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  1. J

    Optoma HD151X terrible lamp life

    I bought an Optoma HD151X this time last year as an xmas present for my kids, it's used solely for playing PS4 and was switched on for first time on boxing day 2015, it got used lots at first but then kids went back to school in Jan and it was affecting homework so they were banned from using it...
  2. B

    Lamp bought from Panasonic went after only 1,300 hours, case to complain?

    Just replaced the lamp on my PTAE3000 and noticed it had only been used in eco-mode for 1,300 hours. It was bought direct from Panasonic 18 months ago. I know you will never get the stated 2000 hours but isn't 1,300 hours a lot less then you'd expect for an expensive item like a £250 lamp.
  3. C

    Question JVC X3 Lamp light continuously blinking orange help

    JVC X3 Flashing Orange Error help. Recently after not using my JVC projector for a few months, I turned it on and the lens cover opened and the the green standby light turned solid red, the lamp light is continuously flashing orange and thew warning light is a solid red. Does this mean the...
  4. chavo

    Question Lamp LED RED on Optima EP 781

    Hi, I have this projector and the red LED came on the other day, there is no display output at all from the PJ. I have purchased a new bulb and fitted it but the red LED just comes back on. does anyone have any ideas? Help appreciated. :)
  5. db0

    Question Optoma HD28DSE Lamp died in just over 300 hours. Is this normal?

    Hello everyone, new user here. I bought my first projector ever back in January, a brand new Optoma HD28DSE. After 7 months or 323 recorded hours, the lamp suddenly dimmed to about 20% luminescence between two uses. I felt this was an extremely short amount of time to die, so I thought I'd...
  6. stearman65

    DPR Lamp post Challenge (Not for dogs!!!)

    Managed 16th place in this challenge, best yet for a few weeks, why not have a go & let us know how you do. Triple Lamp : Digital Photography Review
  7. M

    Why to buy an original projector manufacturer lamp

    Just thought I would post this I found while searching for a new lamp for my projector. I would advice anyone thinking of buying a cheap replacement lamp even if confident its genuine to read this. I have given up on my original plan of sourcing a lamp and replacing it myself as there's way to...
  8. W

    Help needed with replacing lamp Benq W1070!

    So my bulb went recently and I ended up ordering this osram lamp: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00VLANN1G/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= Which is the same one that came with the projector. I replaced it but the light is still red suggesting the lamps damaged/not connected? I doubt its...
  9. W

    Benq W1070 Lamp replacement recomendation

    So my W1070 lamp popped yesterday and I now need a new one. I was wondering where to get a proper one from. I'm from the UK by the way.
  10. R

    Question JVC X3/RS40 - Lamp failure/undocumented warning LEDs

    Hi All, JVC X3/RS40 - Lamp failure/undocumented warning LEDs I've had my RS40 for around 5 years, but it is only on around 600 hours on the first bulb. Turned on the project tonight and I got the following error warning: Red POWER/STANDBY on constantly, Orange LAMP led flashing continuously...
  11. S

    Question What replacement lamp should I buy? - JVC HD100

    Hi all, I was wondering if can get some advice on buying a replacement lamp for my JVC HD100. The blacks are completely washed out on the current one (1000 hours). I believe the lamp is likely to be the culprit, unless anyone else has any other suggestions. I've read elsewhere that cleaning the...
  12. I

    Sony hw10- please clean filter-?replace lamp too?

    Hi there My Sony VPL HW10 has just thrown up a message to clean the filter. I have about 900 hours on the lamp. I've read a few confusing things on the net. Does this message also mean its time to replace the lamp? Thanks very much
  13. ProjectorDude

    Question Dying Lamp or Dying Projector? Help!

    Dying Lamp or Dying Projector? Help! Hi, thanks in advance for any help/advice. Hopefully as you can see from the photo my 8 year old Panasonic PT-AX200E projector is getting burnt inside (to the right of the glassy square bit) on the black plastic next to where the lamp is usually situated...
  14. R

    are projector lamps dangerous

    As some of you may know I am buying a used HD65 with 1000 hours on its original bulb. I am new to projectors and I have been looking into bulbs replacements after this bulb burns out. I have seen that it should last to around 2000 hours. However I have read some quite worrying things about bulbs...
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