1. H

    Best Method for landscape LED Dimming

    Hello all, Long time lurker and gatherer of information from this site, thank you to all for your knowledge. I've started a landscape lighting project recently, and while I feel I have a solid plan in place, I haven't been able to come up with a good plan for control. The general gist of the...
  2. dantaito

    Projector landscape post Epson and JVC laser announcements?

    I would love your feedback on the current pj landscape now that Epson and JVC have made their announcements. I'm looking to upgrade from an Epson 6600 which I use in a 4m x 5m dark walled room watching mostly streamed services via a 4k Apple TV. I would like to move to 4k, HDR, especially...
  3. D

    Question Change portrait to landscape

    Ive bought my mum a large photo frame for Christmas,. Four of the photos must be 6x4 and dont have a single photo in my phone thats suitable. I know i can tilt my phone and screenshot it but this gives the black bars, Anything i can do to make it a little wider without affecting quality too much
  4. Glostars

    Question Best gear for winter photography?

    Hi everybody, What is the best gear I can use to get good Winterish photographs? I live in Finland and I always wanted to get good images during winter where everything gets snowy white and the cities are colorful. However sometimes my smatphone doesn't get the captures right. So now I'm...
  5. sep8001

    Urban Landscape

    Some great entries in this months comp, wanted to make sure I get something, but with the lockdown did not get a chance to... so here is my entry: Urban_Landscape by SEP9001, on Flickrƒ/5.6 8.8 mm 1/40 100
  6. I

    Urban Landscape

    Bit of a curve "ball" this one. A 360 degree Landscape of London taken with my Drone. Round London by iWanders, on Flickr Photos stitched together in Microsoft ICE and turned into a Planet. Then in Photoshop Elements adjusted some levels and sharpened. You really need to see it big to...
  7. P

    Sonance SR1 landscape speakers 30 ohms to 8 ohms amp?

    I have a set of Sonance SR1 landscape speakers but it's missing 2 speakers and the subwoofer. It's a total of 6 speakers out of the 8 + sub that comes with it. Apparently they are 30 ohms each speaker so if I am understanding correctly each 30 ohms speaker when used in a set brings down...
  8. The Dreamer

    Want to improve your landscape photography?

    Watch this guy... Thomas Heaton YouTube Channel Not sure my link above works because I’m abroad, or just that it doesn’t work period - but look up Thomas Heaton on YouTube to find his channel. I’m sure many of you already follow him - but I stumbled across his channel by accident, and I’ve...
  9. richardb70

    Calling all gardeners - landscape edging

    Hi everyone, My flower beds / border areas are quite frankly rubbish at the moment so I'm looking to enlarge them and get some decent shrubs in there. Had an idea on a decent delineation between the lawn and the border using bricks / cobblestones / pavers, plenty of ideas on Pinterest, e.g...
  10. R

    New Random NZ

    A few published from the last month or so. Last weekend running a 4 day landscape workshop around Mt Cook, weather meant we had to travel a lot more than usual. Ohau I hunt by Rob Dickinson, on Flickr Few weeks ago up at Piha near Auckland running an astro workshop for Canon NZ And then the...
  11. airtimeheroes

    AIRTIMEHEROES: FPV & Landscape

    Hello everybody, We like to present the first videos we created with different drones. We recorded most of the footage in the city Speyer in Germany. We use self-build drones mixed with a Yuneec Typhoon. We like to get any kind of feedback to any of our video. Have fun and thanks for...
  12. Raincast

    Explore Edmonton Attractions 4K, ALL drone ground+aerial footage

    Hello, here I got an Edmonton attractions/sights 4K video, all shot with a drone. It seems, though, that not all clip transitions got exported and some are actually broken. Either way, thank you for watching! This little solo project of mine has been a LOT of work and more challenging than my...
  13. shotokan101

    Secret Landscape....

    Secret Landscape.... Secret Landscape... by Jim, on Flickr Just trying my luck to see if Zone is feeling Generous :) Jim
  14. newbie1

    May 2017 Winner - Landscapes

    Landscape is not an easy genre, but it's been a great excuse to study it and then get out and about and see some amazing places. Not all the pictures looked as amazing as the view first hand so I've learned a lot in the process. Anyway the month is up and it's time to put in an entry and for...
  15. AMc

    Panxworth Church

    This ruined church is near by, driving past the geometric lines of the crop and the big Norfolk sky appealed. I had to zoom right to avoid crossing into the field. Somehow it worked better in portrait even though it's a landscape, is it a portrait landscape or a landscape in portrait? Taken...
  16. Raincast

    Unplanned Tilt-Shift/Diorama Mini Time Lapse in Strong Winds

    Warp-stable Version Normal Version Hey! Here’s an unplanned short video of a tilt-shift/miniature/diorama with the Mavic Pro. I was initially planning to see how well and how long it would hover under strong winds and okayish temps. Speeds in the video vary between 100x and 4000x plus a...
  17. Raincast

    HowTo 16 More Drone Cinematic Moves/Maneuvers/Techniques Tutorial+Controls for Landscapes/POIs of 71

    Hey all, I made a follow-up tutorial/how-to video of 16 MORE aerial cinematic movements/techniques complete with controls and some tips for a total of 71 maneuvers. I hope this can help new and intermediate drone flyers focus on the creative side. It’s my 11th day flying the Mavic so feedback is...
  18. Raincast

    HowTo: Shoot Multiple POIs/Scapes in 1 Cut w/ Basic Drone Moves, Cinematic Tutorial/Controls/Tips 4K

    Hello! I made a quick tutorial video on using basic drone maneuvers to capture several POIs/scenes/landscapes in one cut. It’s my 8th day flying a drone and 3rd video with Premiere Pro so it won’t be as pro as others but I would love to hear any form of feedback. There seems to be a shortage of...
  19. Griffinit

    Tablet: video calls - landscape or portrait?

    I have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet, although I think this is a general question for other tablets too. I am used to using Skype on my laptop in landscape mode. However, my tablet has the camera at the top of the tablet where the tablet is held in portrait mode. This produces a narrow...
  20. Raincast

    How To: 55 Epic Cinematic Drone Moves/Techniques Tutorial, Controls/Tips, Landscapes/POIs, 4K

    Hey all, I made a tutorial/how-to video of 55 aerial cinematic movements/techniques complete with controls and some tips. I hope this can help new and intermediate drone flyers focus on the creative after learning a bit of the technical side from the 55 clips. It’s my 7th day flying the Mavic...
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