Asus Zenbook 15 I7- is not very good review about battery life. I understand they are not...
  16. L0thari0

    For Sale Huawei Matebook X PRO 13.89-Inch Laptop - (Grey) (Intel i7-8550U Processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SDD, Geforce MX150 Graphics, Windows 10 Home

    Hi, my clear out continues. Next up for sale is my Huawei Matebook X PRO 13.89-Inch Laptop - (Grey) (Intel i7-8550U Processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SDD, Geforce MX150 Graphics, Windows 10 Home. I bought it from Amazon in July 2020, so it still has around 5-6 months of warranty left still with...
  17. RicksonGracie1972

    Minecraft - Tablet or Laptop version

    Both my kids are Roblox addicts but have been bugging me to get them Minecraft for a while now. However, they said that Minecraft is best played on a Laptop rather than on their Samsung Tab A (2019) tablet. I know nothing about this game, other than its really popular, so can someone tell me if...
  18. J

    A robust laptop for work: recommendations welcome

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well and coping with lockdown. I wonder if you could give me a spec on a laptop please. It;s for my wife. She;s currently using a 12 inch macbook which us on its last legs. She needs it for work purposes and whilst it doesn't have to be uber powerful, it needs to be...
  19. Aubameyang14

    For Sale Alienware Area 51m R2 17 i7 Gaming Laptop 2070 Super NEW

    Brand new can provide full invoice for warrenty purpose (1 year) selling due to being an insurance replacement upgrade and i have no use for it Absolute monster of a machine never been switched on or taken out of the box buyer is more then welcome to collect item which i would prefer but can...
  20. mr:w

    Surface Pro 7 as a fully functional laptop?

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere, did a brief search but couldn't find anything. We used an iPad for last lockdown homeschooling period, it was okay(-ish) but all content provided by the school was through Teams, OneNote, Powerpoint etc. While most functionality on the...
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