1. GreggusMaximus

    Bell lamp with lightwave dimmer

    So Installed a lightwave LW400WH dimmer switch for my old man and it worked perfectly but my next suggestion too him has cause us an issue as I suggested he fir LED lamps in , so due to size and fitment I was forced to get him some dimmable Bell pro led but they barely dim ,they buzz ,when there...
  2. intothevoid

    Question Help finding replacement projector lamp

    It's finally happened - a warning message that the lamp in my Mitsubishi HC6500 is on its last legs and about to expire :( Mind you, it's done great service over the last eights years, so shouldn't complain. I'm not looking to change the projector as it does all I want, so I'm looking for a...
  3. mattafcuk

    Question Replacement Projector Lamp - VLT-HC3800LP

    I need to find a replacement lamp VLT-HC3800LP for my projector an dthought I had settled on a supplier but have read a couple of horror stories on here that have put me off. Can anyone recommend a supplier they have used or have knowledge of? Many thanks in advance
  4. M

    Jvc HD1 replacement Lamp

    The lamp on my HD1 needs replacing and I don’t want to spend a fortune on a jvc lamp as I will be replacing the projector later this year. The lamp I’m replacing is not a jvc lamp but I’ve lost the details of the suppliers. Has anyone used a non jvc replacement lamp Or bulb that they could...
  5. M

    Question Do I need a new lamp or a new projector?

    Hi all, and happy new year!! We've had an Optoma HD65 for almost a decade, and even if it's only 720p it's been doing a decent job with the occasional movie until recently. In the last few weeks we started seeing these horizontal blue lines whenever there is a dark scene: This became...
  6. O

    Replacement Lamp for Panasonic PT-AE3000E Projector

    I will soon need a replacement lamp for my Panasonic PT-AE3000E Projector. I would prefer an original rather than a compatible replacement, but having problems finding one in stock online. Can anyone suggest a good supplier? The part is ET-LAE1000. Thanks.
  7. Pjcity

    Question Where to buy a W1070 Replacement lamp ???

    Just had a original Benq W1070 bulb explode on me (Sunday) so ordered a replacement online the same day..... Just had to cancel the order - The website who claimed to have these in stock but after placing an order and waiting for 3 days they admitted and advised that it would take at least 2...
  8. Sandman

    Philips Hue bulb in dimmable touch lamp?

    I recently received a Philips Hue bulb that came with my Amazon Echo Plus and I would like to put it in our table lamp in the living room. The issue is the lamp is one of those ones where you touch the body of the lamp to turn it on, adjust the brightness and turn it off. Am I right in saying...
  9. Roku2

    Confused about replacement lamp

    How can the same replacement lamp for the Sony 45 projector be priced so different on these two sites? Or am I looking at this all wrong?? $38.99...
  10. J

    Projector lamps

    I'm starting this thread to try and canvas opinion / ideas for ways which we - as a community - can try and come up with useful, independent data on the subject of projector lamps and their lifetimes and outcomes, to help fellow members make educated decisions on replacement lamps. It does...
  11. Ric_A

    Optoma HD20 - Genuine or Original Inside lamp?

    My Optoma HD20 bulb blew earlier this week, and I'm after some advice with regards to a couple of questions. 1. If I was to replace the HD20 with a newer projector, are there any recommendations. Is the HD27 much of an upgrade? I have a ceiling mount and structured cabling in place, so need...
  12. Pecker

    Projector Lamp blown early - Small Claims Court?

    My Sony VPL-HW40es lamp has gone after fewer than 900 hours, which is way under what is expected. However, Sony only have a warranty for 1,000 hours or the first year (whichever comes quickest) - the projector (and lamp) is just under 3 years old. Sony are refusing to replace the lamp for...
  13. S

    Benq W1070 Red Lamp light after replacing new bulb

    Hi, I was able to obtain a used Benq W1070 projector which had a fault. The red lamp light would come on seconds after boot up, after 2-3 seconds the fan noise would stop and 5-6 seconds after that the projector would give two beeps and shut down. I replaced the bulb with an original OSRAM bulb...
  14. Luminaire

    AV Projector Lamp Flaring

    I recently bought a new replacement projector lamp for my Optoma HD 73 projector. The original lamp still works and has been retained, but we had noted flickering and dimming of picture quality over time so a "Genuine Replacement Lamp" was sought. I have fitted the new lamp and the picture is...
  15. S

    Correct lamp level settings

    Does anyone have a guide on this? Seems there are lots of setup disc for colour, contrast and brightness but nothing for the correct lamp setting in a given room. For reference I am in a pitch blacked dedicated room .
  16. A

    Question Selling Parts???

    I've just found some projector bulbs and a lamp for a Hitachi CP-HX1080/X275 in a cupboard at my work and I'm wondering where I would be able to sell these parts as we have no need for them. any help would be much appreciated.
  17. G

    Question Replacement Lamp or New Projector...?

    I currently have a Mitsubishi HC6000 in a purpose built cinema room in my basement. It's in desperate need of a lamp replacement, but I can't work out if I should spend £250 on an OEM replacement lamp, or just replace the projector. If I can squeeze a few more years out of the HC6000, the price...
  18. AdMaPe

    EPSON EH TW3500

    I have an EH TW3500 projector that is about 8 years old and I have placed a new lamp (original lamp/generic box) and I have now an horizontal upper shadow; this was present also when the previous lamp (generic) has got "tired" and had to be changed. I though that it might be due to the old lamp...
  19. Forest1982

    Optoma HD33 - Lamp Failure?

    Hi I have owned the HD33 for about a year and the last couple of nights started having problems with it. It works for about 30-60mins with no trouble then cuts out with the flashing red light and solid orange light on the back which looking at the instructions means lamp failure. I can unplug...
  20. C

    Question Sony HW40ES lamp UK where to buy?

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a new genuine lamp for my Sony HW40ES. ProjectorPoint sell it for £249.60 however I was wondering if you had any other "cheaper" recommendations? Thanks
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