1. kourosh

    For Sale Devolo Magic 2-2400 Lan Powerline Starter Kit

    Powerline Kit (Up To 2400 Mbps For Your Powerline Home Network, 1x GB Lan Port, Ideal For Online Gaming, 4k/8k Uhd Streaming, Stable Home Working) Brand new un-opened Fastest adaptors on the market £80 delivered Full specs here Magic 2 LAN
  2. AVGuruTMIAP

    Panasonic Logo Transfer Software - LAN Connection

    I am connecting my PC to Projector via switch as directed in Panasonic Manual I do not want to connect direct because it looks like I would have to create a crossover cable in that way for some reason so I'm doing the switch way via instructions. Software Version: v21503 Projector Model...
  3. M

    For Sale 18gbps HDMI 4K over Lan cat 6 extender 50m HEC60SV3

    18gbps HDMI 4K over Lan cat 6 extender 50m HEC60SV3 As per title, have one of these spare (bought 2 originally with one still in use for my summerhouse) Unused but no longer in original box HEC60SV3 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 over CAT6 Extender Kit-50m-HDR-IR-POC-Loop Out Originally bought from climax...
  4. Sreeves2983

    For Sale Alienware M15 R5 5800h RTX3060 1tb, 16gb, QHD 165HZ gsync , cherry mx keys, killer lan wifi 6

    1 Alienware M15 R5 RTX 3060 Ryzen 7 5800h 16gb kingston fury cl20 memory 1tb nvme (space for second) 2560 x 1440p 165hz gsync screen cherry MX red mechanical keys killer lan 2.5g wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 Windows hello £1025 ono will post Royal mail special delivery insured
  5. N

    Epson EW-TH9400 - What is the LAN socket for?

    Hello, I'm building a home cinema and putting all cables in place etc. I have Epson EW-TH9400 and I will be running 8K optical HDMI under the floor before the floorboards and carpet goes down. Looking at the rear of the projector I can see the LAN socket (looks like an ethernet plug would go...
  6. Edxactly

    Surround (5.1) signal from PC (SPDIF/COAX) to Receiver wirelessly or over lan.

    I feel like this would be a common enough thing that some reasonable device(s) would exist for it. I'm trying to send the 5.1 digital audio from my PC to my receiver. I'm trying to find a transmit/receive device pair which I could use to send the signal. 2.4ghz similar to headphones/APTX of...
  7. D

    USB extender over LAN with 4 USB outputs

    I just bought from Amazon a USB extender to use via network cable and I was a bit baffled by what I received. The input end has one USB port but the output has 4 USB ports. How can this be. USB is a bidirectional protocol.
  8. I

    Virgin Media to Yamaha AVR 2020 Receiver WIFI LAN connection failure

    Hi I hope you can help, I have an Yamaha AVR2020 receiver which I have just given to a friend as I just purchased the Yamaha AVR 3080. After connecting the Yamaha to the Lan port via his Virgin media box it will not find the WIFI signal so we cannot use the app ,however if I connect it to my SKY...
  9. B

    Connecting two LAN to TV?

    My plan pre-buying equipment had been to add 2x LAN cables to the new TV. Not a WiFi lover even though it's fast, so assumed the LAN route appeared to be the way to go. TV could have the local country settings, the Fire Stick to have the VPN App to allow freedom to do What we do. Rig up...
  10. SebastianAltena

    Forcing 24hz output on sony x800 player for videos played from usb and lan

    I have a strange issue with my sony x800 that's not present on some other players i have, in 24p output settings for blu ray there are 3 options auto on or off, on newer displays auto option works fine, but on some of my older displays auto is the same as off, but "on" works fine(both display...
  11. M

    KD-65AG8 Lan port stopped working

    Hi guys I noticed with our 65'' AG8 that we was loosing the time when it was unplugged from the power outlet, it would go back to 07:32 of June 2020 and thus obviously the Youview guide wouldn't work correctly. Also the wired lan port doesn't now appear to work, it's wired into our router...
  12. 0

    LAN switch question

    I need a LAN switch to wire my components: TV with Netflix streaming, one IPTV setop box, one music streamer and one Bluray player. So I need a 5 port 1GB switch and the question is if there is a major difference between the Linksys SE2500 unmanaged switch but with QoS traffic management...
  13. R

    PS5 Connection problem

    Hey! I have a problem with connecting to ps4 games game servers on my ps5. Almost every time I start a ps4 game after booting up my ps5 i cant connect to ps4 game servers. I have to wait like 5 mins or change my LAN connection to Wifi (or the otherway around). This problem only happens on ps4...
  14. -Spike-

    LAN cable disconnected

    Hi all, Setup my PS5 this afternoon and I had several notifications of the lan cable being disconnected. It’s connected securely and downloads carried on without any problems. Its almost like the cable isn’t compatible in some sort of way. Anyone else had this happen?
  15. linnasak

    Sky uhd hdr over LAN, any ideas?

    Hi have sky q in lounge for sport etc, but would like to send uhd hdr movies to cinema room , 40m away. Any ideas how I could stream to TV and cinema room via LAN? kevin This link mentions possibility of copying programs to replacement box and perhaps more extreme keeping old one for other...
  16. C

    USB 2.0 10/100 LAN Adaptor

    Hi, I have just purchased the above adaptor for my laptop that does not have a LAN port or media player as the item came with the driver on CD-ROM. How do I find the appropriate driver online?
  17. S

    LAN issues since moving to a new broadband provider

    I’ve just moved from Vodafone to Plusnet for my broadband. I’m experiencing issues with my local connectivity. WAN / Internet seems pretty stable (the odd disconnect as it’s finding the optimal connection speed (I assume). What I am facing, since changing routers, is lots of devices...
  18. T

    QE43Q60T - LAN remote control

    Are the Q60T range controllable via the LAN connection? If so, is the protocol published anywhere (or info on any forums from people who have reverse engineered it)? Jim
  19. S

    55OLED805 LAN Speed issue

    Hello all, Just bought a 55OLED805/12 a few days ago. I have a FIBER 200 Internet subscription with my provider. So my modem/router DOCSIS 3.1 WIRELESS (DOCSIS) receives 200 Mbps from my Internet provider. Connecting a laptop to one of the LAN 4 ports on the Modem/router with a CAT6a...
  20. B

    devices connected via ethernet -> unmanaged switch -> LAN port on router not visible via wifi

    I have a SKY wireless router, this has 4 LAN ports I have a basic netgear gigabit unmanaged network swtich I have a home with CAT5 cabling I have a number of 'smart' TVs, a SONOS system consisting of 3 x SONOS AMPs and a Synology NAS. Ideally, I want to connect as many devices as possible via...
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